Euler's Disk

Ajoutée 15 juin 2019
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Matt Parker's great video about the ratio between spin-rate and precession-rate for the disk:
Moffat's famous article on the finite time singularity of an Euler's Disk:
response to Moffat:
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Hosted by
Michael Stevens
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Hannah Canetti
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Jack Merline
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  • This is the most anxiety inducing thing ever.

  • How did he call that heads would be facing up when he said abraham lincoln and spun the penny?

  • From drum being beaten, To machineguns firing, To motorbike running.

  • 5:28 i cant stop repeating this Edit: Watch at 0.25 speed its amazing

  • Euler's disk *_did you mean: the smart man's bayblade_*

  • I was waiting for the "bummmmmmmmm buuuum bu bu bu buuuum peeeeeeoooooooowwwwwwwwww buuu buuuuuuuummmmm" but it never came... ;(

  • 2:12 the disk is glitching

  • I wonder how it would work in environments like the moons with lower or even one with higher gravity

  • I like how I am watching science instead of doing homework

  • 5:28: Micheal explains childbirth

  • Why is he so creepy...

  • *michael’s toys*

  • How fast or how big would a euler's disk need be for the point of contact with the stand to go faster than light?

  • 2:24 i thought it was going to fly

  • *02:00** Creepy af 😅😨*

  • Beeeeeeooooop!



  • That spin thing sounded so cool lol

  • I thought it was pronounced YEWlers disk

  • 1:20 to 2:32 is Emmy Award worthy.

  • 2:00

  • No, its not the 2027 penny :(

  • Micheal is slowly turning into Socrates

  • I's like to see high speed footage of those nervous system micro-twitches, in conjunction with the audible rhythm and tones simultaneously occurring. I wish to know what's occurring exactly. @ 1:47 and 1:55

  • Miss the vsauce music thoo.

  • That spin went on uncomfortably long

  • Michael: Stares Me:Stares back Disk: Stops Spinning Michael: *eULeRs DiSk*

    • I was too busy laughing to stare back.

  • wait, why did he trade teams?

  • this entire video feels like a vsauce out of context compilation.

  • 2:05 and he looks at me

  • So these people mastered the most annoying part of the sound of a spinning penny.

  • What happened to VSauce?

  • Micheal, assuming that air resistance is negligible

  • Micheal is the new Bill Nye

  • Michael glitched the video infinatly bouncing disk

  • Here at my school in norway we don't have physics so i realy hope that Michael is just like a typical excited physics/sience teacher

    • Nobody is like Michael.. i can speak for every American when I say we all wish Michael was our physics teacher

  • Me 20 seconds into the video: this turned from 0 to 100 real f*cking quick!

  • 1:21 to 2:30=1 min 9sec

  • What would the effect be if it was in a vacuum

  • 5:29 *BEOOWP*

  • Look at his face😂😅

  • 7:36 me cooling my hot food down

  • ayahuasca took more from michael than we can ever imagine

  • Michael. Post something on vsauce plz

  • Hi Michael! I have to say I first saw this great intuitive exercise in Matthias Wandel channel. Great job anyway!

  • What if you throw the gyroscope around?

  • I saved this video for 1:20 (2:26)

  • 2:20 legends say it is still spinning as he stares into the unknown..

  • 2:26 IT 2 be like

  • NO! Your name is NOT Michael Stevens it’s “Hey Vsauce Michael Here” 😡

  • Did anyone win a starring contest with Michael?

  • Thank you!

  • 2:04 he is having trauma from te gun sounds from world war 2

  • Why are all the objects on the table moving every couple seconds It’s making me uncomfortable

  • The sound after 1:22 is so asmry

  • Came for the science, entered an advertisement

  • You are SO weird I love it!

  • Why did America invade? For the *Eul...*

  • Big Bang Theory