I finished Dark Souls with 0 Deaths (No Cheat)

Ajoutée 6 juil. 2019
Full Dark souls Gameplay cheat hack game
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  • I took a day off so didnt have time to rec Minecraft. Will be up tomorrow gamers

  • Legend has it... Gaming Week is yet to end...

  • Dies by leaves the death count at zero

  • Dear Pew, Congratulations on your wedding! Also I fear for my loyalty to the channel. After this video I feel super conflicted, I like you and your channel but you've disgraced yourself with this video. You've died and your death count has not risen? These are lies you feed us. Farewell *bro fist*

  • filthy casul, uses phantoms to beat bosses

  • This chad playing darksouls

  • I don't play this game. But damn, that Black Knight Halberd is so freaking OP.

  • Plin Plin Plon ;ccccccccc

  • 7:03 no Death Sherlock ? Well Played joke a another Guy Disslike

  • ok so I actually had no trouble and thoroughly enjoyed blighttown. any1 else? my least fav area whole game tho is probably anor londo archers (its an area) and catacombs/tomb of giants.

  • Felix screams are adorable lel


  • Whats with the dmg he does in ornstein and smough ? He overleveled or sm ?

  • All these 9 y/os out here wanting more Minecraft when the OG Bengt was a clam in Crystal Cave in DS1.

  • Lylat wars music OK pewds nice

  • whatq with the title/description

  • Did he really go deprived?

  • he died

  • What is the name of that anime wee song??

  • is there a full version?

  • What’s the name of the song that plays when he fights the bed of chaos

  • it's been months and i tried eating and rewatching this but i could NOT stop laughninggg

  • He, he he-e-e hee kii killed Siegward, dislike and unsubscribe )-;

  • L I A R

  • i want him to fight with pontiff sulyvahn that would be so fun

  • It really annoys me that people disliked it just because it wasn’t a minecraft vidéo he obviously put a lot of work into it and it’s nice to see him play a different game he enjoys Like he literally squeezed Dark souls 1 into a 16 minute video without making it a mess

  • "Gaming week over"

  • Moonlightbutter dosen´t fly

  • 10:38 that was svens boyfriend

  • “I’m a Sweden dipped in meatball.” -Pewdiepie

  • Death 0 time Dies 100 time XD

  • Fatrolls still hurt to this day

  • Part 2?

  • Great video

  • Bruh if you're gonna censor your f-bombs, censor them FULLY, and censor all your other curse words too

  • ... so no comments about the fact that he got hacked or...?

  • you have started souls series, now u must do demons souls, dark souls 2 and 3, Bloodborne and SEKIRO Shadows Die Twice (Including the DLC's)


  • Vietnam

  • Congratulation for your game skills


  • Literally died more times than I’ve died in my entire souls career in this video

  • Really thought you were gonna die to capra demon

  • Dark souls is 10000000000x millions times better than minecraft

  • Dark souls 3 is harder than 1 because boss have faster attacks

  • Pewdiepies dark souls series is honestly my favourite on his channel so to see this get so many dislikes by toxic minecraft players hurts :/

  • why you die but you not recording it

  • very easy game my for

  • very easy game my for

  • very easy game my for

  • Sooo anybody wanna talk about how he still didn't do the DLC 👽

    • and the remaining 50% of the game.

  • Taci pagliaccio chi ci dice che e vero

  • If PewDiePie can beat it so can I

  • You played this before how yall act like you never played this

  • How can he use the night helberd with 24 strengh if it is becesary to have 32?

  • When he beats Gwyn without parrying

  • 0:02 I really needa' know what meme this is..

  • I can't believe he killed Onion bro! 😱

  • You normies probably don't even like Dark Souls. 😒

  • Noooooo why you kill sigmayer;__;