ENGLISH TEST (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 218)

Ajoutée 19 juil. 2019
This FUNNY VIDEO is very hilarious. Success is really a clown.
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    • She is not actually my blood" lol

    • Hello From St.Vincent Love Your Videos😘💖

    • yes

    • I love Mark Angel comedy and Success is awesome! Can't wait to watch more! I'm American and my husband is Nigerian in Nigeria and he showed me these to make me laugh! These are great!

  • .. The answer is correct, but the question was wrong .. hahaha 😁😁 nice 1, success 😊😊

  • 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Me ave to lol wen him said him adopted him she is not in the blood

  • How many schools does success attends?

  • He indeed did

  • Same birthday with me success

  • Aunty success always going to principal.. I love e how she stood up for her rights ... Every child must do that ...stand up with good explanation...

  • Happy Birthday Success

  • 😂 😂 😂 Much better you make a full comedy movies😆😆

  • “My *Fisical and your Physical are not the same”😂

  • 😁😀😀😀😁😝😂🤣🤣😹

  • Iam your biggest fan ever iam from India you all are my hero ..

  • Ok

  • happy birthday

  • Success is my gal

  • HEY its not your child? you don't have chance cause you could of figured out a lot of things mshh i cant beallive your so stupid HA

  • Happy birthday success and the same to you enumella and sorry if I spelled your name wrong!!!!(:

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😅😅

  • Is it your physical ..is it your how ..is it your spell

  • That's a very hard word for a 5 year old. It goes down like that there.

  • Hhhhhhhhh I was sad you mad me laugh


  • I come to watch this video again bcoz I miss papa success anyone

  • "Your compound people"😂😂 # 1 disrespect!

  • Happy birthday success

  • 👌👍👍👌👍🤙

  • she was wrong xd

  • I’m watching this AGAIN I laughed AGAIN

  • Love it

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  • Im confused that it said spell physical but the question already said the answer because it already said physical

  • Zillah. Slater

  • Amazing! Such talent! I hope day these kids (and the adults) can entertain us on the big screen soon. God Bless all of you. Love from India.

  • Kkkkkkkkk

  • Ohh now I understand she means how do *you* spell the physical so she spell her own phisical


  • Happy birthday Auntie success❤️💖🎈🎈🎈🎈🎂🎂🙄😍🎂🎂😁

  • Happy birthday Sox's and happy birthday manuella I wish you a happy birthday boo love you I want your channels and I love you so much I hope you have a good good happy birthday my birthday is also coming soon 1st of June o r e yes oh okay but I wish you super super happy birthday both of you happy birthday

  • Happy Late Birthday Sucess

  • Happy birthday

  • Happy BIRTHDAY

  • They use to give me accolade ,accolade he failed every subject in our primary2🤣🤣😆😄🙂

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  • Happy birthday success emmanuella happy birthday

  • English teacher that can not speak English is not a English teacher

  • Belated birthday Aunty Success

  • English Teacher that cannot speak English is that English teacher😂😂😂😂

  • I wonder who emmanuella's mum and dad is?

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  • happy birthday emanuella&succses

  • Happy birthday sucess

  • Success is best comedian,,, imanuela is very very ugly 😂😂😂

  • Belated Happy Birthday success 12-02-19

  • Success she is first beautiful second very amazing younger girl God ditto Bless her

  • This girl can really create chaos yooh!!! 🤣🤣🤣 her can can even say he adopted her

  • Ewan ko ha, basta tawang tawa ako, lupit nito🤣

  • Aunty success is actually right cause the teacher asked them how do they spell the word physical and she spelled it the way she does hhhhh nice comedy