I got the World Record in Minecraft Mini Games (truth)

Ajoutée 23 août 2019
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  • タイトルなんで日本語???

  • LMFAOOO the Wold of Warships ad is using Pwds Style of advertising

  • So epic!

  • Brofist?

  • Я на тебя не подписан и не сабираюсь

  • It's funny when pewdiepie gets triggered

  • Good u got 101M subs pew!

  • last bachelor video

  • Pewdiepie: Sees ken with flag Me: I pledge allegiance to the flag...

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  • _____SMASH!!!!!_____LIKE!!!!!_____

  • You said Minecraft was stupid *the council will decide your fate*

  • Где русский

  • 17:35 how old are you again??😂

  • Цэ какой то пиздец

  • 20:52 °_°

  • 12:30 Is that the World of Warships music..?

  • when you running out of ideas

  • Pew: Ken i want to say something before the game start. Ken: What is it ??? Pew: 😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛

  • I love the fact that they laugh sooo hard when they play together

  • You know he got the world record as he added “truth” in brackets

  • 21:55 Nobody: Pewds: sksksks

  • Me : Mom can I go out with some friends? Mom : *_Well yes, but..._* Me : 22:22

  • i subscribed

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  • У русский знаешь ни фига ты а я кстати русский

  • hey bros, i made an 1 hour version with seamless cuts of pewdiepies blip blop song by party in backyard. if you wanna listen to beautiful music with a deeper message, check it out on my channel. have a good one!

  • Pewdiepie is a bad loser haha

  • The anecdote Felix brings up starting at (10:18) reminded me of the tale of how he broke his ass.

  • Başlık niye türkçe

  • Türküler burdamı

  • Really enjoyed this video! I laughed so hard 🤣

  • fr-tv.com/tv/vid%C3%A9o-OOr14WO9w1Y.html

  • Plz play on the big servers like hypixel and hive

  • this video was a mess wtf? 😂

  • Literally no one nobody: 11:00

  • Türkiye ❤️❤️ kardeşim neden video adı Türkçe he lan piç

  • Your the best at thissssssssss DEEZ NUTTS

  • Why ur videos so Long?? :(

  • 10:59 when my mom says go to bed

    • when everybody tells me to go to bed 20:46 18:52 18:30 17:33 10:59 then there like ok ok ok gosh 12:49 is me

    • 18:52 when my cousins say they want to play video games and my mom says give them the remote and my cousin taunts me

    • 18:30 when my dad says go to bed

    • when i playing with my friends and my sister says go to bed i unplug the mic and me and my friends tell her this out loud 17:33

    • 12:49 when my mom says i can stay up late

  • 'of course, you can't use your brain unless you have it in your hand'. omegalul

  • Nasıl türkçe yazıyorsun yazabiliyorsun yada

  • what's the background song at 22:33?

  • Pewds: wrecks Ken at start. Ken: he doesn't know it yet but I'm about end his whole career.

  • how my angry parents knock the door when im in trouble 20:05

  • Their collaboration is literally the best.

  • 7:47 rip headphone users

  • Başlığı niye Türkçe lan

  • Чувак ты на русском тоже умеешь писать?

  • The translators are still promoting them selves? Realy we need to stop this

  • 20:46 why does he sound like an angry donald duck

  • Nota so mutch

  • You pewdiepie you lose

  • 20:22 my favorite part lmao

  • You are the king of Minecraft and you tube water sheep💧💦🐑

  • hello *Read more*

  • Una criturita te viene a saludar de pare de el RUBIUS

  • It's like being back in first grade watching my brother and cousin playing on the PS1 all over again.

  • These are my favorite Minecraft eps