Husqvarna Versus STIHL...might be decide!!

Ajoutée 10 nov. 2018
Today on the farm vlog: Best Chainsaw Video on youtube! Husqvarna Versus STIHL...You decide!! We'll take the two farm and ranch saws and put them to the test! Husqvarna 460 Rancher Link: Can't buy STIHL online..check
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  • I own 36 chainsaws and cut 110 cord of wood a year and I've never seen it done like this before.. and I've been doin it since 1962!!

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    • Just cuz you cut neeked Jeffrey, NO need to brag, jeez!

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  • I don't want to put down Stihl as it is a good product. I would rather have the Husky. It cut faster and didn't bog down through the center of the 10" oak like the Stihl. I have 2 chainsaws a Poulon and a Husky and I have cut a lot of wood with both. For limbing I like the Poulon because it is easier to manuever it in many directions to make the work go faster.

  • Stihl has less cc

  • whatever you do, never buy an echo chainsaw, total freakin junk and their 5 year warranty is a joke, they will not stand good for it

  • I like working on stihl. But I prefer to own and use husqvarna the idea is to never work on them

  • The best warranty is the one you never have to use. Next time try a closer comparison. You have two different pitch, gauge, and chisel chains. They make a huge difference in cut speed and how hard the saw has to work. Furthermore, use new ones, there are very few people in this world that are actually good at sharpening chains, and none of the good ones are lazy enough to use a bench sharpener.

  • What about comparing the Husky to a Jonsered

  • I don't think the tree cares which saw is taking it's life, and when I need early morning wood in the winter, ANY saw beats the axe!!!!

  • I have a Husky and my brother has a Stihl. I love my Husky with one exception. After using it for one year it started leaking oil out of the reservoir and then after time the oil came out as fast as I put it in. Finally I took it to be fixed ($22) and now it’s back to normal. The shop said the Huskies are prone to do this. It was something about a seal. My brothers Stihl is much harder to start then my Husky. Another advantage of the Husky is you can get replacement chains at Home Depot and Lowe’s off the shelf. They don’t carry Stihl length chains. A 20” Husky or after market chain will NOT fit on a Stihl. Convenience is important to me. All in all you can’t go wrong with either. Tell your wife to get the one with the best deal.

  • This experiment is not adequately prepared so the conclusions are not solid, sorry. Wise people here already said chain is very important, not just a saw. Also as someone said: no old chains allowed. Also you have 4" difference in bar length probably favoring Husqvarna. So if you really want to make real fair test I suggest this: Prepare saws such that you have *exactly same bar length* and *new factory chain on both saws.* The question of power is open for discussion because saws cannot have exactly the same power, but the saw is chosen more to the size of bar and less to the horse power; anyway it is the factory job to pair the engine of appropriate horse power to the corresponding bar length, right? Also there is the question of the chain type profile, but we can assume the factory chain would probably be good for some general/usual situation. Then you have the proper experiment setup for speed test.

    • @Stoney Ridge Farmer You did the best one could do with what you got. Just my suggestion in case the companies want to participate and yourself are willing to put the experiment in better setup, so believers 🙂 or unbelievers can give less objections.

    • This is what you get for $500 with each company...I didn't make the saws or the price buddy...I just compared two $500 saws

  • Long ago, I asked the oldtimer at the local shop which saw gave the fewest problems. Without thinking or blinking, he replied, "Husqvarna". So that was what I bought. I used it hard for many years, cut down some really big trees into 24 inch pieces of fire wood. After awhile it started losing power. I took it in, he told me compression was bad, it would cost the price of a new chain saw for him to rebuild it. So I bought another Husqvarna. I kept the first one and will make it my winter project to rebuild it. I know I can do it cheaper than hiring it. It's getting so labor on the repair end is outrageous. Too many people just throw things away when all they need is a little TLC.

  • I use both. Both are fantastic. Stihls sell better. You can buy a used Stihl.....use for 2 years or however long and sell it for the SAME amount again! I have done it more than once. Of course I take care of my saws and the person buying it after me received a saw that was just fine. I could have been that potential buyer myself

  • I'm a husqvarna man. I've ran my gramps stihl. So I know the difference between em.

  • There both going to cut and start over and over. Don't get a " pullon".

  • Thanks for that video I'm sold. I was confused and lost now I've found 🇺🇸

  • This guy knows nothing about tooth ratios.... Sthil has always cut faster slightly faster than husky.... Put equal length chains and bars on the saws dipshit

  • Husqvarna sounds good

  • John here now run both for 10 yrs then see which one still going.

  • I'll take either both cut wood end of...

  • i thought the sthil cut faster also i have always had stil and heard that huscavana was good so i bought one a 455 ranger i had it back in the shop about 6 times and quit using it and named it my huck of shit will never buy another huskavana

  • I find the Echo Temberwolf to be a better saw than both the husky and stihl. I have all 3.

  • I have a ms 290 that cuts alot fast than that ms 311

  • I work at an authorized stihl and husq dealership. Husqavarna is cheaper because they dont charge advertising in the price. Stihl makes you pay for their advertising. Husq in my opinion is way more comfortable and cleaner running. Customer service is the best I've ever had out of any company.

  • The Stihl Saw need to tune properly, I have been using Stihl Saw for the past 30years it's the best.

  • longer bar has more teeth. each tooth cut less, clear addvantage.

  • Tune the STHIL properly

  • i dont care what name is on it as long as it works and works all day

  • The husky out performed the sthil. I've used both saws myself and i prefer the husky over the sthil. BUT they are both GREAT chainsaws.

  • I ran a Husqavarna 55 Rancher as my main saw for shop work( Alaskan mill and notching logs) and it always started and cut well. Borrowed a few Stihls over the years and always fought with rough starts. Getting another Husquvarna.

  • 24 inch, haha, we put 20 inch on our 661c

  • The claw spikes are more eye candy. Secondly chain matters. Get some full chisel or skip a tooth and you'll be spitting clumps out

  • I only buy Huskys.

  • Iv'e cut professionally for years (retired)and i have had good Stihl saws and good Husqvarna as well.And i have had bad ones as well over the years.Also a lot depends on the wood your cutting,and what type of chain your using,skip tooth,low profile chisel,etc,and for bar to power head ratio,the balance and comfort in your hand all day .If i was to buy a new saw today,i would go with the Stihl.It is just my personal choice.In the end it all comes down to the person using ,maintaining the saw,having knowledge,and experience,and keeping the chain razor shop,throwing out a rooster tail of some good chips.

  • I'm a husky fan myself I think it comes down to long term reliability and availability of parts and repair. I'm in the kenai Alaska area and both seem equally represented and I've never owned a stihl but after this video I'll stick with husky.

  • Do you add Octane to your fuel?

  • Wish my wife would let me have a new 562xp !

  • I prefer husqvarna since I’ve grown up with them and know how to use them :>

  • I owned a Husky and loved the handling, I went through over 10 saws before getting the Husky in the 80's and Loved everything but the starting of it... Even when I went to buy it the dealer said it takes 7 pulls to start it cold, and he was right!! It would take 7 pulls everytime cold, and once it was warmed up, one, or two, at most to start... Loved it but it was stolen and I'm looking to buy another saw and it's between the Husky or Stihl and with 10 bad disks in my back and neck and being handicapped now, I need the best saw that starts the easiest, and the lightest that cuts the fastest and the most dependable... I know that a lot has changed since the 80's so I'm not going to choose on one video, so I will look at a few more videos and then find the models I want to narrow down to 2 saws then go down to a dealer and have them open one up and get it ready and then I will start it... Which ever I can start and handle the easiest, I will buy... Price is a factor but not the most important factor as I was taught that for something that you are going to own for a long time and depend on it, you are better off to pay a little more to buy something that will save you time and money running to get it fixed or if it takes more maintenance that's time away from cutting... So If I have to pay 25 or even 50 bucks more to get something that will last longer or makes it easier on me, I will gladly pay it... Although I'm looking to see the MS 291 FARM BOSS Against the 460 Rancher as they weigh almost the same... And I'm wondering if there is another Husky a little smaller that is as dependable as the 460 Rancher? Although I like the 24 inch bar so I won't have to bend over as much to limb and cut...

    • With 10 bad disks I would get me a nice new battery powered saw. Take care of yourself!

  • I’ve used both of these saws and to be fair they are both decent saws but neither are what you would want to spend your money on. Save up, use an axe for now and when you have enough, get a pro series. I’ve used both Huskies and Stihl’s and both are excellent saws to use. However, my Stihl’s generally last 4-6 years longer than my Huskies do. The Huskies pretty quickly (under 20 hours or so) start falling apart. All the plastic starts rattling around and jiggle. My Stihl’s stay well together with no issues. Bottom line is the Husky may outperform the Stihl for the first 20-30 hours, but then the Stihl keeps on cutting while my Husky is down for repairs. Again, both great saws but if you want one to last a lifetime and stay solid. Buy a Stihl pro serious and TAKE CARE OF IT. That means cleaning and proper stowing after EVERY use. Don’t buy cheap ass chains Keep them sharp Do this and you’ll have a saw your grandkids will be asking to borrow.

    • To add on top of your killswitch topic; Whenever I’m using my Husky and it suddenly stops it’s because my thumb hit the kill switch accidentally. Or a stray limb/stick will catch it as I’m tilting the saw up. Happens more than you’d think Honestly it’s more of an inconvenience having it at a flick down position. For more practical use anyways.

  • Try mixing "Prolong" engine treatment in both the fuel & bar oil..Stuffs AMAZING. Knocks out the friction & improves EVERYTHING. Easier starts/better fuel economy & longer bar/chain life. Tad more power too.

  • I've never seen any saw run as good as a Stihl, of course I'm referring to the old O 26, 028, O44, 066! Not this new ms321 bulshit the MS numbers act like they're made in China!

  • I'm done with husky

  • Good vid lay off the cocaine

    • It's ok to be energetic right? It makes for a better video! I've been told I have "crazy people" energy lol

  • I'm done with husky

  • The chain is everything the saw is overrated.

  • I own husqvarna 51..but i still cant find the perfect tuning of the carb..😭😭

    • @KurtTheWelder thanks for your information😃

    • Monz 5287 I have a 51 and it runs like a clock. That will happen when you leave gas in it. Run a tank of seafoam and gas through it then store it tank empty

  • I personally think that the Stihl will last longer due to design features like dual piston rings.

  • Good video

  • Since everyone is saying what saws they have, I have a 455 rancher and 575 xp and they’re great

  • listening to them run i don't think the stihl is tuned quite right.

    • drags seem high on the chain too. That should have fallen through that log

  • I have a Sthil 85 in 16in and I find I'm looking to upgrade to a 24in Sthil dealer says my say doesnt have the guts to run a 24 and so I'm looking to upgrade. I'm looking to spend in the $500 range, what would you suggest.

    • 455 or 460 rancher. I have a 455 rancher with a 24" bar and it cuts and starts great. Just bought a 450 rancher yesterday and can't wait to test her out

    • 460 Rancher or MS'll pay more for the STIHL...but it's a great saw

  • Dude... you were doin' a plumbers crack while limbing... Anyway, I have a 450 and use only Husky fuel oil and chains... And Husky now have those same fuel and chain oil inlets as that Stihl...

    • Chuck i replayed video and man there was butt crack i laughed my ass off.

  • The longer bar on the Husky also allows it to be used as a chainsaw sawmill better.

  • Need a chainsaw, been shooting down all my trees.

  • I'm a Husqvarna guy so I have that saw already. Stihl is great, but it's only popular because people think they should buy it. Joe homeowner buys it cuz pros do, doesn't make it better. It's the Chevy/Ford argument. Both are great. Husqvarna is better imo. However, I think brand new chains should have been used rather than freshly sharpened. I think that makes it more even. Husky would still win of course lol.

  • I've been watching Stihl vs. Husqy vids for an hour now and everyone of them results in the Husqy cutting faster (and sounding better). I've always favored Stihl, but I'm being persuaded.

  • Great

  • this man is very bias

  • Stihl hold up better longterm

  • I've had my rancher 455 for 16 years and has been heavily used and sometimes abused. I've driven over the Husqvarna with my tractor and did not damage it. I'm just glad my wife didn't see it!