Franky, Robin and Brook attacked by monsters - One Piece Film: Strong World HD

Ajoutée 18 févr. 2018
While exploring an island, they encountered a deadly ants and sea monster.
# These was taken from One Piece Film: Strong World (ENG SUB HD)
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Credit to Edward Pak for those great animations (GIFs) in the outro!


  • I love the robin of this movie. No huge tits. Just a normal size ❤️

  • Brook makes me started read onepiece. And the battle with ryuma, makes me started to draw manga. 😂 That's in 2009 😁.

  • I miss younger Robin. So much prettier

  • OK that was pretty cool now that is what I call a samurai Warrior sword ⚔️

  • ^One piece the movie(2019) In HD Quality Full Movle Available On : ------------------------------------------------- All Subtitles quality HD Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.??

  • Love

  • Người việt

  • Robin is very cute here

  • Franky: they won't attack you. You are just bone. Brook: that's racist

  • Robin totally looks like tashigi on this

  • When I'm hungry

  • Franky is American culture in person Has guns Is crafty American outfits Obnoxious and loud Loves cola He only needs to be fat and he’s got the whole package

  • It’s a REALLY good thing Brook was there, because Robin’s power makes her an easy target and Franky was out of cola; they would’ve died if Brook landed anywhere else lol

  • Army Ants. Get it?

  • Robins eyes are brown and it’s weird

  • I am all bones, but there's something I'd like to do, Can I see your panties? *Robin slaps brook*

  • 3 ants fall in robins cleavage

  • 0:40 - lol

  • Before Nico Robin got a boobs job

  • -robin is really 🔥 wearing eyeglass here.. U know the nerd-badass like.. yeah?

  • 2:55 Brook:"loose weight in specific parts of the body" Me:"oh wait Brook doesn't have any weight to loose yohohohoho"

  • Episod berapa

  • Look how good of a job Toei can do but doesnt

  • 1:20 Franky a chivalrous man hoppin in front of Robin like dat. I've watched this show for YEARS & it took me til 2019 to realize they had a thang going on😚🤗🤣💯

  • These Three *ALONE* could carry an arc on their backs. It'll be like a more respectable, pirate-version of Space Dandy👌💯

  • I love how when the comical characters feels or gets insulted, they mostly instantly rekt the insulters

  • That's the only time i've seen brook sliced his opponent and appearing in the back

  • Where is the blue eyes Robin?

  • Poor Brook 😂

  • I love how brook is so offended

  • Imagine if it didn’t work lol

  • Kaido sad

  • What episode is this?

  • Tập nào dị ạ

  • Fuck you

  • "lose weight in specific part of the body" seriously brook? i wonder where is it....😂😂😂

  • 什麼時候卍解

  • 幹好噁心喔一堆蟑螂

  • حلقة كم

  • 지금보니까 저거 프랑키 맨발이니까 맨발로 벌레시체 다 밟고 다닌거.......임....?

  • What part of the anime is this on?

  • eso no sale en el manga >:v

  • Das nenne ich vertrauen auf höchsten Nivou

  • 🆒😎

  • 생각보다 잔인하네

  • Seriously Robbin is super beautiful...

  • 1 vụ thảm sát với hơn 1000 người tử vong

  • Какой эпизод

  • ? Серия

  • Seriously how cool was that trust btw who will win brook or zoro?

    • Brook has always been strong. It's ridiculous to compare him to Zoro. Characters from different eras, have their own goals, fighting styles and know how different. Brooke will prove himself in the future. He had served in the Royal guard, a squadron of surprise attacks. His strength is speed, agility, accuracy, jumping ability, lightweight body, delicate hearing, savvy, great experience, knowledge and skills, the ability to perform superhuman tasks, a very useful force of the fruit, which he will continue to develop and learn.

  • Robin 😍😍😍

  • 1:29

  • Chiêu brook dell có tác dụng là franky and robin rip

  • Sub

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  • 브룩 클라스^^

  • Poor 🦈

  • 이 댓글창에 한국인 있나요?ㅠㅠ

  • Robin xinh vãi đái

  • Cung hay day😁😁😁😁