Eminem, Juice Wrld - Godzilla Reaction/Review

Ajoutée 17 janv. 2020
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  • Yo that guy on left beside the middle one looks like Dax OMG

  • Worst reaction ever

  • These guys are absolute clowns

  • Rap God is back again

  • So hold up. Could you not catch it or did he say nothing? Y’all fucking people are tryna day both, and that’s not how that works lol

  • watch Dax remix of Godzilla it's fire

  • Garbage reaction.

  • Do y’all even listen 🤦🏽‍♀️🤯🤔

  • This is like exactly how I imagine mumble rap fans react when they listen to any lyrical rappers music.

  • These people really out here forgetting bout juice 😴

  • Waaaaack reaction.

  • yes yes gimp world x

  • why? lol

  • Why don't you close your youtube channel? WORST REACTION!!

  • Fun fact these people like mumble rappers

  • Well this channel is a joke anyway so don't take anything seriously it ain't worth it

  • "I can't tell what hes saying" hahaha jesus christ. Pathetic.

  • Nice video. Finally unsubbed lmao niggas slow asf

  • Why are there too many skips?

  • Fucking clowns

  • One of the wackest reactions I've seen by far.

  • you got a lot of dislike cause you fcking cut to the venom part.

  • Please don’t react to Eminem. You can’t even follow it. Also skipping half the song doesn’t help. If it’s that hard for you pull the lyrics up.

  • You all talk too much..wont be subscribing

  • Worst reaction video to godzilla I've seen Cutting parts out and bleeping shit? Bruh it's Eminem man let him speak aha

  • wtf is thiss

  • The 2nd man from the left looks like F-Fix from Undaground choppers!


  • Is this on par with the original? soundcloud.com/user-898168668/godzilla-remix

  • Why skip madafaqars

  • Another disappointing reaction😩

  • Ya’ll clowns

  • fr-tv.com/tv/vid%C3%A9o-EnOHrUKg2ho.html GODZILLA COVER!!!! LIKE COMMENT SUBSCRIBE!!!!

  • Juice world body it? Ya must be high lol.

  • Guys, you are stupid as f*ck. Dislike

  • Gayest video I have ever seen. No offense.

  • Law Twinz, No Life Shaq, TheThirdErnest all good at breaking Em down, fuck these dudes that only catch mumble rap lol go listen to MGK R.I.P Juice but c'mon mannnnnnn

  • You’re shit

  • These the biggest group of faggots on the internet, just react to Kpop that’s your level

  • You all should be embarrassed of this reaction. You made the whole thing one big meme about not being able to understand what was going on and it made you look lammmmme. I'm a hillbilly white boy from the woods and I caught more than all of you did combined on my first listen.

  • Got to be the worst reaction ever basically skipping the whole way through the song

  • Guys..come on. You missed the target on this 1. Let's go!

  • I guess Eminem needs to release a slow version....

  • Dear RT, If u not in-depth w Em songs, THEN DONT. 😑😑😑from an Eminem Stan,

  • Me: yo,a crow Crow: 8:06

  • Are these dudes fr man?😂 it honestly hurts watching this and taking it somewhat serious lol Em fucking killed this and they hate because they can’t understand words

  • Unsubscribe goodbye.

  • First time here, and not a fan. You are trying to anticipate what Em is saying and that's what is holding you back from understanding. Trying to dance to it, bob to it, and all that makes good video right... Just sit still and listen... If you clear your mind and just hear him, you will understand what he is saying. You won't be able to memorize it, but you will understand.

  • Lmfao "you gotta record this if he rapping this fast" or smthing hahaha what?? The streaming services today are recorded... whack "reaction"

  • This why this channel dying 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • closest I've come to a thumbs down,shame

  • Worst reaction ever! You could've just bumped your head through the whole track and not say that the hook is the best part! Shame lol

  • This is the definition of dumb in educated idiots. 3:56 that's a fuxking bar? Out of all the verses he rap this is the only one you understood wtf lmao. NIGGA THE WHOLE RAP WAS A FUXKING BAR DUMMy. Fuck I just lost brain cell listening to this square heads. Waste of fuxking time. Thses fools needs to be takin off of youtube

  • you can tell just by how they talk about this song that these guys love that shitty ass no talent mumble rap bullshit and forgot what rap is supposed to be like so there for wen they hear Eminem they can't handle it... YOU GUYS ARE SOFT!! LOL!!

  • Wasted time I will never get back from people who have no idea what the %$&@ they are talking about.

  • Ya'll some busters. No appreciation for flow or lyrical skill. Fucking clowns.

  • The second guy in the pink round tab hoodie , where can i buy that hoodie from brother?

  • I like a lot of ur videos but you earned a dislike. Juice did his thing...but Eminem came on here and gave it 100% and showed us real lyricism and you just pretend it’s nothing since you aren’t quick enough or patience to analyze it? Ridiculous.

  • It's like mumble rapper reacts to lyrical rapper

  • For some hip hop listeners whoa yall cornflaky