I used The Sims to perfect my apartment | Unraveled

Ajoutée 9 déc. 2019
Is The Sims just another fun video game... or is it the perfect simulation device? Today, Brian David Gilbert is using The Sims 4 to test out a perfect apartment before recreating it in real life.
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  • Hello Polygon, Brian and everyone here. I'm a currently homeless polyam trans woman. I have been trying to find the money and space to live with one of my partners over the last few months. The struggle to survive has increased the depression and anxiety I deal with each day. We both struggle so much. I want to say, today was the first day I asked for support from friends and family for my depression. Your video may be content or a joke, but the themes and the meaning helped me and I am sincerely grateful for that. Thank you, everyone involved in making it.

  • No, I hate the mustache. Please, no.

  • You funny my man!

  • I wish he had bought better, more lasting materials. Those will all deteriorate with a heavy sneeze or an open window, and honestly they're lovely. If you just bought a big cheap roll of canvas these could have lasted forever.

  • "Jazz men" jazzmen JASMINE my life finally has a purpose!

  • Love the nail polish dude 👌

  • You look like someone who would use the Sims the perfect his apartment

  • If he used the cats and dogs expansion he could have had his cat in there

  • the ending of trial 4 just sounds like an episode of the magnus archives hsjdhdkdhdkhdhdh

  • Brian, are you ok?

  • I once saw a video of this guy talking like an animal crossing character. Hes so talented.

  • I came here for sims fun and I left this video feeling really hopeful and ready to ask for help the next time I feel alone

  • Inspirational

  • So what does your roommates think about the new decorations?

  • The real question is how long he left those clowns on the wall. imagine inviting ur significant other to ur apartment and u gotta walk down the clown hallway

  • How dare you make me feel feelings. How dare you.

  • Honestly that sounds like an amazing way to spend an evening The place looks great, I hope bdg's roommate likes it

  • I'm so glad you got this job.

  • Ok, but can you prove there isn’t someone playing a game and controlling your actions?

  • Staring at dishes on the coffee table while the sink is mere feet away... why does this sound familiar 😂

  • Brian's shade of nail polish is 👌 WHO ARE YOU WEARING BRIAN 💕

  • Awww!!

  • this video was a wild f*cking ride

  • I see that Catan explorers and pirates 5-6 player extension. How many years did it take you to play?

  • Dude, painting with friends while eating pizza sounds like the perfect evening to me.

  • 11:27 - Okay, is there anyone in the WORLD who doesn't own that fucking lamp?!

  • So this is actually a talk about depression and the search for help. Nice

  • 9:14 the sims be like ya like jazz

  • This video made me emotional

  • the guy brings millions of view, get him a couple of hundreds for a video for satans sake

  • Remind me to get a jazz room. (And the daddy skeleton, now that I think about it)

  • dude still hasnt starved to death

  • 9:43, ya got some screen tearing there...

  • thats a sick hgac gundam sandrock you got there brian

  • I am honestly having a difficult time deciding which painting is my favourite

  • I held off watching non McElroy content for reasons i don't quite know. Then i gave in and watched the fallout music episode. Before i knew it hours had passed and this group of weird, cute, immensely talented geeks had made me laugh, harder then I'd done in months and cry a bit too. And this video actually made me really start to get my depressed ass back to living again.

  • God I just wanna give him a hug. Hell I’d give this guy my life

  • I'm sorry but the fact that a video he started kinda as a joke turned into a life lesson and a beautiful story will always bring me to tears both in laughter and just joy

  • this would be a super sweet video if it didn't hit so close to home and make me realize i have no one i could even ask for help l m a o love unraveled tho

  • ALAB

  • I'm reality Brian. Me: Press x to doubt

  • honestyl when he was smilin in the bathroom it was so cute

  • i too would prefer to stand outside soaked in my own piss than have to deal with my living space.

  • Maybe the variable is the friends we made along the way

  • A few hours ago I had an open surgery done. I'm home now and trying to watch this video but it hurts to laugh; I am literally dying from laughter. Which is why eight minutes in, for the first time ever, I'm bookmarking a video and coming back to watch it later. God bless, Brian

    • Have you healed enough to watch the vid? Even if not, I hope your recovery is going well

  • oh god the time lapse of the "even death forgot me speech" where we were just watching the days go by as sim brian lay dead on the floor gave me war flashbacks to *that one scene* in doki doki literature club.

  • 10/10 would adopt this introvert

  • And trees everywhere let out a sigh of relief...

  • I'm going to choose not to hate this guy...

  • When a video about simulated life teaches you about the perfect word to describe how your feeling, *ENNUI*, time to change somethings!

  • BDG got me cryin in the club rn

  • hahaha the muscles are a little bit of a strech

  • 12:35 cat.

  • nice nails and hair, real cutie 🐈

  • I've watched three or four of Polygon's videos, but this is the one where I decided to subscribe.

  • Bdg is turning into the lorax and it's bothering me

  • “Life is messy and sometimes science has to be messy, too.” Yeah, that’s the Creative Writing degree talking.

  • an Unraveled with no paper? sacrilege edit: I will compromise for the butcher paper

  • I'm disappointingly surprised that nobody has uttered a single word about his manicure

  • Thank you for your hard work, I really had fun watching this video x3