French Montana - Project Unforgettable: "My Project, Their Reality"

Ajoutée 27 oct. 2017
Directed by: French Montana
Produced by: French Montana and SAL&CO
Director of Photography: Denise "Dee Shooter" Acevedo
Edited by: Russell Majik of Majik Films
Jungle Rules is available at: iTunes
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French Montana online:


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    • Good job my brotber💪💪

    • God bless. You expressed what u felt once in Sub-Saharan Africa. People are happy positive and smiling though they have just nothing Unforgettable indeed Great lessons of life

    • :)

    • FrenchMontanaVEVO Beautiful what u did 💗

    • FrenchMontanaVEVO ear

  • Tears in my eyes

  • That's what's it all about. Big up to French

  • i love you french you are the best

  • Masha Allah bless you French Montana thank you so much for you did the right thing with your God Masha Allah xabibi only Allah can can't judge sax Wala laa.a 👍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😂😘😍😍😅 may Allah bless you bro I make duca.aa for you and your family a very happy life one love brother keep the good work God will bless you more than anything in this world you need only almighty Allah no body yells

  • God bleass you dear ❤

  • Montana is rare and real about his up bringing

  • WOW! When I seen the music video a few times, I thought to myself I wanted to see more from those kids that were dancing in the dirt with smiles on their faces (Pure Happiness)! I was taking my chances and i looked up to see if French made a "Making of Unforgettable". I tell you what I kind of wish it was a little bit longer. It was a beautiful thing to see how not only did this experience do something for French, But the impact it has made on these kids life and the Man that has fathered for them, LIKE WOW! IDK about anyone else but this put happy tears in my eyes. Big up to you French " No lie I know it may not mean much if i was a fan or not but, I wasn't a fan of your music before but this here has gained way much more respect from me to you" . To see what God put in your heart to go somewhere you were made to fear for whatever reason. you brought help to the place . just had to say something.. Liked or not Thanks for this video

  • You are unforgettable French, I want to be rich to help my people too, love from Angola se see you

  • Love this.

  • When it's destiny not even a bullet can stop you.god bless you to the most high god bless you

  • May God bless you, You're an inspiration to alot of us you're special french you where born with it

  • Love from Kerela india

  • Ultimate Respect !!!!

  • Legit made me cry, ready bought my French ticks for wen he comes my state

  • This Montana man will forever be blessed

  • I as a mid-age Puerto Rican, I can feel the love and humbleness of the people there as well. This is how it is back on the island in some places. My culture is a mix of African and Native Indian people of the island, so when I watched the video and first heard the African songs and instruments I instinctively began to tap my feet and nod my head. There is something in our cultures that many others cannot feel inside. This was a great video and journey for all involved. It was also a great journey for me just to watch. Thank you for sharing.

  • Money can't fulfill ur Happiness, It comes from inside 💛 The smile on people's face, Inspired me ✌️ this work is Unforgettable 😘😘

  • Bravo, Karim! Be happy, boy! 😍👏🏾👏🏻👏🏾👏🏻👏🏾

  • A great human being with a big heart

  • French is so inspiring

  • this is beautiful

  • Amazing love this so much.......can't get enough of this just feels my heart with so much love.

  • I love this man French Montana, God bless you for your good deed, I will always Support your music, stay blessed 💋💋💋

  • I'm crying! ... and men aren't suppose to cry. ;)

  • 20:32

  • This wasn't Another song! This was a Story! a Story about Beautiful lives! a Story Untold by the Majority! Thank You French and the Team! We Love You!

  • respect to french montana

  • Lindo vídeo 😍

  • oumo sankare song playing on background

  • God Bless😪😪

  • 24:17 nice

  • this is so beautiful , all respect to French

  • 🙏🏿 No words to thank you God bless you!! giving back to community the most important thing .You inspired me and all people. Much love ❤️🖤 big up French 🙏🏿


  • Yap I love all black people

  • Dear Karim Kharbouch, I pray that God will give us this spirit of light, so that we may use it everyday to gain strength and push away darkness; not only in the Ramadan. Thank you, Karim Maghraoui

  • #Salute #Respect #Unity #Solidarity

  • 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🇲🇦🔥

  • big respect for French

  • god bless u bro,

  • Amazing! As a Ugandan, very inspiring!

  • This video has literally changed my life! thank you French Montana Bless up!

  • Watching this video... video will wake you up .... you don't need money to b happy.

  • Wakanda real love thanks montana

  • This made me respect french in a diffrent way this made me a fan

  • The best music i listen to it every single day by the way I'm also from Morocco

  • African ting yeaaaaah Mama Africa

  • :)

  • @FrenchMontanaVEVO: Wow, your humanity and love for your fellow human beings are the most awesome things about you. It must be something in your culture that produces such "unforgettable" men as you because my friend from the past, Adel was Moroccan and equally as loving and kind towards me, someone of a different gender, ethnicity and race with no strings attached.

  • Smashed it! Taking it back to Africa 👍🏽

  • ❤😍Big heart

  • May Allah bless you French

  • French im casawi who live in new jersey Mannn you are realy amazing God bless you

  • You are so amazing. I wish I could meet you 😘

  • Gob bless you french are truly a force to reckon with and a earth angel.

  • Thanks #FrenchMontana Chokran

  • ( FM ( i want see you brother ... urgent كريم =) ضروري نشوووووووووفك

  • I LIKE SEE YOO SOON KARIM & ZAKARIA درب عبد الله بليييييييز call me

  • Thank you French