Easy French 1 - à Paris!

Ajoutée 14 janv. 2014
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Learn French with Easy French: In this first episode of Easy French Silia asks people in Paris about what they love about their city :D
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Easy Languages is an international video project aiming at supporting people worldwide to learn languages through authentic street interviews and expose the street culture of participating partner countries abroad. Episodes are produced in local languages and contain subtitles in both the original language as well as in English.
Host of this episode: Silia Canales
Editor: Yasemin Simsek
Proofreading: Virginia Palmer-Füchsel, Suzanne Stluka, Manon Fugitive Jack, Aurelie Biskov


  • 0:29 beaucoup des ?

  • The subtitle is very helpful

  • Se çel pares

  • Jaja había una española ahí. Yo la entendí a ella

  • Hello

  • molto carino

  • Mas vídeos por favor

  • Vous êtes une latina ?

  • mmm, je pensais pas qu'ils parlent trop vite, mais peut-être je pense ça parce que je suis à une niveau plus haute de la langue que des autres qui a regardé le vidéo

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  • To anyone who thinks they speak too fast, there’s playback speed. As a complete beginner, it’s hard for me to keep up. When I changed the speed to x0.75, I could hear much better. Hope this helps

  • i am indian and learning french for 1 and half year. initially i struggled a lot to understand french becoz they speak very fast.

  • Vous-vous alj' flench voir le plus bonjour al'len vous là france C'est ça çuçon'ur : m'appele Blockstarplanet nick': henessy1 france ne'w usér

  • Lannnnn fransa ezik

  • Everything in french sounds so smart

  • I copy the french dialogue text mentioned in the transcript section and arrange it in my excel sheet along with the english subtitles seen in the video and listen to the dialogue and learn accordingly, I request if you can please mention english text in the transcription also, I shall be highly obliged Example as below: bonjour je m'appelle Silia Hello, My name is Silia et bienvenue à la première émission and welcome to the first episode de Easy French ici à paris of Easy French here in Paris qu'est-ce que vous aimez bien de paris? What do you like about Paris? Ah, tout, j'adore Paris! Ah, everything, I love Paris! Qu'est-ce que je préfère dons Paris? What do I like best about Paris? Ben euh tout, la ville en soi est très bien. C'est culturel Well everything, the city itself is great. It's very cultural Il y a énormément de choses à faire There are many things to do beacoup de restaurants, de bars, Many restaurants, bars pour les jeunes, ça bouge énormément for young people there's a lot going on.. c'est une ville dynamique, il y a beaucoup de choses, it's a dynamic city, there are many things, ben c'est une capitale quoi! On va dire you know, it's a capital Vous venez d'ou? - De nice Where are you from? - From Nice De Strasbourg From Stasbourg Vous habiter ici? Do you live here? non j'habite à new york No, I live in New York

  • Este idioma es muy dificil. Español y francés es similar, pero la pronunciación es diferente. It is hard for the non-speaker of Romance Language

  • Só eu de brasileiros?? Skks

  • I can understand subtitles, but speaking...

  • fr-tv.com/tv/vid%C3%A9o-eh5319FFhDU.html

  • La musiqe est une stress .. the music is harming the learning moment at the beginning . Its too important. You can put something like classical or any slow for all countries can listen.. please

  • Nice I want to be French man!!!

  • La gênance est à son comble. Nan j'déconne.

  • Someone teach me français please

  • 0:42 lol he is so black and i didn’t see his eyes nose and eyes 😂

  • Bien

  • C'est bon pour moi

  • C’est gènial

  • Thank you 🙏. I wish the subtitle was written in a bigger fount. Thank you again.

  • anyone who wanna practice at a beginning level can contact me. j'attend...

  • Belle vidéo pour bien comprendre le Paris .Les parisiens aigri. 3:15. C'est très drôle.😆😆😆😆

  • J'adore le français! :D

  • Toop

  • Easy French???? More like God level

  • Bonjour, je m'appelle Silia et bienvenue à la première émission de easy french ici à Paris

  • Je cherche quelqu'un pour pratiquer et améliorer la langue (français ou anglais ) en discutant sur Whatsapp ou viber ???

  • I am looking for someone to practice and improve the language (French or English) while discussing on Whatsapp or vibrate ???

  • Bonjour à tous

  • Easy French, do you have the transcriptions of all videos?

  • fr-tv.com/tv/vid%C3%A9o-L8CMIRROZFo.html&feature=share

  • I can't speak 'R' in français

  • I dont understand why people hace to learn french if you speak english you are fine.

  • 3:04 the man with farts mouth 🤣

  • Ok je parle français mais je voudrais ressembler à elle elle a une belle voix

  • اعتقد اني العربيه الوحيده هنا 😂😂

  • J'aime Paris🗼

  • susahnya..

  • Trop laide cette meufe!

  • I loved de Spanish girl who said "qué??" "Dile que todo"

  • Schönes Video

  • I’m here to understand and catch up how French people communicate in actual life. I’ve been studying French with my dad for about 3 months, He teaches me some of grammars, conjugaisons and vocabularies but never have he speak with me in French or in normal words, I’ve never focused on listen and how to speak in French. I got a test and got into French class last two days. I received A24 which means in Elementary but the first day totally made me panicked!!!! I didn’t really understand what the teacher said (she’s a French native speaker) and like i told you, i don’t really know how to reply back!! I felt so upset to be honest. Right now,I’m struggling to study and improve more on listen and learn how to speak that’s why i’m here. So if you read til this... mind telling me some tips to be better in French? I’d love to hear from you guys! Merci beaucoup

  • une vidio est trés joli

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • NICE

  • It's a good video

  • Pour être honnête je n’aime pas les personnes de paris mais j'aime les africains parce que ils sont très gentils et ils sont adorables

  • like si estas estudiendo xd

  • bonsoir et merci pour cette vidéo. bon j'ai un question pour vous m'aider tu peux m'éxplique ce mot "" Ben " et merci d'avance

  • 2:48 il y a un problème je crois 😂😂😂

  • this language is so fast