I found AMAZING loot from FISHING in Minecraft! - Part 23

Ajoutée 2 août 2019
I fish in minecraft very epicly
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  • At this point how many fathers does PewDiePie have

  • §0.0 me when I wake up

  • Pewds:" my pig army" The pig army: -snores-

  • 10:45 R.i.p Rolph F to pay respects

  • 15:10 that's diamond or no?

  • this video series has been the best content ive seen on youtube in years. its like x-mas, dude.

  • Pewds: I have a record of safeness Also - Ikea bird and rolf die in the same ep...

  • Pewdiepie: makes enchanted swords Also Pewdiepie: Why are there so many pigs Pewdiepie: continues feeding them

  • You know there is a zombie horse right?

  • Pew die pie:diamonds I got 18 Brain:now realizing that diamonds for joergen

  • 14:31 “Now we gotta go to the jungle and spread some diseases” Christopher Columbus be like ☝🏻

  • What ever sort of table is near by the villager will take up that profession so if theres a barrel near by it will tutn into a fisherman so thats probably why there getting random jobs

  • Mallll pewdiepe


  • This thing u must do, make afk fishing farm: how to do: search on browser

  • Everyone pewdiepie loves dies This is actually getting sad

  • one like=pray for Ikea bird

  • Пюдипай знаеш существует боби1545 и он может зайти куда угодно даже на оденочную игру если ево забанить не чево не получеца если встретиш не бей

  • 7:53 *Sadism Intensifies*

  • If you use suger while taming a horse it gets faster

  • Pewds made fishing very intense at first-

  • 16:52 Felix: not the black one I legit want to know if he made that comment on purpose with it being a joke and if so I laughed or if he made that comment not on purpose but either way I still laughed

  • Ok I'm still confused did PeePeePooPoo #2 die..?

  • 16:51 turn on captions


  • Pewds, don't be Rolf's friend! Don't you understand you're friendship is a death sentence?! 😫 RIP lil squish, we hardly knew ya.😔🙏

  • Press F to respect for ikea bird and rof

  • PewDiePie I have a tip for you: If you destroy the thing that turns the villagers into librarians and place it back down, the enchanted book changes.

  • "Infinity. STOP TRADING ME GARBAGE." Pewds. I think you need another lesson.

  • 3:52

  • This is how many times Pewds said ‘’ He was like a father to me! ‘’ 👇

  • i love how pewds is always like epic epic epic to evrything its so funny

  • Pigman can survive lava

  • At 16:00 the hole in the flor outside the room with the sick villager has a "7" shape, and at 16:03 when he exita the room, it has an "L" shape, so it's backwards, meaning the villager is actually in the room infront of the one pewds is in D:

  • They don't freack because you watching

  • I didn't cry when Ikea bird died I DIDNT!

  • I need java but I play on xbox

  • facebook.com/JuanF.Muriente/

  • "That's as bad as Sven dying, witch will NEVER HAPPEN!" 2 Months later, Sven dies.

  • he killed Ikea bird but killed everyone you had

  • Mine had lure 1 but I was all NOPE and got luck of the sea 3 AND mending

  • He saved the turtles..?

  • you need name tag to disrespawn zombie villager

  • 8:22 I’m not even going to ask had me dying 😂😂

  • you know.you can use leads on boats right?

  • Pewdiepie dies Pewdiepie: i was like a father to me

  • 11:46,imangin accidentally hitting one of them, and they all just come at you lol

  • Sksksk save the turtles non visco skeleton

  • I can read your hat suka blat

  • I can rad your hat suk blaht

  • Boys gonna frick Pewdiepie 2019

  • Why isn’t he using the Pewdiepack?

  • As i expected slime died


  • 1 like=1 life for Ralf

  • He calls all of his pets his father

  • like=you are amazed with good minecrft players reply=if you are not as amazed with good minecraft players

  • where is svens little coat?

  • 8:08 sounds like a line out of Air Force One

  • Lazarbeam is better at Minecraft than u are 💩 at it