Every Stormtrooper in Star Wars Explained By Lucasfilm | WIRED

Ajoutée 13 déc. 2019
Lucasfilms' Doug Chiang and Madlyn Burkert delve into the backstories of each and every type of stormtrooper from the Star Wars franchise. Madlyn and Doug explain not only each stormtroopers' origin, but what went into the production of all of their costumes. From the inspiration behind the clone troopers helmets to Captain Phasma's chrome armor, learn everything there is to know about Star Wars' iconic foot soldiers.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters December 20th
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Every Stormtrooper in Star Wars Explained By Lucasfilm | WIRED


  • Am I the only one who thought it said "every stormtrooper ever explained by GEORGE Lucas"....?

  • 13:37 "The BACKPACKS that provide POWER for the FLAME RIFLES that they carry..." The cluelessness is strong with that one. *facepalm

  • Wow am I the only one who noticed they forgot the Death Star gunners? They have some of the most unique looks..

  • Forgot arc troopers and clone commandos

  • I came to see all storm troopers not your opinions/ favorite scene lady

  • First order storm trooper: look at this very minor difference in the helmet Clone trooper: tHeSe OnEs wEaR YeLlOw The clones deserved more

  • Geesh the clone trooper scenes aged horribly!!!

  • For Christ's sake say all terrain armored transport for once

  • Thumbs down for calling it that.

  • So...more powerful and menacing.

  • went to watch the last movie yesterday. I am still too much in confusion and shock to realy describe what I saw?

  • her head is kinda shaped like a storm trooper mask

  • Why are they fighting are they in the same side 17:43

  • Again no love for those of us that do Imperial Gunner costumes.

  • Inferno squad? Clone commando?

  • Is it a trans

  • become a storm trooper with this official jacket: www.lucajackets.com/products/buy-mens-star-wars-stormtrooper-leather-jacket-armor-white?variant=6109793976350

  • RTX on.

  • they had the galactic marines but not 104th *sigh* how could you forget plo's bros

  • I appreciate how much thought these guys put into the armor design. Too bad they didn't put nearly as much effort into the actual story.

  • What about the Clone Wars series?

  • Evoke

  • Why so much hate in the comments? I swear, SW fans are the worst

  • Seeing some scenes of the new trilogy the first time makes me not wanna watch it.

  • What about the purge troopers and the inferno squad?

  • I swear if I hear scout trooper again...

  • All this development, and they can't hit the broad side of a Barn. lol

  • some of them were not stormtroopers.

  • You can really tell the difference between the designs of the Sequel Trilogy and every other Star Wars movie. Utterly uninspired and otherwise copy-pasted.

  • Give it a frickin spoiler warning dammit

  • Honestly, Clone Troopers were the only cool ones.

  • 17:32 wat

  • They sound like they are so proud of the sequel trilogy even though it was a disaster

  • Madlyn Burkert has AMAZING arms

  • God the prequels were so good

  • *ApPaRaTuS*

  • 21.45. A hint at the Predator's face under the mask or mask and face together?

  • What about Gary?

  • Didn't the guy on the left used to act on "Hawaii 5-0?"

  • “They fly now?” Is still stupid.

  • Idk if the knights of ren count

  • Disney ruined Star Wars. Its junk.

  • The first order Stormtroopers are a perfect example of how to update a classic design. Truly amazing.

  • So much merchandising $$$ fodder. Commence your collections people and surrender your $$$.

  • *_OH, THEY FLY NOW?!?!?!?!_*

  • Half the video is about the First Order Stormtroopers

  • What about the original jet trooper?

  • Awesome video! Thank you

  • Hek I like to do it my way. Do you?

  • I would hate to be the guy who has to do logistics and order all these armor parts... just to get blown up at the end of like every SW movie.

  • wait,, At-At or A.T - A.T.?

  • Why storm troopers look like they been designed by Apple?

  • I feel enlightened thanks 🔥

  • "At At Pilot". Isnt' it "A" "T" "A" "T"?

  • Um actually the clone trooper color is NOT by rank it’s actually by legion and battalions yellow is 327th Orange is 212th blue is 501st and red is 401st corosaunt guard etc.

  • Every stormtrooper? There was no mention of the AT-ACT driver or the Crait trooper, although I guess they could just be considered variants of the shoretrooper and First Order snowtrooper respectively. But even slight variants were mentioned in the video so I think they deserved mention as well...

  • Listening to them talk the talk, makes me happy! :)

  • Funny, video ends @10:36

  • Person: Rise of Skywalker was the best star wars movie Me: TRAITOR!

    • Eh I thought it was much better than TLJ.

    • You can say that for 90% of Disney fan fiction.

  • Star Wars was BASED on the discovery Robert Byrd made over the North pole. The secrets over.