Growing Up Around a Lot of White People - Shapel Lacey

Ajoutée 13 août 2019
Shapel Lacey talks about taking anger management classes and getting made fun of for liking Counting Crows.
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  • Wonderwall does start with an E minor and a G lmao

  • I love him he's a Phoenix legend

  • dark chocolate spray tan anyone? Lol

  • Okay, you can work in the house

  • Good strong set. Good material, funny. My kinda funny. Good luck brotha, keep grinding. We'll all see you soon.

  • Mesa in the house lol.

  • Great comedian.

  • i loooooooooove him hhaha

  • Hilarious

  • "Sexual Chocolate"-Coming to America 😂🍫🍆🍑🤣

  • Everyone loves a compliment from a gay boy.

  • HAHAHAHAHAA thats some funny shit mate.

  • Mesa!!! Hell yea

  • How many gay guys got beaten up because straight (or even gay) dudes thought they were picking a fight with them? lol!

  • I feel this guy it's hard living in the suburbs and being cultured then going back and no one understands you.

  • G - Gangster

  • That's a Chappelle joke... Ooooooh he cheating

  • When your boss told to get Chappelle but you cant spell

  • He's like Kevin Barnett mixed with Hannibal buress. Very funny 😂😂😁

  • He need alot of work

  • Lol is it sad that I know every word to that song?

  • Hannibal

  • what a cool dude

  • Nigga wonder wall is that shit

  • BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo...@ 1:20, 1:29, 💣 4:08, Me don't like the "N" word. ☄ 💥 🔥 🛑 👀

  • I dont like telling people this, but fuck it if i ever get famous enough ima crash post malones show and go onstage playing "Mr Jones" but im gonna point at Post. Dont steal my dream tho please

  • This is trash. Get a day job

  • this is how we get out of the neighborhood

  • He’s funny af, crowd was a little wack tho

  • LMAO. Hilarious

  • “Gay dudes are tight”

  • I’m pretty sure the poor White people joke was stolen

  • Not funny at all. Should get a new hobby.

  • Talk about the sweetest shit I ever heard man

  • He look like a reformed crip.

  • Funny af

  • Did I Stutter? 😄😘😘😘😘

  • Not very funny material. Meh

  • Im tired of the same shit

  • What an interesting perspective, his life should be a comedy 😂😂😂

  • My cousin from Mesa and he broke asf

  • I can see a lil bit of Deeray in this dude

  • So yeah, where can I get an hour special of this dude?! Hilarious!

  • I'm not a comedy expert but i believe he stole the poor white joke from Dave chappelle.

  • Finally another black person who loves Oasis too!!

  • Nigga toodaay! 🤣🤣

  • One day I will come to a American comedian who isn’t talking about Race This is my wish!

    • Maybe funny in the 90's but it's tired now.

    • Ain’t happening with black comics. That’s all they have ever talked about, is so played out now.

  • If the glove does not fit......

  • Good shit G... Arizona show some love for our own...

  • 6:20 😂💀 I'm screaming

  • Funny this stereotypes that black men are aggressive but the white men are the passive, when that's only in U.S., In the Carribean, we only get aggressive inside of the house.

  • dude was hilarious

  • We need more straight making gay jokes like that

  • “ staying, you staying.“ 🤣😂💀

  • Damn those teeth are white.

  • Thanks for being you, that was some funny stuff, much appreciated laughs after a rough day

  • People are...diverse.

  • Aye man he might just be next up I really like this style.l

  • He was funny

  • He's like a widened Tyler the creator