Growing Up Around a Lot of White People - Shapel Lacey

Ajoutée 13 août 2019
Shapel Lacey talks about taking anger management classes and getting made fun of for liking Counting Crows.
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  • ngl .......Mister Jones slaps.

  • The last part was so so sweet!!

  • Healthy masculinity maybe? Maybe not. At least his gig was lol

  • This was a great bit! I hope to hear more of his stuff!


  • Shapel : Says the n word Camera Man : Cuts to black man in crowd

  • I thought this dude was Indian from the thumbnail lmao

  • This the whitest black person ever! 😂😂 lmao

  • Not funny

  • I love your comedy, you'll love mine's #JosephDenton

  • People don't understand the smile. Lol

  • 😍🤣🤣🤣

  • he looks like a swole version of the "sauce is forever" guy

  • Ron funches podcast brought me here...

  • This dude lowkey thrown in a random gang lol

  • Saw him live at “don’t tell comedy” murdered it!

  • His voice is so nice and rich. I like it.

  • He cute

  • Honestly 10 seconds in the video and this guy just has a funny vibe to him already

  • Now THIS is how you roast white people.

  • I graduated from anger management.... Yeah

  • This guy is kinda funny... But i can't help but compare him to a female comic who only talks about sex. A black comic that only talks about race? To be fair, he only had 7 mins.

  • When he started singing "Nigga today is gonna be the day that they're gonna throw it back to you" I have never felt so connected with someone

  • Weird that I can totally relate. Had a helluva transition period after leaving the small town dealing with the real world.

  • Miss this dude on King and the Sting

  • I close my eyes and hear a early 2000’s WWE character

  • Is it me or does he sound like digital underground.

  • Hannibal and Bruhman

  • No wonder shaub takes him on tour dudes a bit more terrible than he is makes shaub seem better

    • Word Man tells me that Brendan Schaub is legit scared of this dude

  • This is a big no 4 me, G.

  • He sounds like Afroman

  • He has the same voice as Reggie Miller

  • Why isn't his name in the title?

  • 4:40 - literally me after hanging out with white people as a teenager

  • I'm from Mesa, thats wild. Great job Lacey!

  • U stayin u stayin 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Too bad, you can literally say anything you'd like. And I sure do.

  • crazy people do the best comedy

  • Corny as shit

  • I wanna ask you what do you thing , can anybody to be a stand up comedian ?

  • Everybody always has to bring up race

  • One time I saw this black comedian and he did his whole set without talking about white people. Blew my fucking mind man...

  • Newest addition to the Culture Corner. Culture! Culture!

  • Er here wtf

  • Never heard of this guy but glad I have. he's representing all the people that grew up like he did, me being one of them. 😂

  • brilliance. he's going to get even better. he's got the goods.

  • Comedy Central be passin out specials like N-words at a rap show

  • Better just keep kicking it with the white friends buddy, there a 93% better chance of .....NOT GOING TO PRISON

  • This was such a SAD ass excuse for a stand-up set

  • Gay dudes are actually the OPPOSITE of "tight"

  • this man is amazing!

  • This guy's pretty good! Maybe eventually he'll get a TV deal and he can call it Shapel's Show.

  • LMFAOOO “ I said that right”

  • Boring,wack

  • This dude is hilarious.

  • Around some time we lost Patrice O Neil, now we are stuck with the same horrible black comedians doing the same shit we have seen a 100 times over.

  • This dude says “ya know” all the time😂😂

  • His voice at times reminds me of E-40

  • OMG yassss the Oasis joke, Oasis definitely wonderwall is the shit! ❤️💯

  • All I’m gonna say is “you gon’ eat yo cornbread.”