I FOUND an OCEAN TEMPLE in Minecraft! (epic) - Part 11

Ajoutée 9 juil. 2019
We raid an ocean temple in minecraft epicly
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  • I have Suggestion Sir Use Name Tag and Put (jeb_)

  • I'd it doesn't break your heart how much pewds loves his dead horse your a bumb head

  • Felix: I’m a Minecraft Veteran Also Felix: Uses map in nether.

  • The potion the thing put on you makes you not be able to break anything and if your poising get a bucket and milk a cow and drink it that will get rid of it please notice me please

  • Sven is friend with BOOOOAT COOOW!!!


  • you can ride horse on water

  • Poor watersheep😢

  • 15:30

  • Anyone noticed the Zombie, Skeleton and Witch fighting over whose boat it is ? 23:04

  • varfär så du snopely


  • What episode does Jack come in??

  • do dinnerbone in a name tag

  • Wait hes 12 but we all thought he was 9

  • Felix: I read the comments I'm not bad at Minecraft Comments:SkSkSkSkS AnD A OoP

  • He didnt get the sponge. Bruh

  • Felix if you see my comment can you give Sven an egg because it makes him stronger. Like to make sure he sees this so Sven can become stronger

  • He literally spent 10mins trying to find gold, and he used it for Joërgan #1... He may make mistakes, but he has a big heart!

  • How to travel over lava. Felix: cheerfully bounce. Sean: hold crouch the whole time and move at 1mph.

  • Why you hate rainbow Jeb he is amazing!

  • 10:05

  • When the horse water skied

  • gotta acknowledge felix trying to feed boat cow with some steak

  • venezolan@s, colombian@s, y ecuatorian@s cuando dijo rojo y esta en el orden de la bandera lmaooooo si eres de venezuela colombia o ecuador dale like y comenta de donde eres... yo soy de caracas, venezuela.. y tu?

  • 13:07

  • Anybody else already like bf he told them too

  • By the way you can bye sven collar to any color as well

  • Adult saying: they grow up so fast 12:56

  • 12:16 🇺🇦Ukraine?

  • 13:22 It's italian , not sweden . I know this because i'm Italian. Jeb ora resterà per sempre con la lana color arcobaleno....

  • I love water cow jeb jorgon and sven

  • Petion for more love to jeb

  • 2:08

  • Pewds: "My nethers suck; there's nothing here." Also Pewds: "I found a Nether Castle!" He's just some Fake News with a capital F... and also N.

  • The burning pillager base is the most satisfying thing i have sean Edit: 9:05, rip headphone users

  • Hey

  • No fire start on the Boden and upp to the ding

  • Hi brother 😎😎😎😎

  • PewDiePie before: Im a pro Gamer PewDiePie now: tries to give steak to a cow

  • Felix literally tried to feed boat cow with beef. 12:56

  • Pewdiepie :puts dors underwater and not dies Me: tries to put door in real life under water :DIES

  • I think he should get another Sven and have puppy Sven’s

  • Fight the elder guardian

  • Why’d I tear up at the end


  • Its jeb_ love you bro

  • Hello door

  • Felix: jeorgen you light up my word like....... Pewds directioners: AaAaAaAaaAa

  • *he is speaking the language of gods*

  • My older relatives when I grow 0.0000001 millimeters 13:47

  • name your sheep jeb_

  • The fireworks are also used to help u fly when u et ELYTRA

  • 19:10

  • 'ima door'

  • You pewdiepie said that you are literal bind you try to make a joke and you are now a idiot and I I'm bind

  • When Watersheep was alive 😢

  • Where did meatball go?

  • I was playing minecraft and I made a castle, I went to the bathroom in the castle to find a trader with llamas in my shower! I was so confused! 🤣😂

  • ja jag vill leva jag vill dö i norden