I found a Nether Castle in Minecraft! - Part 12

Ajoutée 10 juil. 2019
I found very cool looking fortress minecraft epicly
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  • That Enchanting table needs four more (or six more) book cases! Why has he not enchanted a diamond pickaxe with Fortune one or two? (Forgot if it goes higher) to get more diamonds? Why has he not crafted a diamond sword and enchanted it? Damn you Felix!

  • Dud wtf is that sound

  • Never frorchrs

  • where are the 2 iron golems?

  • its almost like he wanted that pigman to fall in the lava

  • lmao speed potion is literally just sugar water

  • Why the Hell you hate water sheep so much? He is so innocent...

  • ضيلسطاات

  • يداييسزيسظشسبذفثتووزب

  • Please leave water sheep she is innocent

  • Spider: **starts crawling** Me: 13:42

  • 30:18 "It's okay, it's okay, its okay, it's okay, its okay" Me: HERE COMES A THOUGHT THAT MIGHT ALARM ME

  • 5:44 Here lies the Gaelic Gladiator of Legend, Jack. Be grateful you did not share the same fate as him.

  • pewds saying yeb annoyos ,me

  • Rip mic

  • Swedish man invents dynamite 1982

  • aparently if u find alot of pigmen at one time and try to kill one u get an acheivement

  • You know shulker box is a backpack right?

  • 18:43 pewds dog sneezes* SVEN BE CAREFULLLL

  • 9:19 it gave me anxiety when he went down the stairs and fell without looking

  • 9:19 it gave me anxiety when he went down the stairs and fell without looking

  • Jeb Jeb Jeb Jeb Jeb Jeb Jeb Jeb iiiiiiiiiiiiii I l I l iiiiiiiiiiiiii Jeb Jeb Jeb Jeb Jeb Jeb Jeb Jeb Jeb

  • He is literally searching for a sea turtle in a valley BIIIIIG BRAAAAAIN

  • Pews mic : sksksksksksksksk

  • Did he go back because he forgot glass? In a Freakin DESERT?

  • Pigman can not die in lava

  • Am I tripping or just the theme at 9:36 sound like the Danny Phantom theme song?

  • Pewdiepie says he is crazy for making two pickaxes me makes five pickaxes

  • F video quality

  • 23:35 *You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become a villain*

  • Hi felix

  • Plzz make fortune pickaxe

  • Felix: “why did no one tell me about the nether?” Felix 10mins before:”so you guys have been telling me about the nether”


  • 18:10

  • Who’s Felix

  • I actually thought my headphones were breaking.

  • 13:43

  • Poop

  • Cooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  • Well you obviously havent seen efficiency 5 haste two 😂

  • Try shear the rainbow sheep

  • Felix push the pigman in the lava he think it dies

  • 0:00

  • Pewds: *references Tobuscus* Me: brb I'm gonna go cry Somewhere in an alternate universe Tobes is still one of the top FR-tvrs, and him and pewds are doing Minecraft crossovers. Seriously I'm like 99% sure pewds was a Tobuscus fan, he references Toby every now and then, and I think that's beautiful.

  • You have so much diamonds yet you still have iron armour lol

  • Anyone mad he didn’t grab the satyle

  • Anyone mad he didn’t grab the sattle

  • A shulker box is technically a backpack

  • I get g fuel ad and here is me thinking it isn't a actual ad, but no I am big dumb and just got a pewds ad before watching pewds

  • why you don't like jeb? he is so cool

  • It’s so funny watching Felix just over joyed by a shovel!! 🤣🤣

  • 0:41 Sven should really get out of the Butt!

  • PewDiePie: i wanna eat them>:) Me:ok but look out they look they tast like hot chillie

  • Felix's mic: horse racing


  • "It scares me dude, because like, I don't know what I'm scared of" Me and everyone with anxiety disorder: "First time?"

  • noone: ABSOLUTELY NOONE: Felix: Ya put walls in ya house? Dummy-dum.

  • Felix: cArEfuL, PiG! dOn'T fAlL dOwN Also Felix: *continues to push him off the bridge*

  • 10:03 I miss toby