I Bought a $3,000 Repossessed Honda Truck from Salvage Auction. HALF OFF RETAIL!

Ajoutée 1 mai 2019
If you're ever buying a car or truck from salvage auction, be sure to research it on AutoAuctions FIRST: bit.ly/2PHa6Fk
I bought a Clean Title Honda Ridgeline from the Salvage Auction Really Cheap. But what's the catch???
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  • Didn’t even know Honda made trucks that truck is irrelevant

  • It’s just a Chevy avalanche that decided it was gay

  • Noo give it back

  • Never use the word truck for a van with a bed. Insult to the truck community

  • I bought my 07 Outback XT sight unseen from Copart Denver that was hit high center. No frame damage. A $250 JDM nose cut and I was able to replace the entire core support. I bought it for $1100 plus $600 shipping to AZ. I'm into it for around $2500 on a car worth about $8000.

  • Cheap and reliable doesn't go together...at all.

  • You should try to get a Tesla model X model S or model three or roadster

  • You've caught the "car youtuber" curse You become addicted to buying cars and end up with more cars than space to put them

  • Get A CHEVY 2500 1998

  • Lots of Range Rovers I didn't think that there would be so many.

  • I can't understand how headliners get so dirty. Like WTF are you doing. I never touch the headliners in any of my vehicles. I just don't get it.

  • im suprised you dont have snapon or matco jump box

  • too much for salvage. got 2006 Ridgeline 160k non salvage $3500. and be weary the Ridgeline have major problems in cylinder 4 dropping and tearing up engine. make sure get checked out professionally before buying, why it's not good idea to buy from auctions.

  • I was wondering how I can waste my already short life with a million more mind consuming riddles.

  • I'd take that taxi

    • sad people leave their crap in their car like that

  • NEVER BUY a rusty car ... they have NO value

  • "checks oil while the engine is running"

  • Back 50 years ago I had an Older Friend that Sold Used cars, he got them from everywhere, over the course of his selling years, he acquired several vehicles that people had died in or committed Suicide in. I remember one guy that bought the suicide car and found out later the History of the car and made my friend take the car back in which a fist fight almost occurred. I would always think about this when buying a Used car. One friend of mine always said that his car was Haunted, strange things would happen with the lights and radio....

  • how did you drive it home from the auction? don't you need insurance and tags?

    • Trip permit, most likely. My local auction issues them.

  • Go get a 2001 Pontiac Trans Am Ws6 n fix it plz

  • Gay mans elcamino

  • That’s not a truck cowboy

  • Be honest this first time looking honda truck

  • North America are popular using truck even non north American maker try build truck for them. Include honda. And it so bad

  • He keeps calling it a Honda it’s not it’s a GMC

  • I dont think you should get any range rover and the red one probably has alot off wasted money in it to get that far

  • You should put a Hellcat motor in it.

  • Honda automatic transmissions are shit

  • Doug,the type of guy... Oh wait wrong channel

  • Suuuper good deal man. But don’t check the oil like that!! 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • you life in America, buy american car, no this japans cars in America, i like Chevrolet Silverado, Dodge, Ford, this real american cars.

  • Are there any other cool online auction sites for cars like Copart?

  • All those poor flies need adopted :(


  • How bad can it be... really dude

  • Need a truck...so you got a Honda... Sam, Sam, dude, dude

  • clean titles at copart thinking about buying the 2018 f150 platinum for sale with rear end damage in olando. tall me what you think???

  • Lol just had my ridgeline stolen got it back love my Cummins but these hondas last 200k run great just make sure you di the timing belt

  • love the vagline lol i had a 2007 RTL and put a borla cat back system on it and got 345.000 mile on it before some tool hit me

  • whats that color? Plum crazy purple?

  • *checks engine oil while car is running* XD

  • Moral of the story, buy a Camry.

  • The gayest video ever

  • That's no truck.

  • Please quit calling that truck.. it’s not a truck. Is an SUV with a micro bed. They have hooks on the back the seat for your purse..

  • It's NOT a truck, its an SUV with a birth defect.

  • Always hated those ridgelines

  • How do you like the truck? I just picked one of these up myself. 2006 Ridgeline 175k miles. Not a spot of rust, runs and drives great. Body has some wear and tear, interior is rough, headliner fell, front seats torn. Paid $4,500. Doing all fluids now and replacing a steering pump along with timing belt service along with it in the near future. Hoping to get 300k miles (or more) out of it like I have seen some have. Or keep it for a few years and sell it for 6k. Here’s hoping 🤞

  • Repoed is just about as great as a certified used vehicle or raw used vehicle.

  • maybe I should go aftrer a repo buy because holy shit buying used cars from owners sucks. had to spend 2.5k just to get it street legal. glad im a bit less ignorant now about car purchases lol.

  • Honda = worst truck to tow.... (RAM, FORD and SILVERADO)

  • whoever owned that thing before must of been a very, very top-notch, high quality "pos" wow but the Honda is very decent once cleaned up, etc I imagine :) $3k nice score.

  • How you can go to Copart pick up your vehicle and drive off with with it? They specificly say they do not allow that! you have to haul it away.

    • I think you are if it is high enough quality and tested to be road worthy.

  • Ha! Bad tires? Elvis is in the room. Shake shake.

  • The high mileage cars show that if properly maintained a car will last. The Range Rover with 211,000 miles? 200,000 of that was being towed miles..hahahaha.

  • what is the auction site he used

  • Surprised the 6.4 hadn’t already grenaded itself.

  • Bonus time is such BS, I sure the auctioneer is bidding to get extra money from it.

  • Honda.... Not a truck, just an SUV with a bed. Ridgeline is not designed to pull much at all.

  • Thumbs up for the chickens 🐔🐓🤣