Instagram vs Runway Models: Can Anyone Be a Model?

Ajoutée 21 août 2019
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  • Hi Goodhumans! We’re back with a new vibe to Middle Ground. Thank you to those who submitted prompts for this episode via the FR-tv Community tab! We love to include you in on the conversation. To be included in our next batch of prompts, make sure to follow us on FR-tv & on instagram at Let us know what you think of the Middle Ground look & if you enjoyed this episode below!

    • Pretty much sums up to conclusion Pro vs PC card holders

    • Pretty obvious to me that all of these models are transgender besides the fatty and the dude. Nice to know Jubilee is trying to score some ritualistic points with the higher ups in FR-tv.

    • this was a friendly middle ground kudos!

    • The runway models only liked themselves bc of their job they admitted it same thing as Instagram

    • Instagram "models" are the type of girls we'll eventually see on PornHub

  • That Alizee has an elitist mindset.

  • The difference us seen completely seen here ... ig models have come with so much of popms and fancy and even plastic surgeries too and real/ professional models are so simple and less makeup

  • Imagine Naomi Campbell talking to Instagram models

  • Why the instagram models look life they've been inflated lol

  • When I finished Basic Training , I got a photo in my dress blues. They were so photoshopped it looked like I had layers of foundation and I hated it, I never look like that.

  • 7:20 to 7:45 watch that models face when she hears the ig model contradicting herself big time. XD

  • nope, not anyone can be a model when ig models facetune the heck out of every picture and use filters on videos lol

  • I hate the comment by the runway model about tennis: equating training and effort to body type. I played tennis for my major college team, I trained my ass off. I am only 5’2 and at the time I was a solid size 4 and weighed 124lbs (for my height thats pretty filled out and curvy compared to everyone else and that was my most fit self). Her idea of “training” your body to be in an unhealthy weight is so horrible. Do not compare athletes who make their body healthy and strong to models! Also you can’t train height lmao I have tried. In other words I trained like a professional athlete for years and never attained the size 0 of a model EVER. Main example will obv be Serena Williams but I digress. The comparison is so wrong

  • 7:14 omg what a hypocrite lmao. Shes very against plastic surgery and wanna show people how to be happy without it, yet she has had surgery and is happy about it.

  • God I hate instagram models. They just look like normal people and their walk is atrocious. Theyre too cocky and annoying too, and hating on skinny people.

  • While I get where Instagram modelers are coming from, with regards to promoting self confidence and accepting one's natural look, there is still a lot of associated problems. Instagram modelers will take a long time to find the right lighting, angle, position, makeup, look etc. to make sure they look good enough for their feed. It isn't always some candid picture of them. That isn't really promoting self-confidence because they take a photo of themselves where they look their absolute best. Now in essence this would be fine if they already gave that disclaimer, but they don't, for the most part. Instead, they pass it off as 'natural', which albeit having some degree of truth to it, isn't entirely so. This stresses followers out more, because naturally they too try to find out ways to make their looks optimized, but once they've taken a picture they're very much fond of, they struggle with the fact that they don't look like that in every angle, or all the time. Runway models, at least, do admit that they're able to be professionals because of luck and genetics.

  • "Instagram Model" Yeah I'm a soldier for the US Army In battlefield 4

  • He's breathtakingly beautiful 😍

  • id love to be apart of one of these mhmm

  • Instagram is def not raw

  • Chantell is so beautiful😍

  • I know my comment is late, but can we talk about how Mariam says she so against plastic surgery yet with the next question about if she has had any plastic surgery, she steps out and says how happy it made her-? That doesn't make sense to me.

  • These IG thots sound so damn ignorant when paired with the real models

  • Lol it’s like the teachers (real models) schooling the kids (IG thots). Can see they’re taking mental notes thottties

  • She keeps saying “curved models” cause she doesn’t want to admit she’s plus sized.

  • Instagram is filled to the brim with Photoshop and FaceTune, I admit. But Instagram models have an easier, much more lucrative job. They don't have to religiously take care of their health and skin and body because Photoshop can fix it. Runway models are required to dedicate a lot of time to their appearance. So yes they do deserve credit for that, but from a business point of view, Instagram models have a better job.

  • I agree with both sides

  • While I agree with every single comment roasting the Instagram "models", I think no one has mentionned yet how annoying Victoria's vocal fry is. Every single time she opens her mouth to speak is a torture.

  • Ive met IG models and the ones ive met are super into the IG lifestyle and keeping up with it, they were also shallow and kind of ignorant on many topics

  • It’s not that hard to get a butt-just go up a mountain on the stairstepper or in nature over the course of a week.

  • An Instagram model is like a soldier in Call of Duty

  • Instagram Models: Let me take a selfie... let me take a selfie... show a little cleavage... just to get the followers... Real Model: Train and diet to make clothes look as good as possible. Comparing these two is like comparing Morgan Freeman, Geoffrey Rush, Jack Nicholson etc. To someone recording their own school play and putting it on FR-tv.

  • I have no idea who anyone is in this video and definitely don't influence me on a day to day basis 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Instagram Models: "Botched Beauties" Runway Models: "Natural Beauties"

  • Dollar Tree vs. Whole Foods

  • Most "influencers/ Instagram models" have bigger egos than runway models these days

  • It's funny how the Instagram's have to give them selves 17 different titles it's like they know they sold there soul

  • sounds cheesy af, but all humans are beautiful and can be a model imo. simply smiling, no matter how you look, can always set you apart

  • I just think the runway models are so vapid

  • I am a living organism, oxygen consumer, feces producer and non combustible.

  • the runway models I liked more but than again I also get industry professionals who treat their job as a job. Since thats how it should be, your existence shouldn't be your job. And they kinda gave me that vibe. Where the instagram models I feel like they didn't really have that divide, they made their lives into their job.

  • Chantelle is all about body positivity but will photoshop out celulitis just to sell more? Hypocrite 💁‍♀️

  • The runway models won by far this thing

  • I’m sorry but run remodels will always win over “Instagram models” any day

  • Did that big girl just say she a body “positive model” nah u just biiiiigggg

  • The real models, are gorgeous (Alizeé kinda looks like Charlize Theron) They were so elegant, intelligent, so well spoken. I could hear Gary talk for hours.

  • "Social media influencer" and I am a master of the custodial arts! Shut the fuck up.

  • Instagram models are the worst type of humans

  • I don’t care too much for runway models because they are super skinny. They don’t have curves, but that’s just my taste I guess. Gotta be thiccc

  • The truth came out at 18:50 ”They want us for our following” and then you can see her backtracking

  • Chantelle is an example of a big, beautiful girl. She is really pretty and confident, I like her

  • Runway models are naturally beautiful and elegant. Ig models are overfilled sex dolls who need pounds of makeup/photoshop to look remotely desirable

  • I love how the ig models are all dressed like superoverthetop but then theres that asian girl just wearing denim

  • Body positivity is just an issue I don’t care if people are overweight but the extra pounds are putting pressure on your joints at best you are risking your life and supporting it you don’t support drunk drivers because it puts themselves at risk I know they are putting others at risk but by supporting obesity so are you

  • The models were chill, but throughout the comments no one has mentioned that the SUPER models and the ones we recognize have gotten work done and dress glam all the time like the IG models here. I think the people they chose just happened to be more simplistic about their style.

  • These IG models are prime examples of being hypocrytes. These runway models are prime examples of discipline and professionalism.

  • Runway model or Instagram model..they all are beautiful and self appreciating least not like us who are literally walking potatos 😂😂😂😂😂

  • The hypocrisy in this video is INSANE lmfao

  • Me : So what do you do for living? What's your job? Her : Oh I'm an Instagram model, you? *Me : Right, I'm a Call of Duty soldier.*

  • I just find it ironic that everyone is always asking for representation and when they finally get it they drag them down and make them feel inferior to these runway models. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Yes I’m all for body positivity, being comfortable in your own skin having curves or a even little gut. But being an oversized whale is not healthy at all. One reason why I dislike Lizzo a lot is because she’s misleading the public by saying it is “okay” to be obese when it’s clearly not.

  • IG models are annoying, just a bunch of thots

  • god its so obvious when they lie about plastic surgery your puffy face and completely tiny nose gives it completely away 🙄

  • Her nose shape isn’t weird but her nose wholes are...