Meet the Garcia Family! | Going Garcia w/ Karina Garcia EP 1

Ajoutée 17 nov. 2019
Follow FR-tv's craft queen, Karina Garcia and her larger than life family, as they come together to work and play all under one roof. 🎉 Welcome to Casa de Garcia! Karina gives a tour of her 8,000-square-foot mansion to a professional organizer who's tasked to help organize the home, but not before Karina's cousin Peter, and her brother Luis make a TOTAL MESS of the place. 😬
My family styled my photoshoot and it was a DISASTER | Going Garcia w/ Karina Garcia EP 2 -
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  • YA'LL! What do you think of episode 1 of GOING GARCIA?! They are sending meeee 😂😂 Stay tuned EVERY SUNDAY for NEW EPISODES!!!!

  • At 16:04 when they threw chubs on the trampoline it got me dead🤣🤣🤣💀💀

  • Y'all are literally like the mexican kardashians y'all need a tv show like if u agree ⬇️

  • 1:05 omg lol

  • Love this!! My family steals chargers!! 😑😑😑

  • My last name is Garcia too.

  • I don’t under stand why she or whoever made the video had to say “mansion” just to flex.

  • Me literally watching this at 1:00 am and binge watching cause this is TEA HONEY! 😅😅😅

  • 16:02 I cried


  • is there any way to just subscribe to going garcia.... not really into anything else on this channel

  • Karina: Is that your toothbrush? I hope that’s your toothbrush Chubbs: *Comes in and starts scrubbing his teeth in front of her*

  • her little sister Jasmin has the same name as me, even spelt the same!

  • Boundaries NEED TO BE SET ASAP! La verdad no creo que sea una buena idea tener a toooda la familia extendida viviendo en el mismo techo.. Karina y Mayra le pudieron ver comprado una casa a sus padres.. y cada quien vivir en sus propias casas pero ps así lo decidieron... se les respeta! Pero por experiencia propia no es buena idea vivir con la familia, i think that in my case things didn't work out because my husband and I needed our own privacy... there would be days where I didn't feel like cleaning and they would get mad at me for not cleaning when they felt like cleaning .. VICE VERSA!! 😌 it's frustrating!! But at that time we didn't have no other choice teníamos que aguantar Bc we weren't ready ($) to move out on our own... ahora ya tenemos casi 3 yrs living on our own and let me tell you it's the best feeling ever!😇 ♥️💯🙌🏼 hope Karina and Mayra find a solution for all of the chaos!!! 🙏🏼 I definitely think that by setting boundaries some of the chaos is going to disappear slowly.. wish them nothing but the best!!♥️😇🙌🏼🙏🏼😎

  • Mayra is thiccc

  • They need their own show on Universo like The Riveras and Larrymania

  • No one: Really no one: Peter: JUMP IN THE TRASH😂

  • Aww her family is so sweeeeet I love it💕💕💕

  • Rosanna Pansino is SHOOK when they start baking.

  • wait i actually like this 😂 feels like i’m watching the rivera’s 😂

  • For like a second I thought karina was related to James Charles

  • I have a family of 11 and we live in a tiny condo😂

  • Aguascalientes 🇲🇽❤️

  • 16:03 was funny when someone threw that lil kid 😭😭😭

  • Is no one going to talk about how Luis yeeted Chubs across the trampoline? 16:04

  • 16:03 lmao I love how the kid was thrown

  • Why are they venting to the decorator ... She's like WTF

  • I do house cleaning! Contact me I can help 😪😁

  • Hi

  • 1:03-1:05 WHERES THAT?????

  • Bunch of nacos w money lmao


  • Karinas dad died?

  • No one is gonna talk about how in 9:55 mayra sounds completely different

  • I love how they have like a little ranch i in their house ❤️

  • Iwish the episodes were longer!! Love watching you guys!

  • *Me trying to find a charger at 15 percent while watching a charger* Luis: the biggest problem in the house is trying to find a charger. Me:😶 😂

  • I love this 🤩😍

  • Who would unlike this? Dang y’all sour lemones!

  • Omg I’m crying a minute into this video!!