I found a DOG in Minecraft!!! - Part 7

Ajoutée 2 juil. 2019
We meet a new friend today in minecraft
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  • you s hould play on the minecraft Performium Server

  • When Sven didn’t exest so Pewds was screwed

  • Felix: I am pro gamer Also Felix: *calls a gold sword diamond*

  • this is the house where everything starts to change.......

  • Why u be mean to jeb_ A.K.A watersheep

  • if you want to change in day press t then write time set0

  • stone guy protects the village

  • Put a carpet on the fence and you can get on the cow farm

  • Я одна руская

  • 24:18

  • pews im a pro also pews i can kill him for his dimind sorwd its gold

  • And so. A hero is born.

  • 12:40 isn’t that the place where Sven got trapped or am I just dumb

  • What was he calling a wizard at 6:47?? A pillager?? Coz I didn't see anything except zombies and creeper

  • 24:22 and then a legend was born

  • Sorry to be rude but they just spawned all of them out from thin air

  • when he said "look at this dude" (4:36) i hollered... he sounded just like the guy that said it

  • R.I.P

  • You idiot dropped the god damm trident

  • 28:42 this is legit the first time he’s said water sheep

  • Pew die pie : builds random house in middle of nowhere little did he know that this is where feige became a god

  • Im re-watching the series and I am so happy by how Felix got better over the years

  • Do u want to breath under water? Get one turtle shell and wear it... Infinite oxygeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnn

  • He should have written "Joergen II."

  • Fekix gonna be on Minecon now.

  • Felix: i've been playing for two hours . *The video: **29:00**.*

  • It all started on 21:26.

  • 23:31 and thus, a legend was born

  • Pewds: saves village from zombie invasion Villagers: does sex with cactus

  • And Sven was born

  • The animal that won't die

  • Nobody gonna talk about Sven? Just me? Ok

  • 6:14 so no wone is gonna talk about the creeper that save PewDiePie from zombies I guess creeper don't deserve Respec for ever

  • Sven dies later in the series

    • bob Didn't realise

    • @Logan Eric yes he does

    • Redfoot No he doesnt

  • 17:33

  • R.I.P. Sven

  • Felix : *If Sven Dies....This Series End* Also Felix : *Kills His All Pets*

  • Sven was met here, and he has died here. R.I.P. SVEN

  • Does pewds not know how to make bread, he just leaving his wheat lying around


  • Back from when Felix literally blew Sven up

  • Plis gadaj po polsku

  • SVEEEEN 😍😍😍

  • Press f to pay respect for Sven

  • 24:23 the most legendary moment

  • Felix: this situation is getting out of hand Feeds them more wheat🤦‍♀️

  • RIP sven

  • You bully water sheep :(

  • Rip Sven

  • *Cough cough* noob *Cough cough*

    • why are you commenting noob on a old video

  • Pewdiepie: Far from home

  • Rip Sven 2019


  • R.I.P Sven July 2019 - October 2019 ''Killed by council of beetroot''

    • GamerDude Galaxy Don’t spoil man even tho I already watched it

  • "I think this situation is getting a little out of hand" *Still keeps breeding the animals*

  • And this is how the epic adventure begins

  • 11:27 FR-tv: tImE tO DeMoNiTiSe

  • 21:26... where it all began...

  • you can put the horse in the two Lamas on one leash

  • Umm I think you missed a ship 11:53