Get Ready for Season 10 | Shameless | SHOWTIME

Ajoutée 17 août 2019
Get ready to get your Gallagher on. Starring William H. Macy.
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  • If anyone is old enough they'll remember colored people being offensive. But somehow poc is acceptable?

  • Season 10 sucks. Straight up liberal propaganda. Everything is about race, women being in charge of men, vape pens are supposedly being marked to kids. I mean I could keep going.

  • Bring Mandy back!

  • I this is impossible to ask but never end this show 😂 I have already lost so many good shows I can’t take this one ending.


  • Love the show but Gallavich isnt my thing

  • If Mickey comes back, he can, and Mandy will show up, too. I hope so

  • Ian : I’m stabbing him Mickey: not if I get to him first Me: Crying and laughing at the same time cause they’re back

  • “are u sure it’s yours” lmao

  • Eski bölümleri nerden izleyeblirz?

  • If you split Gallavich up again I will literally stop watching. Ian and Mickey are carrying the whole show on their backs now that Fiona is gone.

  • i signed a petition three years ago to "bring mickey back". It was a legit petition and my signature was the one that made the difference. That's what i tell myself.

  • If I don’t get GALLAVICH HAPPY ending and a happy ending for Debbie Carl and Lip and Liam I’m calling the cops.

  • I liked the Original British version better.

  • when season 9 came I was done. It seems like their just trying to come up with anything to keep this show running.

  • 0:13-0:15 what we all came here for #Gallavich4ever

  • Fiona is gone and they’re trying to make debbie the new Fiona. Nooooo

  • So it looks like Debbie has a storage unit with a shit ton of clothes and other unnecessary bs. *sigh* I'm really not feeling Debbie at all. I haven't liked her since she was a kid.

    • Dijonee' Chester she annoys me to death

  • Certainly don't want more Ian. The gay Jesus episodes were the worst ever!

    • Strongly disagree

  • I want to see Mandy and Lip together for season 10

  • gallavich is literally all i care about once fiona leaves

  • Boo hooed like a baby when Fiona left.... Happy the show goes on though. I've been watching this show from the beginning and I love the entire family. Best show plot on tv


  • Prefer to see the show with out Fiona TBH.

  • This show got really bad and cringe

  • What's with the whole ciggy log cabin lol

  • Damn !!! Lip same my age and now he had a child while im still single

  • After all these seasons I still wish Lip would find Mandy again. I don't like Tami's character or maybe it's the actress idk. Anyway she had Lips baby so she's here to stay.

  • Didn’t watch the last season, but I’m going to just skip straight to this because mickeys back

  • I'm glad they brought Micky/Noel back, Ian/Cameron's character stagnated a little bit to the point where it looked like Cameron was phoning it in, towards the end.

  • Frank: are you sure its yours? Omg only him

  • I’m sad that Fiona is gone but since she’s a Gallagher, I know she’ll be back. I’ve loved Emmy Rossum ever since she played Christine in “The Phantom of the Opera.” I hope she’s doing good with whatever she’s doing. Soon, it’ll be time for me to sit back & enjoy Kevin & V who’s story makes my heart happy 😍

  • Super fucking exited for GALLAVITCH


  • Everyone is talking about lan and Mickey but savage Debbie yes

  • Does anyone else just hate Ian's character and wish he left for good? He and micky are just romanticized thugs

  • Whyyyyyyyyy nobody likes this show any mor

  • Idc about anyone else I’m here for GALLAVICH !!!! Period 👏🏼

  • I'm just glad Micky is with Ian even if it's jail

  • I’m starting from the beginning of Shameless and it’s like wow they have all grown up on this show 😍

  • 0:07 realizing gallavich is back

  • I thought that Cameron Monaghan was as leaving Shameless???? I need answers!!!

  • I’m so fucking ready

  • Season nine ian: Im leaving! Season ten: im still here Me: what?

  • Lmao Debbie "Wash your own shit!"

  • Happy to see Mickey cant wait

  • -"you are disgrace Gallagher!" -"thankyou sir" So excited for all of it! 😂

  • Please this time give it a justice, a happily ever after for Ian and Mickey.

  • It’s just not going to be the same without my girl Fiona!

  • Tbh I’m only watching shameless for gallavich 😂

    • Same i skip every scene just go to gallavaich 😂😂💖


  • What the hell is Debbie up to. A whole storage unit with clothes. Hmmm

  • OMG is Fiona coming back I'm about to cry.

  • This show it's just odd but I can watch it over n over n not get that sick of it the UK version however is garbage


  • I’m only on season 6 and it’s kinda getting repetitive can someone please tell if it gets better or if I should just stop waisting my time watching it now

    • curragh 42 hahaha I’m on season 7 now it gets better I’m not gonna spoil but I will say Fiona’s character dose change and get better same with Carl Ian and lip the only thing I would say that gets worse is the fact Mickey isn’t around anymore but ok he dose come back so that’s something to look forward to

    • I'm binge watching up to season 6 also. And I agree with you. A bit repetitive.. and some of story lines are pretty stupid.. debbie... Carl is a punk... and fiona falls in love with every guy..but early seasons were great


  • " bring Mickey seguir juntos verdad de amor corazón ti abrazo mucho quiero mucho mis omg mickey back love comments is over with will siempre excited with gallavich back seguir 😯♥😏😆😜💜💙👌the TV


  • Wait Ian is back one 100% watching again.