Egg Fried Rice | 황금 볶음밥

Ajoutée 13 mai 2019
Korean Egg Fried Rice | 황금 볶음밥
I made the easiest & simplest Egg fried rice.
Just don't put too much oil in :|...
I skipped the bit where I added more salt into the bowl in the video (my bad)... I think I was too paranoid with keeping up with music ahaha
You should add more
*adjust the amount of salt to your liking*
Quite a simple and common recipe
This recipe was on Korean TV but in that recipe they just used salt to season.
I tried adding soy sauce to it and I personally think it tastes better this way
Edit: Some of you are asking if u can make this without green onion.
If you don't have green onion, try doing exactly the same thing but replace green onion with garlic. Without flavouring the oil, it won't taste very nice.
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  • *FAQ* *What happened to the egg whites?* - Fried it separately afterwards and ate it. I recommend putting it on top of the fried rice and having it together. *Can I add the whole egg in?* - Yes *What can I use instead of green onions?* - Maybe garlic? (there's also a video on garlic fried rice. Maybe try this instead?) *What can I use instead of soy sauce?* - Apparently, oyster sauce is good. If you don't have that either, just salt I guess... *Can I add (ingredient name) ?* - You can add whatever you want really... This is just a very basic egg fried rice for when you don't have much in the fridge... *Did you just eat with the spoon that you mixed with?* - I *HATE* dish washing. *Isn't this Chaufa / Nasi goreng / Chinese egg fried rice / etc?* - Well... It seems like there's a lot of similar dishes all over the world. *Isn't it too oily?* - Use less oil then... *I think it's going to be bland* - Add more salt or soy sauce. (Some soy sauce types are saltier than others) *What kind of rice is that?* - The usual cooked japonica rice from the rice cooker that has gone cold while I was adjusting the camera. *Why are you struggling to mix the rice?* - The rice has gone cold and it was all stuck together. *What oil did you use?* - Rice bran oil if I remember correctly. I don't think it matters that much tho as long as it's not sesame oil -or olive oil (not sure about olive oil)- *Is that a cockroach on the thumbnail?* - ...It's a sunflower seed. *So... an egg fried this rice?* - Yes. *What's your Instagram?* - Check the bottom right corner of my channel art or check the 'about' tab for a link. *Thanks for watching :)*

    • Such a mood istg :p

    • its like I m ready a some kind of book (good book indeed) 😛

    • @strawberry ketchup thks for the reply, i already tried it and i can confirm that XD

    • @Fan de manga hi! Sorry for being late, but i think you can just put the entire egg! I tried this once (since i'm lazy to separate them) and it tastes delicious!

    • BORE.D what’s the sunflower seed for?

  • the music is so fucking annoying

  • SHIT NOBODY IS GONNA TALK ABOUT THIS FUCKING EDITION???? it's so incredible i'm in love :((

  • I love the lil video game concept, it’s cute lol

  • I hate the video game theme so much

  • I appreciate the video game editing aspect of this video so much. It makes it 10x more fun, and it encourages me to want to try and make this!

  • made this with sesame oil even tho it said u shouldn't it came out well and delicious tho?

  • I need a tutorial for how to use a rice cooker. I’m sorry I’m a failed Asian.

  • the video game sound effects were so annoying

  • I'll have to try this dish! And it's definitely Korean? Btw, I really LOVE the BIBIGO Korean Mini-Wontons they have at Costco! :D I buy them all the time!

  • Did you cook the rice first?

  • just made this, eating as i type. i used oyster sauce instead...and it’s delicious! 10/10 would make again

  • Im gonna add full bowl of rice

  • I made too much of a mess

  • i have 0 skills in cooking and a really dumb question, how do i know that the rice is ready?? the color still looks the same from when you mixed in the egg and ate it

    • BORE.D i know the rice is precooked but i meant the egg?? sorry if my question was unclear 😅😅

    • The rice is already cooked... and you can start eating when the egg is cooked :)

  • I came here just to give myself hunger.

  • Now this is my favorite food thanks

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  • Simple greasy fried rice HAHAHAHAHA

  • Watch this at 2x speed. Youre welcome

  • i like the way you make the video its like a game hahaha

    • Thanks :)

  • Why do you look like an amateur and a pro at the same time

  • Tried making this, it came out like an omlet with rice and onions, so I added some mushrooms too... Maybe next time >

  • I have nephrotic syndrome and my doctor said i need to eat healthy foods so im looking for a healthy rice with egg and vegetables but i wont add salt is it ok if i only add 1 teaspoon of soy sauce?

    • @BORE.D i added a lil bit salt just lil and i added small fish too and it taste good

    • @BORE.D ill try to do it without salt and ill tell you what it will taste like

    • It won’t have much flavour i think?

  • So I made this and it's good but I used way more oil and soy sauce than I thought I would but that probably just because I don't know what I'm doing lol

  • Omg i tried this but instead of using scallions i used onions instead because i had no scallions and it was DELICIOUS 😍😋 Edit: when my dad, uncle, and brother got home my dad asked what i was making and i told him what it was and my dad replied it smelled delicious 😋

  • why did this feel like playing cooking mama

  • Can the rice be cold in the beginning bc then it’s going to be cooked afterwards?

  • Esto en Perú es arroz chaufa xD

  • It's too easy But I can't cook 😢💔👏😂

  • Its my first time watching your channel and this video reminds me of Cooking Mama lol

  • I love how elegant you are with your cooking. Reminded me of the soothing nature of Asian cultures.

  • With my family we use soy sauce, ground beef & little bits of scrambled eggs. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

  • Wait, in the thumbnail I saw a insect at the left side...just me!??

  • Anything I cam add besides soy? I dont wanna consume too much soy

  • Your eyes are pretty uwu ☺️

  • Alguien me puede explicar? Pliis los ingredientes sobre todo

  • I sincerly just came for a egg recipe and i saw this one... And of all the sudden i see a bunch of fangirls that only like korean boyss its like why????

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  • I bet mine tasted better

  • Can i use red onion instead?

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  • I don't have scallions. Can I just put onions?

  • Anyone know how much rice was used? (More precise than just “bowl” hahah)

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  • It is easy to make thank you for the fried rice

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  • I added diced sliced hotdogs on mine. It taste great.

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