Jada Finally Broke Me.

Ajoutée 22 oct. 2018
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Following months of “Red Table Talk” shooting in their house, Jada Pinkett Smith invites Will on as a guest and he finally realizes the scope of her massive TV show. ► SUBSCRIBE: goo.gl/BUjQW8
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◈ Created by Westbrook Studios
Executive Producers: Will Smith, Miguel Melendez
Producers: Aaron Ferguson, Lukas Kaiser, Mike Nussbaum, Sadao Turner
Editor: Chris Dallas-Feeney
Camera Operators: Jas Davis, Aidan Tanner, Sadao Turner
Colorist: Dave Phelps



  • I feel like Will always tells Willow to stop digging in her nose lol

  • He is the new Philip Banks!!

  • I really like Joel Kinnaman, him and Will should make another movie together some day!

  • your house looks so sick

  • Sasquash pa dandelion

  • That's a nice house

  • Bahahahahah at Willos word of the day! I'm over here looking up all these words LOL! Gah! I love this family!!!

  • You can tell Will really loves Willow

  • This is so stupid

  • Sophistry, someone's been studying philosophy 101.

  • Dope video. What camera did u use

  • What the hell the scaffolding in the living room...

  • Was this a break up or

  • Balderdash is very much a word

  • Jada's hot af, you're a lucky man Will

  • Make a tv reality show already

  • Man to man.. I know you are serious about the part where you said they have stuff at your house that you dont want! Your house has been invaded bro lol

  • Love this family

  • What is this red table about

  • Black Excellence.

  • Thanks for the "behind the scenes" tour of the red table talk...but OMG, your poor house! On the real though, the red table talk is a beautiful thing!

  • o thats hot, ,. thats hot

  • Family is love within business

  • Willow looks like a stud lesbian

  • with a giant dildo. jada looks more manly then you willy , because it is .

  • Does your wife still hate white women

  • I wish I was one of Will's kids, he seems like he is dopest dad ever!!!

  • Willow looks like a posh south central gangsta

  • Jada´s mom is so beautiful.

  • Jada mama looks wonderful she kinda look like a black Ellen

  • another video for Will Smith to feed his massive ego. and the sheep follow..

  • 00:00 Holy cow what a house.

  • I'm looking at his house like wow and looking at my flat in London like erm yeah. Nothing to be ashamed of I suppose

  • I've broken you enough....ouch lol

  • Damn, that house is ballin'. The adobe exterior looks ill on its own, but then the interior looks like a damned resort.

  • Ellen gotta TAN tan 🤣

  • Will Simp

  • Thank you Will Smith...

  • Dios mío Will es la perfección echa hombre 😍😍... Hermoso muchos 😘 desde 🇵🇷

  • 8:12 it's really hot. YAH! THAT'S HOT!

  • Will seems a bit like a egocentric controlfreak, i might be wrong..

  • Hey u take my mans Tupac’s girl

  • 1:47 hey its that guy from altered carbon!

  • great familyyyyy!!!!

  • Once you married, you pretty much get a free pass to break each other emotionally!!

  • Awful people

  • #willsmith💓🐐👑

  • 😊👍

  • Legenda em seria bom Smith will

  • God bless you will. A servant is worthy of his wages.

  • 😂😂🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • Thank you guys setting each other free with the truth! You guys give me hope that I will have the type of relationship I want, like you two did. Will, it took courage to become truly Authentic and give up the image orientation that is so common for people with your personality type (Enneagram Type 3), like Oprah Wimfrey. Jada, it took courage to rock the boat and not keep the peace at all cost at your expense. I can truly relate to you because I used to live in that fear based situation in my younger years. I am so happy to see you live that freedom and have your autonomy. I am wondering are you an Enneagram Type 9 like me. Thank you for getting angry enough to stand up to him. I want the same things you want. Now, I feel more courage that I could find it. You two remind me of Oprah and Stedman. They have the same issues as you guys in their own unique way. Stedman has traditional values about marriage like Willard, and Oprah is like Jada who don't want to fulfill that traditional marriage. That is why they are not getting married because this conflict of values will cause them a divorce. Now you two are a living example that we can move beyond that and rewrite our values to where we match in a different way. Do they know your story? Many people will not understand this healthy level without the full story. I watched the full story on Red Table and loved it. Thank you for being you two. I hope you will make a movie about this concept of your marriage, including letting people to know the truth that it is their responsibility to make themselves happy and break away from any unhealthy thinking pattern. I understand you and thank you for sharing!

  • Brilliantly done

  • What kinda camera do you use to vlog?

  • I love it how he‘s still the same man like back in the days 😌

  • Dam bro

  • Joel Kinnaman was prophet in this one: "She got his ego kicked to another dimension."

  • I’m amazed

  • They know so many big words

  • in a previous clip they said no cursing or raising voices, well well looks like that's out the window

  • Joel from Robo Cop and Altered Carbon

  • yeah... this is not staged in anyway. They are not fakes. They are not actors trying to pay for all that. right.

  • YEAHHHH it's rewind time.

  • jada is very ''engreida''...will still insecure??? NOOOOOOO IMPOSSIBLE!!

  • Fish Mooney

  • Салют.. U R the Best Will. Kazahstan

  • The guy from Altered Carbon....he is so awesome! 😎

  • Ha Will very cool brother. Thanks to whom sent the (rec)... Well at least she shows some strong effort. Gotta be worth something...

  • Thank you Will for your insights. Keep up this inspiring work. The Red Table is awesome. Thanks to your familiy aswell. You all help me to find the strength to improve my life. Together we can fix the world :-).

  • I think it's the genes, Jada's mum is also hot

  • What a self absorbed family, they reek of narcissism, it seems they’re incapable of living their lives off camera. Their constant need for attention is off putting & rather creepy, no thought whatsoever of being private, no it’s all about ‘look at me’ on steroids. I can’t believe at one stage I actually liked Will Smith but it seems he’s not the least bit genuine instead he’s taken fake & self indulgence to a whole new level!

  • Looks like he was training/acting for AVATAR :0

  • These videos aren't really YT material.

  • Salut Will je suit un de tes fan et je regarde encore la série le prince de bel air tu est un de mes acteur préféré et Martin Lawrence remet lui le bonjour et a ta famille aussi.

  • I love that father daughter relationship that Will and Willow have 😍 I wish my father and I had a relationship like that 😔

  • Positive....feelings...I get from them..bless with a family like barock. And wills and. Beyonce and jayz...cross breed. ...badddd

  • He's probably busy right now making Bad Boys 3. That's why he doesn't post new stuff.

  • Tupac's best friend..

  • Sophistry. Got it. Must say, sure is a lot of this going on in the 21st Century. Didn't know that there was a word for that. I just know them as lies.

  • Man.....Will and Jada came a looong way...from his rap career and Fresh Prince, her from A Different World and Set It Off.....til now...God bless that family

  • 5:01 did you set the whitebalance on the camera right?

  • big willie .............can we get one more album!!!

  • I love you Will.

  • So sweet seeing her dad hold her and tell her he’s proud. Rip to my dad ❤️

  • The interraction is great and a kind of spiritual direction session without the confidentiality aspect. Great for everyone to reach that point of being a free spirit, free and fulfilled.

  • 🧐🤔💡 Bout ta turn my living room into control central!🤣 Thanks Jada!😘

  • i like sophistry better

  • I love Red Table, I was very surprised about the all stuff around the house to record the Red Table. It looks like a TV show. I was thinking if all that is really necessary because to have all those professionals and stuff cost a lot of money. Some "FR-tvr" are recording their channels with a recording camera e some lights, that's it! And they have millions of followers, but on the other hand, I understand Jada wants to record her channel with great light, sound and cameras and the videos can be watched by many generations.

  • I love Willow's laugh

  • Put oil on ankle. Teenager ankle. Lord. I know Willow what u mean, but listen to daddy. I hardly put any oil on my body with the exception of face and arm. Lord. And skin still looks good almost sixty.

  • Jada's mom is gorgeous that's definitely where she gets her looks from very beautiful family Will Smith is the best ever to do it forgive me Denzel but personality-wise the greatest of all time

  • Keeping it real. Thanks Will for posting.

  • My favorite og.. Much respect my brother

  • Will, I just watched the Red Table Talk, what books are on your 'must read' list?

  • valeu meus parabéns linda família willl smith.e bem vindo ao brasil,abraço venha conhece nossa cidade que e sua também,salvador-bh.e dificil e.td bem,quem sabe um dia,vcs,vem conhece nossas comidas.nosso famoso acarajé

  • Lol @ Jada staying focused while they are being silly in the background.

  • iS ThIS FiSH MOoNEy FrOM GotHAm????????

  • I want that will && Jada love man I swear

  • Can’t a woman have something on her own... why did you go make one?