Forbidden memes - YLYL #0065

Ajoutée 17 sept. 2019
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  • Honorable mention: Ni- Pewdiepie: NOOOOOOOO!

  • nani? if the chair broke when was sitting on it would she feel pain or pleasure?

  • 3:21 yay, someone who can suck my micro pp

  • Barber shops in India literally gives you a bath

  • 11:36 It's Irish for "the handbrake's down"

  • I like your Video..and you?

  • Bro why did Bill gates name his company after his dick

  • You laugh you get 8.5 m views

  • Umm... actually I’m sitting on a toilet

  • When you're taking a poo and you just *🆁🅴🆃🆁🅰🅲🆃 🅸🆃 🅸🅽*

  • link to video of cat trying to be friends with the dog?

  • 11:55 Marzia is cringing so hard right now

  • Imagine being the person who made the meme at 3:05 and getting that reaction from pewds...

  • Hate th3 vid

  • "Get off your chair" *falls off bunkbed* *falls out of window* *falls off the end of earth*

  • 4:16 *those girls just could not handle the mighty power of the now god status music*

  • Wow. That girl with the spagetti almost made me vomit

  • The dog is thanosing 😂😂

  • Pewdiepie retracts his poop because he likes to shitdildo (google to find out)

  • Is it sad I laughed at the intro?

  • 9:37 but I sit on my couch

  • hi

  • No one: Pewds: I HAVE A 9 YEAR OLD ARMY Me: Yup i've been 9 for 2 years now

    • Is it an army of 9 year olds, or an army that's lasted nine years?


  • The dog is pooping

  • PeWdIePiE: It’s a pie pie video so it should be fine Me: uhm well then I suck at try not to laugh 0~0

  • 13:26 i really want a soft crow now that i've seen this.

  • Me chillin on the Toilett: Felix: you are sitting on an exploding Gas Chair right now Stand Up! I stand up, Brother enters the room xD

  • The Microsoft bit was cute tho😍

  • The dog is thanosinning 😂😂😂

  • I really don't think pewds has ever and never will complete a you life you lose challenge. I challenge you pewds, complete the challenge

  • Nice try selling your merch but I'd rather die the way I lived... Getting penetrated by whatever life seems fitting.

  • Love how the piercings chick kept a straight face. Gotta love making others uncomfortable 😂

  • WHAT THE FUDGE!! I literally was sucking in my crap when he said that....

  • 5:26 to 5:28

  • This is how many L's Ppl that disliked took ->

  • Nobody: Literally Nobody: Pewdiepie:I retract my poo


  • hello i'm vietnamese i can make a game video, could you please assist me with the sign up button

  • 4:28 *BTS fake love silently playing*

  • I bought the chair. My ass will forever be protected!

  • honourable mention😂 1:11

  • lmfao billie eilish is NOT talented, which automatically makes her career pure cringe lol

    • eraserheadSH she isn’t talented, then your a dumbass, listen to some of her songs pal.

  • Three dollars and ninety nine cents for a gaming chair? YES PLEASE!!

  • Cat=mad lad

  • I just got an ad with pewdiepie in it on this video and so to show respect I watched all of it

  • Dog: “I don’t feel so good Mr.Stark”

  • 3:59 "It's like that feeling when you have a big poo and you retract it in" no Felix, it's not

  • hold on hold on at 6:12 that is not the real sven that dog has a red collar instead of a blue collar

  • just spray the bugs with febreeze

  • You should remake the chair vid with your chair felix

  • #5:32 that's my older brother

  • Very sad but I saw T SERIES add on the video .. -- Sad Me 2019

  • "Honourable mention: Ni -" " NOOOOOOOooooo"

  • 9:34 he got pole in hole

  • it good

  • I have office chair that are fixed, no air.

  • i´m gonna love everyone that clicks in this link

  • haha losers im sitting on a wooden chair with a pillow

  • What if somebody didn't have any legs so they actually couldn't stand and you just made them feel bad.