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Ajoutée 17 août 2019
Get ready to get your Gallagher on. Season 10 premieres November 10 at 9/8c. Starring William H. Macy.
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  • “are u sure it’s yours” lmao

  • Eski bölümleri nerden izleyeblirz?

  • If you split Gallavich up again I will literally stop watching. Ian and Mickey are carrying the whole show on their backs now that Fiona is gone.

  • i signed a petition three years ago to "bring mickey back". It was a legit petition and my signature was the one that made the difference. That's what i tell myself.

  • If I don’t get GALLAVICH HAPPY ending and a happy ending for Debbie Carl and Lip and Liam I’m calling the cops.

  • I liked the Original British version better.

  • when season 9 came I was done. It seems like their just trying to come up with anything to keep this show running.

  • 0:13-0:15 what we all came here for #Gallavich4ever

  • Fiona is gone and they’re trying to make debbie the new Fiona. Nooooo

  • So it looks like Debbie has a storage unit with a shit ton of clothes and other unnecessary bs. *sigh* I'm really not feeling Debbie at all. I haven't liked her since she was a kid.

    • Dijonee' Chester she annoys me to death

  • Certainly don't want more Ian. The gay Jesus episodes were the worst ever!

    • Strongly disagree

  • I want to see Mandy and Lip together for season 10

  • gallavich is literally all i care about once fiona leaves

  • Boo hooed like a baby when Fiona left.... Happy the show goes on though. I've been watching this show from the beginning and I love the entire family. Best show plot on tv


  • Prefer to see the show with out Fiona TBH.

  • This show got really bad and cringe

  • What's with the whole ciggy log cabin lol

  • Damn !!! Lip same my age and now he had a child while im still single

  • After all these seasons I still wish Lip would find Mandy again. I don't like Tami's character or maybe it's the actress idk. Anyway she had Lips baby so she's here to stay.

  • Didn’t watch the last season, but I’m going to just skip straight to this because mickeys back

  • I'm glad they brought Micky/Noel back, Ian/Cameron's character stagnated a little bit to the point where it looked like Cameron was phoning it in, towards the end.

  • Frank: are you sure its yours? Omg only him

  • I’m sad that Fiona is gone but since she’s a Gallagher, I know she’ll be back. I’ve loved Emmy Rossum ever since she played Christine in “The Phantom of the Opera.” I hope she’s doing good with whatever she’s doing. Soon, it’ll be time for me to sit back & enjoy Kevin & V who’s story makes my heart happy 😍

  • Super fucking exited for GALLAVITCH


  • Everyone is talking about lan and Mickey but savage Debbie yes

  • Does anyone else just hate Ian's character and wish he left for good? He and micky are just romanticized thugs

  • Whyyyyyyyyy nobody likes this show any mor

  • Idc about anyone else I’m here for GALLAVICH !!!! Period 👏🏼

  • I'm just glad Micky is with Ian even if it's jail

  • I’m starting from the beginning of Shameless and it’s like wow they have all grown up on this show 😍

  • 0:07 realizing gallavich is back

  • I thought that Cameron Monaghan was as leaving Shameless???? I need answers!!!

  • I’m so fucking ready

  • Season nine ian: Im leaving! Season ten: im still here Me: what?

  • Lmao Debbie "Wash your own shit!"

  • Happy to see Mickey cant wait

  • -"you are disgrace Gallagher!" -"thankyou sir" So excited for all of it! 😂

  • Please this time give it a justice, a happily ever after for Ian and Mickey.

  • It’s just not going to be the same without my girl Fiona!

  • Tbh I’m only watching shameless for gallavich 😂


  • What the hell is Debbie up to. A whole storage unit with clothes. Hmmm

  • OMG is Fiona coming back I'm about to cry.

  • This show it's just odd but I can watch it over n over n not get that sick of it the UK version however is garbage


  • I’m only on season 6 and it’s kinda getting repetitive can someone please tell if it gets better or if I should just stop waisting my time watching it now

    • curragh 42 hahaha I’m on season 7 now it gets better I’m not gonna spoil but I will say Fiona’s character dose change and get better same with Carl Ian and lip the only thing I would say that gets worse is the fact Mickey isn’t around anymore but ok he dose come back so that’s something to look forward to

    • I'm binge watching up to season 6 also. And I agree with you. A bit repetitive.. and some of story lines are pretty stupid.. debbie... Carl is a punk... and fiona falls in love with every guy..but early seasons were great


  • " bring Mickey seguir juntos verdad de amor corazón ti abrazo mucho quiero mucho mis omg mickey back love comments is over with will siempre excited with gallavich back seguir 😯♥😏😆😜💜💙👌the TV


  • Wait Ian is back one 100% watching again.

  • My woman is gone, so screw this season

  • This piece of shit is still going. That explains a lot.


  • Idk something seems wrong hopefully I’m wrong

  • Ugh. Looks like Debbie was a selfish bitch and spent the 50k on a new wardrobe instead of taking care of the family. Please bring back Fiona and get rid of her.

  • I refuse to believe that Fiona will not at the least make one cameo in this season because she is such an instrumental character wether that be through that be her being in a phone call or her actually popping up or some sort of status report I refuse to believe that you will not be in this season in someway


  • now i have a reason not to suiside at least tiil 3d november yay