I built a GIANT MEATBALL in Minecraft (emotional) - Part 16

Ajoutée 18 juil. 2019
We build redstone epicly in minecraft
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  • dinnerbone_ at 15:44 , to the right of the boat

  • Joergen = your gone

  • where is the iron golems??

  • i love water sheep and joergen1 and 2 and 3 every one but council of beetroot and kill council of beetroot

  • Pewdiepie: Sven dont ride it, it might brake. 2 minutes later What if sven rides it.

  • instead of bone joergen... "bjorgen"

  • This is now how u count One Two Three Four SVEN!!!

  • Did anyone else see dinnerbone at 15:43 to the right side of his boat like so dinnerbone can return

  • is that dinnerbone seen in 15:43 underwater?

  • The wither just killed me and blew up everything I owned

  • 15:44 look slightly to right from Sven's tail and then down a little - dinnerbone! - Haven't watched the other episodes so sorry if you already found him.

  • I'm watching the series over now, and I realise how Felix becomes more of a psychopath after every death, starting with joërgen 1. 🤔

  • don't say GOD and JESUS holy name in vain love them and praise them

  • Water cow? Or boat cow CHOOSE ONE

  • Rip water scheep 😭😭😆😭

  • Chicken sheep....cut one head off....another grows.......

  • Bruh just use soul sand and water

  • *cow comes* Pewdiepie:WHY ARE U HERE? *kills cow* *sheep comes* Pewdiepie:u shall live

  • Build a giant water sheep

  • Hey your meatball had been destroyed by Liam

  • #ripwathersheep

  • That preface about giant Meat all was strong!!!

  • The water sheeps ritual gone piglins or pigmens lol

  • One, two, three, four, Sven?

  • Pewds he was unique. And its your own fault for killing him

  • Counting with Felix 1234 SVEN

  • 14:31 dont kid with us. Dont give us false hope.

  • Does he have a speech impediment or an accent I can’t tell.

  • “Äll handicappted by one Scandinavian svëde”

  • when i tell you i cried when he found jeorgen

  • I found him at 15:43 he is in between the bottom right and middle of PewDiePie's screen

  • nobody: pewdiepie: 11:22

  • "isn't that right chicken?" *quacks*

  • Why couldn’t you say Friendship loyalty honesty and magic That would be good

  • you can make an elevator by putting water at the top and let it drip down. then go inside it from the bottom and hold down the jump button and you will go up!!! i know i an a ledg!! yeet!! and i oopp

  • How did he just find joergen wtf so lucky

  • sven is a problem child

  • Which song is it from 7:26?

  • what is the song at 12:10 ???

  • Why am i crying?

  • you's sand soul

  • I was crying while watching your video 😭😭😭😭

  • Sry autocorrect

  • Btw I saw bone joker Jen in the ocean

  • Infinite built a bigger meatball than you

  • I was crying when the sad music played for water sheep! 😢😢😢

  • Bone Joergen is dead first Joergen?

  • Water Drinking Potion? 13:25

  • 12:49 I may have been partially responsible for what happened to water sheep. "Partially" Um... kills each one of them...

  • i dont have sticky pee pee poo poo * from pewdiepie *

  • where is turtle

  • i may have been partially responisble PARTIALLY?!

  • When you made the memorial for Water Sheep, you should have tried to name a new sheep Jeb to make its wool changing colors, THEN sheer it’s wool and see if the wool in the item frame would be changing colors.

  • What Music At 9:01?

  • I knew that giant potato thumbnail looked similar.

  • Did anyone see a black Sven

  • im late and all but u can see dinnerbone at 15:44 - 15:45

  • Awsome pewdiepie

  • Bà tân vê lốc Cái cháu ơi cháu pewdiapai cùa bà làm cho bà thịt viên siêu to khổng lồ Ngon lắm các cháu ạ

  • did sven turn black for like 2.5 seconds? 4:53