I slept in the Nether in Minecraft.. - Part 5

Ajoutée 29 juin 2019
Sleeping minecraft scaredness
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  • Pewdiepie has been through a great loss in this episode

  • what pewdiepie went through in this episode. Still made so much progress

  • Yes, thats a very great price

  • The 9 year olds did this! Why cold world!!!!😭

  • **uses redstone as carpet**

  • 10:54 lolll u totally knew what that was, u broke the ground, u knew it

  • hej - hello hi

  • times when pewds still talk nicely to water sheep

  • "Maybe he went though to the other side" hits every time :(

  • Who ever commented that Jöergen can fit trough the portal is a monster

  • Who ever said sleep in the neither not a true fan

  • Haha!


  • rip

  • Jöergen Rest in pieces *I actually cried.*

  • I cried so hard laughing omg

  • Rip 😢♥️

  • No one: Ilitraly no one: Not even undertale fangrils: Pewds:cAn YoU gO iN tHe BuCkEt??

  • btw i remember back in 2011-12 when i used to play minecraft the bed that goes boom in the nether was already there i believe (if memory serves me right) so why did he not know that?(might be he played even before that meh...)

  • If anyone wants to say something nice about Jorgen this is the time. RIP Jorgen

  • Wow what a way to go. That was the worst death.

  • Horses can swim!

  • the remorse i feel for this man

  • Í SEE that the icelandic text

  • The real topic of the episode at 4:52

  • In five minutes your stuff gone all gone nothing left all of it many know this right!

  • Press F to pay respects

  • too many kids watch pew to understand the melon thing. pew its not a good look to do that with a black enderman and a black horse.

  • f in the chat for Jöergen

  • urgeon will run away-

  • Jöregon is back. my cat then drops on my table

  • anyone else re-watching this series as a marathon? no, just me? okay

  • I mean sad

  • R.I.P Jörgen

  • ***Try's to break Sea Lantern with sword***

  • "Take me back to Netherland."

  • This was a good ep bro

  • R.I.P JÖERGEN 😑🙏

  • Pewds please stand on the middle square and dig.

  • Jöergen 1 7:37

  • Everyone when Felix threatened us to stop his MC series:😥

  • *When the veteran get trolled* : 5:12

  • nice troll guys. i mean the sleeping thing

  • That was a sand temple

  • Petition for people to kill whoever taught Felix to bring Joergan to the nether | | | V

  • You dumb pewds Joergan is in Minecraft he/she can't here you

    • Sorry for calling him dumb

  • pewdiepie i am at school today but i am watching ur vids before i go i wasnt ur fan before but now ima go school and say i have a new favourite utuber and ps u us the treasure map for getting buried yresure

  • Go to the Village you can get emeralds

  • No one : PewDiePie : Uses redstone as carpet

  • RIP Jorgen

  • joergen no

  • ff

  • noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Me- SOOOO Cute! BAby BunNieS! PewDiePie-Can I put it in a bucket??? No??? DIE!!!!

  • Rest In Peace Jöergen the Vanishing Horse

  • 5:10 bruh momento

  • I feel sorry for u

  • F

  • joergen dies sleep in nether dies in tnt water sheep first apears