I Made A Giant 20-Pound Jiggly Cheesecake • Tasty

Ajoutée 15 juin 2019
JASMINE PAK - instagram.com/jasminepak/
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  • Literally a giant spoon on the wall and says he needs to us hands😐😕

  • I made your recipe and it tastes AWFUL, it is not sweet at all, it just tastes like egg

  • Watched until 12:10 am

  • Its more like a costco size jiggly cheesecake


  • "Six sticks of butter, so not a diet food." Alvin, is anything you make a diet food?

  • Don’t know if u did this but do a giant cake pop or lollipop. Ik this is pretty dumb but.. ya

  • can you make a BIGGEST 🌮

  • Am I going he only one that heard Alvin swear

  • Uuuewww...he put that mixed using his bare handdddd....grossssss... He cant use a glove or something? N then give it to the others to eat???? Ill pass!!! Cringed!!!

  • Alvin is the boy version of Rie

  • Alvin: “No cooking utensils large enough to fold in these egg whites” Giant spoon in background: am I a joke to you?

  • Can u make a giant mochi please 😁🙏

  • please make a giant tonkatsu!

  • I'd be sad if I ruined that beautifully shaped jiggly cheesecake 😓😂

  • wait why did you wix with your hands I would have just used the giant butterknife on the wall...

  • I watched this in times 2

  • 9:00 Omahgawd this is so fun already😂😂

  • You should make a giant cupcake

  • This might not be a food but can you make a giant cup of boba tea? Plz plz

  • Okay, I'm literally dying to have the same apron he has!!! Like I will not put on an apron while I bake or whatever, until I have the one he has!

  • 11:34 im not used to him cussing

  • Why are these people all Asian no racism tho

  • "yOU'RE A GOD" "ah thanks homie" *high fives*

  • You’re like, a god Aw thanks homie.

  • A Chinese and a Korean discussing on a western nihon cake using English

  • * Really hopes that the bakers in Japan don't get miffed about his attempt at stealing their recipe * 🤞

  • You want to see more Giant food? Check out Bà Tân Vlog channel from Vietnam. Thanksss

  • Please make a large pic of bbq

  • Damn, he's cute HAHAHA

  • Have you ever done a chicken pot pie..... Well a giant one?

  • 5:50 that was sooooo cute 🥺🥺

  • alvin at the grocery: *buys 78 eggs 66 butter* normal ppl: “he must be having a feast” alvin on youtube: sO TODAY I’M MAKING A GIANT CHEESECAKE

  • 8:17 He says there's not a large utensil to scoop it up Me:Looks at giant spoon at the backround

  • R.I.P. Alvin

  • Is becharay ki Gand Phati hui hai.

  • Cook whole piglet , bbq style

  • I’m in competitive swimming so yes that breaststroke is so true 😂

  • giant mochi ice cream

  • Niki has a wife

  • Best Buzzfeed series: (not ranked) -Unsolved -Worth it -Making it Big -Make it Fancy -100 Baby Challenge -In Control

  • 13:24 That laugh lol I love her!

  • B I G

  • if I where to request food id ask him to surprise me with either booza or kanafeh, and see if he can try and do that giant

  • 7:17 this one’s gettn’ shum sugar

  • the best thing about Tasty is the people that we see on the screen. they are so nice and funny!!

  • 4:34 *yeets egg shell*

  • Am i the only one who finds it cute when he says "whoo" after something tiring

  • Hi can we literally just analyze Alexis's face at 8:12? Like me too honestly

  • You steal the resapi