I found an EPIC treassure in Minecraft - Part 6

Ajoutée 1 juil. 2019
epic minecraft mining treassure maps burried epicly
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  • 12:37 is Chewbacca dying?

  • Skap

  • Sou br


  • Что?)

  • this moron makes me smile when im raging mad. that's epic.

  • Bro ur subtitles editor is the mvp

  • It’s EPIC

  • What about Gucci pants

  • / / /\

  • Like Dimens on the sky

  • U r awesome

  • Pls call of duty khelo

  • Why don't you make a vid where you pole dance in minecraft

  • Why do you use indonesian language ??

  • Does anyone notice the title says "treassure" instead of treasure 😂

  • Your so trash

  • I’ve been playing longer than Pewds... yet within the 6th part he has done what takes me like a full month of solid Minecraft

  • HA Ha Ha 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 🤤

  • Wait the poppy’s haven’t despawned

  • felix follow the dolphin cause it will lead you the way to the treasure

  • So fun in your videos 😍

  • To activate a powered rail use a red stone torch

  • felix speaks excellent Japanese i shouldnt be surprised at this point

  • all the dislikes are the baby zombies family

  • Frick as much as u want

  • 6:00 the treasure map looks like Mexico

  • frogie thing.

  • T series get recked

  • Negative side effect of our mammalian ability to empathize and love/nurture is getting upset over virtual pets dying. Real shit though

  • Pewds created new biome: cow biome

  • Felix: I'm a pro gamer Also Pewds :Tries to save himself with water in the nether..

  • Man you should kill Herobrine.

  • You are the biggest minecraft bot in the world

  • You click baited me

  • I love Minecraft because of you!!!!! Also the simulator is amazing !

  • Hey why don't u try fortnite or pubg?

  • stupit will dig at the bottom of the treasure sign

  • Prediepie when you jump and attack a mob, it will get you more damage on it and will get you more of what it drops

  • Treassure

  • The word Epic is used so much 😂😭

  • You so Lucky


  • Is that santa clause, I don't have my glasses on

  • Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey ur great

  • Aku menemuka harta karun hehe this is so epic . Hmm are you luffy?

  • So far we have - Iron Golem = Stone Person Zombie Pigman = Pig Person Every horse in the game = yorgan’s friend Magma Cube = Demon Frog Ghast = I hate that noise Drowned = Shrek Pillager = Bad Guys Baby Zombie = Hype Beast

  • 9:34 10:45 Almost a minute apart! Bipolar Minecraft Horses am I right?

  • Pewdiepie: ther escaping

  • PewDiePie you get animal under UPS in

  • Sheep voice PewDiePie

  • One day those cows and sheep are ganna excape and never comeback

  • 00:27 GAME MODE? NO

  • Literally what are the chances he would find his nether portal from the treasure map omfg

  • Felix:I'm a pro gamer Also Felix:Call's the Husk "Sand Zombie"

  • T-series win lose pewdiepie

  • When I watch this series I get a nuke of joy

  • He kept the tree from ep 1

  • Who wants to subscribe to each other?

  • Who wants to subscribe to each other?