I've made a HUGE mistake in Minecraft - Part 20

Ajoutée 27 juil. 2019
We lose many of our boys but amass something greater in todays ep of minecraft
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  • The beginning of this video actually made me cry. I mean he even used his diamonds for his grave! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Next time Leave the horse at home 😐😉😕

  • i really appreciated the peepee poopoo parody of auld lang syne

  • 8:27 That's right jor-...nie Ouuu

  • why pewdiepie saids if theres a petdied he said he was a father of me edit thanks for the likes your too cool

  • Sven killed the mashrom cow

  • God this episode was depressing.

  • Pie bie booooo

  • peepeepoopoo

  • 10:32 he says run fagi And at 18:56 he says fagi what is password

  • The whole pig following reminded me of Detroit become human where they all walked down the street recruiting more androids lmao

  • Water Sheep's gonna pay for it!!!!

  • peepy poopoo

  • Felix: "We Destroyed the invader" Me: "And Brought to our home land the laurles of fame

  • Sven:God Mode On!!!

  • I’m scared for any pets you have in real life

  • All these deaths are making me depressed already d:

  • F

  • Mushroom cow is called a mooshroom

  • Just imagine pewd accidentally hitting sven with diamond sword....

  • Felix: You want some wheat? *sheep walks up* What, GO AWAY ITS NOT FOR YOOUUU! *next clip* Me: ......Where did the sheep go....😱....R.I.P Strange Sheep. 😔

  • Place chest on donkey face nvm he is dead

  • Sven Killed mushroom cow🤭

  • Felix to donkey thingy: Please. Love me. I've no one else! Meanwhile Sven: What am I then? A rock?

  • “That’s what joergen wanted to would’ve wanted” Love you pewds

  • Rip.

  • 19:59 the name of the dramatic song?

  • Rip Joergen Smorgen II

  • 8:46 timing

  • The Pig Pilgrimage was my favorite part of the episode.

  • Sven kills boatcow

  • Sven was the one who killed mushroom cow thing, because you hit him, and dogs do attack if you hit something, but couldn't make wide movements because he was in a boat

  • F

  • why don"t you make a graveyard for your animals

  • When pewds heard him self almost call burnie joergen ;_;

  • Every time pewds said peepeepoopoo I can’t stop laghing

  • Its like the game: detroid become a human

  • Pewds: “Peepee Poopoo will never die” “Peepee Poopoo will live forever” *10 episodes later*

    • Actually, who died in the End was KingPeePeePooPoo, PeePeePooPoo died in a boat.

  • R.I.P Joergen 🌹🌹😥😟

  • Ternyata bisa juga berbahasa Indonesia 😂

  • Pewdiepie: I don’t like spending diamonds on anything Also Pewdiepie: spends all diamonds on a grave

  • 2:31

  • Joergen I : Dies stupidly ( Made out of gold) Joergen II : Dies even more stupidly ( Made out of DIAMONDS) Bernie : Died as a heroe ( Made out of dirt)

  • take a shot every time he says pee pee poo poo

  • So Bernie’s girlfriend is named Bernie too. Huh, interesting.

  • You should have a grave yard lol

  • lol last episodes end

  • no

  • "One day we will all be together." *ow that hurt*

  • Pewds should start breeding horses, dogs and cats.

  • Please dont cry😢

  • F

  • Rip mushroom cow and joergen #2

  • Felix: pee pee poo poo Captions: people poppers


  • Pewdiepie: Makes thumbnail making people think Sven dies STONKS

  • why did I kinda cry

  • I cried the whole beginning, thanks for good editing someone, but I usually watch pewds to make myself feel better not emo 😂

  • You just got Bernie! I’m so upset 😢 😭

  • Is anyone else concerned about the pig chasing him 17:00