DONT Name Change your Horse in Minecraft to this... - Part 13

Ajoutée 12 juil. 2019
pewdiepie did opsie ion minecraft
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  • Some bits when building is out of sync, my bad gamers

  • I wonder if he knows what fortune does?

  • I watch your videos and play minecraft at the same time.

  • Turkish speak plz Im turk

  • * looks at Russian writing on hat *

  • Lan bu neden başlığı Türkçe yazıyor

  • Don't name change your horse Minecraft to this what does that mean in title

  • Pewdiepie: wears hat with two unrelated Russian swears on it: His Russian fans that know about the hard bass song: 😏 His Russian fans that don’t know about the song: 😧

  • Pewdipie builds epicly wile talking about his life story.

  • It's A cay sha wood log then you put it together and then you get acacia wood

  • Guess what: the council of beetroot kills Sven in the future

  • No one: Pewds:save the world, my final playthough goodbie

  • One time I got attacked by a baby zombie riding a chicken

  • Pewdiepie looks like a dad

  • Please sunbred

  • this is my favourite anime

  • This episode is dog abuse: represented by Minecraft

  • They need to be in water to Frick then they will go on land

  • i have a feeling pewds has acculntly killed sven

  • “I need to do some sh- digging.” *Was he about to swear?*

  • who the freak is drowning at 8:59?

  • If he doesn't like the way that dinnerbone us he could always rename him Grumm ; )

  • Its Sven Alive now?

  • Be right back

  • I bet Sven is having a great time watching u chase him. And I bet pewdiepie is too 1 like:Sven is having a great time watching pewdiepie chase him 1 comment:pewdiepie is HAVING a great time chasing Sven

  • If felix worked for mojang there would be Swedish mode

  • I love you felix

  • 7:53 The way sven's haul mixed up with the bell sounded so strange😂😂

  • His hat lmao

  • Its weird... he doesn’t have an accent one second, but the next it’s back...

  • Клевая кепка

  • Dude pewds Felix Marzia husband WATCH WITCH SAVANNA you will LOOOOOVE IT its so funny and you need to make a reaction to it like a video PLEASE

  • Ovejita de bokita papá

  • No one: The turtle: digging a huge ass crater

  • Pewdiepie you are so hot I love u and your wife

  • 101. Milhoes de subscrição

  • 18:32 WTF 18:32

  • Sven the unstoppable

  • They want to swim they need water 💦

  • pewdipie:I love Japan me: now he lives dere

  • .pewds @ 6:12-6:14 It's pronounced a-cA-sh-ia

  • Midsommar sucked my guy

  • 17:46 is about the name

  • Tiny wolf

  • Eat rotten flesh it is the best snack,piewdiepie

  • I love how pewds will die if it means protecting those turtle eggs

  • Weeb

  • I thought my phone died when there was just a black scream

  • My heart literally stopped when the creeper blew up next to Sven

  • In Minecraft make Sweden and Japan be allies

  • S*** *****

  • Hmm what does his hat say?


  • great stich voice

  • Felix The Ikea Man Felix The Protector Of Eggs Felix The Avenger Of Eggs? Felix The Respecter Of Horses Felix The *Felix*

  • 15:28 is tht Sven zooming through the water??

  • PewDiePie: I haven’t built. Me: How did you get your house?

  • #YEET

  • When I saw creeper next to Sven I thought I was gonna have a panic attack