International Candy Taste Test

Ajoutée 25 oct. 2017
Today we try and guess where in the world the candy we're tasting was made! GMM #1208
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  • Wait, I thought Tyrkisk Peber was danish..

  • Everyone: I’m secretly cheering for Rhett Me: what if I’m cheering for link it’s not a secret if u r all saying it Oh well I’m good

  • “Turzistan”

  • שוקולד פרה פצפוצים מתתי


  • Rhett's answer is Link's answer

  • They make taste tests better by turning them into games

  • i cant stop laughing from watching the begining looking at link.

  • did i miss the live show?...

  • i'm from finland and I was so happy to finally see a finnish thing in gmm

  • I hope you’re not...I hope you’re not right...*cough cough*. I’m choking on nougat...ERHHGG!!

  • why tf is kyrgyzstan spelled turzistan

  • nussin sun mutsiis

  • "turzistan" isnt a country

  • Grown man getting advantages on 3/5 darts. Ridiculous.

  • Rhett is SO good at understanding culinary culture

  • Omg guys do yourselves a favor and go to their page, click the videos tab, and sort oldest to newest videos 😂😂!


  • I always find that link always copies where Rhett goes.

  • Please do more where in the world

  • "Turzistan" is Turkmenistan

  • Tyrkisk Peber is made in Finland, but is actually made for the Danish market. It’s extremely popular in Denmark but not really anywhere Else in the World.

  • Rhett is very good at this. He has a good palate and is culturally competent.

  • ASMR

  • So he measures to the dot in the country, but if you hit in the country it's zero?

  • I never noticed how prominent Link’s adams apple is...

  • link need all advantages to ever win xD

  • It’s way more satisfying when Rhett wins

  • I love link’s energy in this video

  • EAT THE LIQUORICE 😁 best candy in the world

  • Finnish candies are actually the best in the whole world.

  • Turkzistan doesnt exist, only Turkmenistan

    • they said that in the video

  • I love pico it was my favorite candy in birthday parties

    • Really? I used to live in Mexico and my favorite candy was Lucas. I don'r know if you have eat it. Lemme tell you something, Lucas is damn good ;)

  • Considering how arrogant Link was behaving I'd never give hum another cheat.

  • International Ice Cream taste test?

  • It’s Halloween soon and this is in my recommendations..... coincidence?.... I T H I N K N O T

  • Huge disappointment they don’t call Chase the Dart-ographer

  • Omg it doesn't feel like 2 years since the 4 episode tragedy started.

    • @• SOWONderful • they split the show into 4 parts. So instead of just one 15 minute episode, there were 4, 5-10 minute episodes

    • I liked the 4 episode format; that's what they were doing when I was introduced to the show. It reminded me of the Mythical Show (I watched is soon after I started watching GMM). However, either way was fine.

    • Wait what happened?

  • WTF is Turzistan?!

    • I believe that's called a typographical error...or a joke...I'm not sure.

  • Link trying to be the funny one but has failed miserably. Every. Time.

  • I want to punch those people on their honeymoon

  • Tyrkisk Peber is the best thing ever!

  • I like how Chase has a dart in his hat

  • Israeli chocolate is the best in the world

  • Thank you for using centimeters instead of inches

  • why and how is Rhett so good at these

  • Rhett know the answers I swear

  • Tyrkisk peber is from Denmark, not Finland.

  • That Tyrkisk Peber is one of my absolute favorite candies when I visit Denmark. I actually enjoy the even stronger version of that candy. Denmark is a country that loves its salty licorice too.

  • THE SMELL OF MOTHBALLS?! How do you get their little legs apart?

  • november 5th is my b day

  • As soon as I saw the burger, I knew it was Japan..

  • Tyrkisk pepper is actually Originally danish but was bought by a Finnish company

  • I tried the burger candy. Its pretty good.

  • I've been on a bit of a marathon, and I gotta say, Link has not improved with the darts, but looks damn good trying anyway!

  • The eating noises in the episode is disgusting, I’m glad they fixed it

  • What is lime spice?

  • /tp Rhett GMM

  • so much asmr for headphones users

  • Am i the only one thats anoyed how link eats it like a cow eating grass