Exclusive iPhone 11 & iOS 13 Report! More Features Leak

Ajoutée 22 mai 2019
The 2019 iPhone 11 is getting LOUDER, new materials/colors, brighter flash, perfect smartHDR, Face ID gen 2 specs + more iOS 13 features! Also iOS 12.4
iOS 13 confirmed features!
Last iPhone 11 leaks.
Max Weinbach (Leaker).
iOS 13 Settings page concept.
iOS 13 concepts. (Screens during renders)
more ios 13 stuff. (Screens during renders)


  • Me: complains to parents I have an old phone (iPhone 6s) Me: watches videos Me: I guess I’ll wait for that Parents: we have no money

  • why this video is different than this other fr-tv.com/tv/vid%C3%A9o-fu9ZGnKOozs.html ? I imagine rummors and leaks are the same fucking shit of my puke anus , a lot of videos for hunger youtubers and their ignorant audience XD

  • will the coral still be availble for xr or just not available for the 11r? i just want the xr and want the price to drop

  • If everyone who reads this makes a decision NOT to buy this overpriced phone we can collectively drive the price down and take some power back from these corporations! Like to raise awareness and let’s do this!

  • Awesome

  • It looks so ugly

  • 😥

  • Bruh, stop spoiling movies

  • looks uuugggly

  • Hi i subscrobed-

  • Steve job would be alive if you niggas ain’t had him up😭

  • That camera says NO THANK YOU!

  • Terrible looking. Just wondering how much further iPhone can go.

  • I don't have a baby, but I have an iphone and it costs more, needs more milk (charge) than, more attention than etc a baby! No thanks! Going back to Nokia Flip phones that work all week without having to think about it and break my back just to have a telephone

  • Should I keep my max or get a 11?

  • my 2 year contract ends in September woohoo.

  • I played my Iphone Now it is OURphone

  • keep up the good work. Like to know if Apple will have 960fps in iPhone 11?

  • Launching at a low low price of your entire wallet

  • Haha NO. No phone will ever be close to a portable speaker, period. No Cap

  • If the charging port is changed to USB-C then we will be boycotting the iPhone.

  • These phones gonna be the biggest memes of the year

    • Same with airpods and now airpods are a icon symbol

  • For me apple design begin to be less attractive

  • It is abominable, but now I am ashamed to buy an iphone nowadays when I look at the evolution of Chinese smartphones, price and design (Xiaomi Mi 9 T) and other android phones as well as prices. Apple could change this fucking design that is the same for 6 years, and also change the icons and ringtones for example. It's been a few years since I did not buy an iphone, and it is out of question that I buy this year with a notch on the screen as big, it's just a joke when you take out your phone at 1300 euros in front of his friends

  • "Trump" is making it hard on Apple with tariffs? Are you serious? LIsten I have all apple products in my home and office. But let's not fool ourselves. Apple's factories in China use slave labor and people routinely attempt suicide. All the while the communist government steals US companies technology all the time. So you may want to hold back on blaming a current president for the horrors of a communist nation that has been around for a whole hell of a lot longer killing its own people. In the meantime, Tim Cook puts a dick in his mouth and mumbles "Hmmm? I have no idea what you're talking about".

  • No Jobs, no apple.

  • Does anybody else think that the iPhone 11 camera looks weird.

  • 7 ads for an 11 minute video !! real nice :(

    • I know right?!FR-tv and all these other companies are becoming fucking shit!

  • I have an Iphone 6 Plus and 2015 Macbook Air and your mac is old !?

  • Hold on hold on hold on does he have the new iPhone or am I just going crazy help me

  • 🤬Ugly 🤢

  • When you're traveling and need to make a video. You pull over and go under the bridge to make a video

  • If the iPhone looks like this then I'm not buying. I'll wait for iPhone 12

  • Fan boy much? A 10% price increase on the phone and 25% increase on accessories? this is now just thievery. What's the exact difference between iOS 12 and iOS 13? User Interface looks exactly the same...

  • so ugly phone

  • Is that a tumor on the back or a camera!!

  • Hi, I wrote this to Apple. Google and many apps where people have repetitious sign ins, flip the iPhone screen sideways, forcing people to exercise and stress their wrists or necks, to Face ID and log in, especially to high security sites. It would be really great and convenient if Apple updated their software facial recognition, to scan and recognize the face laterally from its current Face ID scanner, without having to keep flipping the phone up. That would be the next really useful innovation in Apple Face ID.

  • Apple owners: We want a longer battery life Apple: did I hear you want three cameras and a fuzzy back

    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • If that was a real GOT spoiler at the beginning, this dude is a true dumb asshole.

  • Who else watching on they iPhone 7


  • Man I really don’t know if I should wait for this phone or just get the XS Max already... I’m still on the 8+

    • Resort bro keep your 8+. unless you REALLY want an upgrade, go for the xs, xs max, or xr

  • Huawei > Apple

  • The camera in the back is look annoying... its look like you carrying digital camera.

  • All i want is : 1-headphone jack 2-bluetooth charging 3-lower price💀

    • Clorox Bleach = Samsung s10+

  • Apple fans: oooh check this out! Me: I'm not impressed... is always the same os, same icons, same sh!t... :-I

  • sooo uglyyyy

  • So when will Apple fire their design department?

  • i think iphone designs would be ALOT better if steve jobs was alive. rip. also, if I worked there, that 3 camera thing WOULD NOT HAPPEN ITS SO UGLY

  • bro that 3 camera crap is uglyyyyy

  • The back of the phone is so ugly!

  • I'm so excited about these new phones I can't stop watching this😂😂

  • It looks pathetic 😕

  • Looks stupid asf

  • WHATTTT I LITERALLY JUST FINISHED SETTING UP MY NEW X S MAX , slow down please, I’m done apple you’re going to fast

    • Yeah I’m keeping this bad boy for 2-4 years easy it cost my whole months pay 😑

    • Champagne Campaign lol same but this is a good phone and everything after this is gonna be kinda disappointing

  • Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs. Just another minor updated iPhone and call it a new model.

  • Glad ol dude from catfish is getting away from that garbage ass show and giving me the tech news I want instead...appreciate the info about the iPhone bro.

  • Tf I still got iPhone six

  • All that shit will run on a12

  • They remove the headphone jack, they remove the vibration toggle on iPad. But they won’t remove the that damn notch, the only thing we actually want removed.

    • Mar Montes He said we do

    • MicMaine hoe I like the jack

  • eh excuse me. i came here to watch and here a fake 5G iphone.

  • Cant imagine the price of the new iphone with all this features 😩🙃😫

  • Oof, that looks disgusting

  • Can't wait to see what's new on iphone XI.. Check this out! ckk.ai/BIpsb

  • eww.. the camera design so ugly

  • I just can't with the notch.

  • When does Apple officially show their new iPhone?


  • The camera has to be a troll

  • Yup, Samsung Won!

  • does the camera actually look like that. its ugly

  • when is the phone gonna come out. are there any leaks, if not, what would u guess

  • Of course you blame POTUS for the price of the phone?! You do realize making the phones cost less than $100. Apple is just smart enough to charge 1000x that. Lol

    • It costs way more than $100. OLED panel already costs $110.

  • Will Walt and see the New Galaxy note pro instead

  • Uglyyyyyy design ever

  • If this is truly this years iPhone I think I’ll upgrade to the Note 10. Coming from a iPhone X this looks retarded.

  • Jesus every move Apple makes there’s like a zillion haters to call it out

  • زبالة

  • It saddens me but iPhone is becoming boring now.

  • Am I the only one that’s upset that Apple is killing 3D Touch

  • A.......Apples not being deadass with this phone right,remember when iPhone 8 was the big thing,that feels like a few weeks ago to me

  • I’m gonna have to skip this one until they refine it even more

  • PLEASE REVIEW THE NEW IPOD 7TH GEN, i want to hear your oppinion on it.

  • Ugh. The new cam lenses provoke my trypophobia 😫

  • Wow the weather is good for camping, you'r follower from middle east kuwaiut ☺️❤️

  • I'm sorry but the 3 camera just does not look that good

  • Garbage toys for the addict generation. What a sad, pathetic bunch of nerds and manginas you all are. Addicted to a piece of cheap but overpriced plastic.

  • will it support 5G?

  • Looks weird I’ll definitely stick with the my xs max for a while

  • Apple 🍎 needs to stop skipping numbers it’s confusing

  • Why do they look kinda crap? The camera on the back looks terrible as do the colours for XI R 😐

  • They are so uglyeeee

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  • Wait, when did this man started wearing supreme? Lol

  • the purple one is cute to me only because it's my favorite color

  • anyone else here from that tiktok? LOL

  • The green color iPhone is an alien 💀🤯 it look so much like alien 👽

  • Apple worker: How many cameras? Apple: 3 Apple worker: Shape? Apple: Triangle Apple worker: Cost? Apple: Everything.

  • So is power share gonna happen or nah? On THIS phone? 😐

  • iphone put Camara Same Heuwai Mat20 Pro