I bought 18 broken Xboxes - Can I Fix Them and Make Money?

Ajoutée 17 mai 2019
I bought 18 broken Xboxes - Can I Fix Them and Make Money? These Xbox One S and X consoles came from a liquidation company. I'm hoping to be able to make money off this salvage lot but there are several problems with Xboxes that I've never been able to fix so wish me luck!
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About This Video: Xbox One S and X consoles are usually not too hard to fix. That being said there are several problems that they have that I've never been able to figure out how to fix. I took a chance and bought 18 broken Xboxes from a salvage liquidation company to see if I could fix them and it I could make money on them.


  • How many do you think I can fix?

  • 16

  • Steve your doing it wrong! you don't know what your doing! Your a moron!

  • Did I just watch this guy de-solder a chip and swap it BEFORE simply plugging in a known to work power supply?

  • I’ve got a question last week on a few occasions I was playing my Xbox One and I could smell a burning smell coming form my Xbox. It’s running completely fine but can’t work it out unless it’s dust. Would you or anyone know

  • 17:41 xbox one x intro be like

  • 4:07 haha.. i laughed.

  • This is boring. And yet so effing riveting I can't STOP WATCHING!

  • Why am i watching this ?, and why am i enjoying it ?

  • Steve you’re doing it wrong, you don’t know what you’re doing you’re a moron 🤣🤣 there y’all go

  • wait.... is there no northbridge on the XBOX Mainboard?

  • Who else went and bought 18 Xbox’s after this and couldn’t figure out how to fix them... fml lol

  • Would you like to take some apprentice:)

  • why has xbox such a low quality?

  • i hate ads ughhhhhh

  • the short answer? no

  • My father does manufacturing; Instead of reballing you can just reflow them- liberal amount of flux+ heatgun or if you have a BGA heat plate and have some fun! You'd be surprised how often it is just one ball that just needed some more heat to get that solder flowing...

  • wow nintendo switch sure cost more than xbox

  • how else thought of being at the dentist when looking at this 5:02

  • the only way to fix an xbox one is to sell it on ebay and try to get the money you paid for it back

  • Have you tried putting them in rice

  • Lol my xbox literally turns on then switches off whenever i play a game

  • Question is how many can you sell?

  • That hard drive noise is because of a stuck reader head. You can't fix it unless you have really expansive precision tools (Been there, done that, tried to fix an EXT hard drive with tools in my garage, I ended up busting it even worse)

  • NOPE

  • 12:49 why squiggle that will cause air bubbles a small pea size in the very middle so even coverage

  • Wow really. I have my PS3 and it's working just fine. This is why I do not buy extra insurance for my PS4 waste of mony because they don't break down .

  • I really like what you are doinig. To be honest i like it so much that i want to get started into electronics. My problem is i don't know where to start. Can you give some advice for electronics beginner on how to get on the right path? Edit: I don't want to do it to earn money with it. I just want to have fun with it.

  • Your thumbnail makes you look like hide the pain Harold

  • I fixed a overheating ps2 slim by putting a bag of ice on it.

  • that smile on thumbnail, reminded me the old dude dying inside meme

  • Each of his fixed Xbox's get's a 30 minute warranty. You can pay extra for the extended 60 minute warranty.

  • Microsoft wants to know your location..

  • How about... Does it turn on!!!

  • Anyone get the chill when he’s scrapping the board on the first Xbox

    • The person he sold it too doesn't know why their house burned down.

  • Cheers m8, but i just poured booze all over mine.

  • Put it in rice

  • By far the worst method I have ever seen thermal paste applied by.

    • @TronicsFix I kinda feel the same about the thermal paste, usually on processors for a pc you don't cover half of it with the thermal paste.

    • I always use the perfect method and the perfect amount of paste 😉

  • on and straight of its over heating put know heat paist on the cpu/gpu under heat sink

  • 5 million views LOOOL and i want to watch more x)D)D)D)D

  • I wanna remove my xbox covers now i think it looks badass with the metal

  • at 20:03 it changed to 69% right as it cut

  • Love your live trouble shoot and fix style...

  • PLOT TWIST! The xbox is repairing you

  • Try checking the CPU on the Xbox

  • should have just drilled the hole and got rid of the short

  • And helicopter!!!

  • Is this like an asmr?

  • TronicsFix Published on May 17, 2019 Dude were you a dentist? where is your Dremel ? 10 seconds and your done finding the problem, You need the correct tools or you ill be doing this next year. lol

  • Interesting way of fixing hmm

  • Gamestop would literally only give you a lottery ticket, knowing that you would still loose on the lottery, for the 18 XBOX devices...

  • Hello. I like your video! What do i look at when my son’s xbox 1s sometimes when you hit the on button, it sometimes does not light up and other times when you press the on button, it lights up then after a few seconds shuts off? I have it apart and I’d like to take a look inside. I think it’s the fan but I don’t have it apart fully to test.

  • I thought he was gonna repair them and then return them to the previous owner and be like “hey you don’t have to get a new one, I fixed it for you~”

  • who cares they are xboxes?

  • interesting useage of a dental scaler, is that a Gracey 1/2 or a Gracey 5/6? ? haha @ 5:03

    • TronicsFix WOW I’m proud of you you’re checking the comments in a 4 month old video still! Good job :D Edit: By the way I love your vids (:

    • Ha, ha...no idea...but it works great!

  • Do you sale these?



  • I have always struggled getting my head around electrics, can anybody educate me on what "shorting" is exactly?

    • That's when the current (electricity) goes to ground when it's not supposed to. When it does that a lot of current goes through the circuit at once which causes a large spark and/or a lot of heat.

  • Take a shot for every time he says ‘problem’