I Bought a $3,000 Repossessed Honda Truck from Salvage Auction. HALF OFF RETAIL!

Ajoutée 1 mai 2019
If you're ever buying a car or truck from salvage auction, be sure to research it on AutoAuctions FIRST: bit.ly/2PHa6Fk
I bought a Clean Title Honda Ridgeline from the Salvage Auction Really Cheap. But what's the catch???
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  • The ridge line is the worst truck i mean car because it’s a civic with a bed that is crap and never buy them because they are just road cars not a truck

  • I drove my friends ridgeline and I LOVE IT

  • I have too many sports cars? I believe you almost broke the internet with that statement.

  • Neds reliable car Buys car sight unseen

  • That's not a truck...

  • around Orlando or your city

  • Your like me looking for car :P

  • brave driving it at 80mph without knowing if anything is wrong

  • Song at 6:00 ?

  • Bought this same car for $26,000

  • Like how his next video post is about how much worse his buying decisions were with this car lol. There's a reason they come in cheap

  • Look at that rusty fucking thing, No shit you went for the Honda, a better deal any day

  • You'll want to see if that factory rad has been replaced yet, otherwise you risk the Strawberry Milkshake of Death

  • I have a Camry and now I feel better about it lasting to at least 200k. That one car lasted to 490k!

  • 5:52 those revs are just surging though, somethings not happy in the tranny.


  • “Does it run well?” *starts car* *car immediately shuts off* “It does not run well?”

  • omg get the f250 please

  • I can’t believe you bought a Honda truck oh my God yeah I bet your boyfriends gonna be giving you anal tonight

  • Honda makes great vehicles, however, I’ve heard Ridgelines are all garbage

  • Welcome to my home Sam

  • vteeec

  • I think it was a decent deal for 3k and seems like minor repairs, too bad the interior wasn’t a little better.

  • I owned 2006 Honda Ridgeline. Due to 15 or 16 miles per gallon, I got rid of it when gas got over $4.00 per gallon. The guy who bought it from me still uses it to tow his boat today. He has never had a problem with it.

  • How long do cars last? Mileage wise

  • What kind of jumper box is that?

  • you checked oil on running engine and assume all is good ???? .......... am i missing something?

  • 16:55 Semen stains???

  • 15:26 Grooved rotors don't shake rattle and roll.....Warped disks do......(well ok maybe perpendicular grooves ......)

  • Oh yeah....let's check the oil on a running car.(or a car that just ran) Thast makes sense.......

  • This video makes me want to watch online car auctions lol

  • Anyone else noticed at 5:12 he accidentally clicked bid on the second car for 2k? :P

  • From the side it looks like a sedan on steroids

  • You should have bought a Toyota Tacoma , fixe it and get rid of it fast , or you want to make a video about Honda automatic transmission.

  • on the older ridge lines you should check for SMOD (strawberry mixture of death). It is more prevalent in cars on the coast and up north. There are 2 steel bolts leading into the radiator that will rust and rupture the cooling lines causing the transmission fluid to mix with the engine cooling fluid.

  • I live in one of those cities

  • I have had two ridgelines. I really love the truck. It’s not a truck for a contractor but they are good daily drivers for a guy who needs a truck from time to time.

  • No u can get a gmc/Chevy from the 90s for 1,200-3,000

  • Cummins

  • all these dudes with unreliable trucks love to get off on talking down the ridgeline

  • IDK if truck is safe looks like ur brake lines are bleeding chickens

  • I wish he would of started the 491k mileage car

  • Thats not really a truck, its a funny shaped mini van

  • Samcrac, the Honda ridgeline isn't a pickup truck!

  • *I have this same exact truck and color. You can see it in my latest video.*

  • That is actually one of my favorite trucks I wish I could have one

  • Awesome deal, cant go Wrong with honda

  • i had a rental camry and it made terrible trans noises at 50k. and these fuckers got 450k like its nothing. WTF

  • not a truck

  • Do you still have the truck with you?