Giant Spider Attack! | Arachnids in the UK | Doctor Who

Ajoutée 9 juin 2019
As the Doctor gets acquainted with Yaz's mum, a terrifying new threat appears in Sheffield. Subscribe to Doctor Who for more exclusive videos:

Series 11:
Thirteenth Doctor:
Series 11 Behind the Scenes:
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  • THE GIANT ENEMY SPIDER -battle music aggressively hummed-

  • my friend recommends me doctor who he knows im aracnophobic

  • Good idea open the door

  • Hola

  • *_G I A N T E N E M Y S P I D E R_*

  • So not a lot of people know... but there WAS actually a BOSS BATTLE of this..

  • 1:50 When u go save your friend in a multiplayer horror game by attracting the monster and he runs away without telling you


  • I didn’t know there was a boss fight in this!

  • Ew girl doctor


  • Oh my these spiders could eat my bunny in one bite eat even eat me notes to self don’t go to the uk lol


  • Well, my fear of spiders when up 2000000000000000000% I NEED TO SEE THE PUPPIES!

  • Co ai viet nam ko


  • The giant enemy spider *beatboxes*

  • I love the idea that he didn't understand that it was a giant, deadly spider, thats just how he responds to all spiders in general, and thought it was perfectly reasonable to just lock the door and let someone else squish it. He just assumes that spiders can get that big, and he just hasn't seen one yet

  • *_I always complain that people in shows or movies never tell exactly what happened but now that they did, they aren't taken seriously._*

  • We got another kylie Jenner here

  • My arachnophobia has worsend.....Ok ok, snakes are..."ok" but spiders.....HELL NAW.

  • And that's when you go to NASA, steal a spacecraft and drop 500 nukes down to Earth

  • Боюсь пауков

  • I don’t fell so good

  • IT'S THE GIANT ENEMY SPIDER * sick beatbox plays *

  • Im just afraid of her sharp theeth 😨

  • The only time Doctor Who was ever good was that one season after the reboot with the 9th doctor.

  • Because now he got himself killed and the spider wrong to if I was there I would had a shotgun a car or something and I would have ran that spider opal that's why they would have been having the worst day of his life

  • Get out the bathroom man

  • Move girl

  • I hope spiderman will bring that spider home

  • 1:49 now im afraid of going to the bathroom 🙃

  • Very good

  • THE GIANT ENEMY SPIDER. *beat boxing*

  • I hate spider

  • What is this a movie?

  • i bet Australia has bigger arachnids

  • This reminds me of monster museum but the anime one

  • It's escape😥

  • Look at a spider big😥

  • Bring Billie Piper back

  • I Like Spiders So Im Not Bothered To Watch This And Get Super Scared

  • literally the scariest thing ever in any doctor who

  • the giant enemy spider

  • It looks cute :D

  • Kiss you

  • Jodie wittaker was by far the WORST doctor not just because of this though

  • imagine if it was just a baby...

  • surprise, I have arachnophobia

  • Oh hell nawwww😰

    • LOL HUGE Spider got some 😋 lunch 🏃 🕷 LOL it was kinda funny how it just took the guy under quickly like ill finish eating him up later LOL wouldn't You agree??

  • Amazing really spiders are very creepy

  • I truly love spiders so.......

  • I’ve actually been to the hotel that this episode was filmed at, it’s called the Celtic Manor in Wales, and its a majestic palace. So cuffed that it was used to film in Doctor Who!

  • the term is get woke go broke.

  • I can't even kill tagts big spider dang how people do this vids in stiff

  • That guy definitely has arachnophobia

  • Oh god my nightmares

  • Spider-Man in to the spider verse

  • I like this personally

  • One year and I can still feel my facepalm watching this episode. It takes a solid absence of imagination to write a story about spiders turned giant because of toxic waste. And if it's not enough you can add a uncaring buisnessman owning an hotel and rooting for presidency ("AM I TOO SUBTLE ???"). Congrats Chibnall, at least you can only go up from there I guess. What a hack fraud of a writer...