Eminem - Darkness (Official Video)

Ajoutée 17 janv. 2020
Eminem’s new album MUSIC TO BE MURDERED BY smarturl.it/MTBMB

Music video by Eminem performing Darkness. © 2020 Marshall B. Mathers III, under exclusive license to Interscope Records


  • What is these song talking about?

  • There is a escape its jesus christ just say his name

  • I'm so sorry

  • I pray for you your wrong God will always forgive you I pray foe you and I know tou are on gods side

  • Every em song is 🔥

  • Change gun laws... pftt.. not gonna change anything, 1 out of 3 people would still have a gun.. and that's a good thing, everyone should have guns.. because whether citizens are allowed to have them or not, criminals are going to get them.. and when they can't get guns they'll use knives, bats, hammers, whatever.. it'd just make things more violent. A country without guns is all knife violence, there aren't mass shootings but there are still very brutal murders happening all around.

  • 🔥

  • Eminem Old 1990,1980,1979 fan like it i wana 20k

  • #paster #okaber ⬅️👍

  • 0.5 speed sounds bttr

  • Мне он одному напоминает Беднякова из орла и решка?

  • I dont get it is the us going to ban guns or something like this i really dont get what is happening there can anyone tell me what's going on there

  • King

  • Is Em actually wearing blue jeans?

  • I just wish he came prepared when he came for trump. Even I’m not a fan of trump but that was weak.

  • Eminem, you are a legend man.

  • Just adding a comment don't know why but maybe it will help.lol

  • Someone i know that went to school with me went to a university and almost died from gun shots someone went in and started shooting and killed someone another student sacrificed there life by tackling them to the ground and used his body as a shield to protect others while other people ran away

  • I am from India But I love you Eminem No homo

  • Eminem is back in 2020 with a bomb track! Fuck the haters. Peace from Germany.

  • Enes batur 'dan g3lenler türkler

  • You make my heart flutter 🥰😍❤️

  • damn this song always takes me to a deep end

  • the boss of rap all in one

  • We need Gun control in America, period. Idgaf if y'all republicans are pressed

  • Surrender to win

  • "Now I'm staring at the room service menu off a benzo, I can hear the music. I continue to crescendo. Fuckin venue from my window, that's when you know you'r schizo cause I keep peakin through the hotel"-man I know that feeling. He doesn't glamorize shit. That's profound and real.

  • Do you feel depress . Your are devilman👑🔥

  • Me encanta 🔥

  • Hey is combination of the sound of silent

  • america: eminem: SLAP!!!!!!!

  • You’ll never be alone in the darkness again! ✨✨✨

  • ❤️

  • i w ill this end.確かに too.ウィルスもですよ!

  • Как будто он в запой ушёл😂

  • The 36 thousand people that disliked this video agreed with the las vagas shooter.. its sad......

  • 2:00-2:10 scary feeling idk if he talking about the shooter or his show

  • Cadê o kant aqui

  • Please please pleaeeeese hit up dax bro, y'all would be awsome!!!!!!! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

  • The sad Think is it was real

  • can u send me tapes

  • i can barely recognize you

  • 2:52 0.25x

  • slowlyy darling

  • Man I’m not going to lie when I started to hear the l last part of this song and then the news reports it sent chills down my spine seriously if a rapper can do that you know he’s the greatest

  • Funny how 10 yrs ago dr Dre said hes slowly leaving the music industry bcuz he was depressed he had felt like he lost everyone Eminem was like if you quit i quit bcuz Dr Dre gave Eminem his life he has and now Eminem music is slowly getting dark like Dr Dre was ..

  • Me: I like Eminem Friend: I like Skittles better Me: No the rapper Friend: Why will you want the wrapper? Me: Forget it ;-;

  • I felt that

  • wow love this piece Master that is

  • #Eminem O Cara e Simplesmente Fantastico Jogador Caro ❤🎵💯

  • Ual ... !

  • he just gets better and better i dont get why so many say he isnt as good as he once one i think he gets better and better with every album

  • Ems on some real fucking shit

  • Welcome Back Rap God

  • This made me cry after

  • Survivor I love you since 2000 !!! The best the best!!!

  • New lesson from school:dont eat guns or it explodes

  • Damn. I didn’t really get effected to much by all the shootings, but those last 2 minutes got me to tear up a little bit. Shit.

  • This is a terrible song. Lyrics and message aside....this is not ART...it sucks! I am not musically inclined but even I could do this crap!

    • @clay Scott Two things mate... Look up the dictionary n then choose the appropriate words to clearly convey what you mean, and secondly get tfo here... "Not inclined"- doesn't play but knows; where tf did u learn that ...n trying to critique Em', Get Lost!

    • Clay Scott You’re the only moron here

    • Clay Scott did you listen to any of the lyrics of the song? Eminem wasn’t going for a catchy song for people with 2 iq to listen to, he made a masterpiece with a triple meaning and an emotional story.

    • raingam zimik musically inclined means I don’t play - still know what sounds good moron

    • If you're not musically inclined, I suggest you stay tfo from giving ur expert opinions here, thank you...😋🤗

  • Huh