I tame a Fox in Minecraft (very cute) - Part 27

Ajoutée 11 août 2019
Apparently Minecraft 1.14 update has foxes and its amazing
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  • There is no foxes white foxes

  • The Ikea tower is really terrific!

  • I miss "What? You never played FR-tvr simulator???"

  • should have named 'sven's bf' svenette

  • No one: Felix: you’ll never know what you’re gonna find in minecraft

  • Wait..ikea bird 2 is dj cow comfirmed!!!?!

  • 1:19 you say that all the time

  • You suck

  • 28:10 Top 10 most emotional anime moments

  • This is my 1st vid waching you and now i love waching your minecraft vids

  • Why the hell are the Nordic countries so brutal

  • I’m going to read that’s a girl so

  • Then why the villages are dying is because zombie just spon

  • Know if you do to the villagers so you should put if the villages a really good he should put employee of the month and if they sell you trash or something you should do poopy of the mouth

  • Everybody forgot about Orka :(

  • Isch bin deutsch

  • 28:09 The most purest thing ever

  • 🙂☺😍😘😘🤗😍🦊

  • Pewds an tip see use elytra and fireworks to travel faster then everything in seconds

  • Filex You Are Not An Ediot

  • Sao tôi không thể có phụ đề vậy ????

  • 19:47 Felix: peepeepoopoo is completely innocent Me:

  • F for Åke.

  • Pewdiepie?🤣🤣🤣

  • i actually thought Pewds read Percy Jackson but when he mixed up riptide and respiration, i was like meh

  • 狐の世話すると日本の人口の約10分の1が動画見てるw

  • Just watched creeper fricking rewatching all cute videos of sven and bengt and jöergen and svens son. Why. What is this fuckery felix? Huh? Huhh?!!??!

  • 19:05 why there a house on mountain...

  • Anybody remember Bengt the Ball from Pewdie’s Lucifer gameplay?

  • Who else has heard PewDiePie because your brother's are always talking about him and then the boy you sit next to is a massive fan of him 🙋🙋🙋🙋 I'm a new fan to PewDiePie and I love his Minecraft videos 🙋😁

  • Rip dj cow

  • Sad

  • U should do a face reveal!

  • fuck you felix. I was just trying to enjoy my dinner. that ending caught me so off guard, I cried

  • Fortnight is no more gamers /for real!

  • Can you please tell you world seed please

  • PEWDIEPIE 1v1 SSUNDEE he's WAY BETTER by the way on minecraft

  • I just realized that Bengt... might not be Bengt...

  • ha gay, for your mushroom cow hahahahahahahahahahaha LOL

  • Nobody: Every Kardashian: 10:13


  • Cactus

  • Give the fox a diamond 8 dare you

  • Snores? That what I call futuristic!


  • So u say STOP FRICKING then you say you upgraded the frick chamber

  • Reele reele!!!!

  • Sorry pewds i disagree lazarbeams melon farm is the best.

  • minecraft mobs don’t have genders.. they literally breed by eating...if 2 boys want to make a kid they can stfu sven has a bf and pewds says so just say ur homophobic and go

  • Start of the Episode: Felix doesnt want Sven to see villager fricking End of the Episode: Sven fricks

  • 2018 pewdiepie: i torture animal with sword 2019 pewdiepie: i torture animal with ANIMAL 2020: new concept

  • Don't feed him rotten flesh

  • Did any one notice the house in the corner at 19:06

  • Like √

  • NAME THE FOX Lil bebe

  • Just jokeing good channel and game

  • So cute. Good job PewDiePie, you did good 👍

  • Sven dies He was like a father to . me

  • Nul

  • hi pewdiepie i'm new to your chanell and i love it i subscribed