JEXI Official Trailer (2019) Adam DeVine, Rose Byrne, Comedy Movie HD

Ajoutée 22 août 2019
JEXI Official Trailer (2019) Adam DeVine, Rose Byrne, Comedy Movie HD
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  • The NEW Trailer is here 😉 >>

  • Reminds me of the episode of Robert Freeman and Siri in the Boondocks

  • At 2:06, when the alarm says "WAKE UP ,BITCH!" can anyone tell me where this sound effect came from? I would highly appreciate it if you could tell me!

  • I watched it, it's a funny movie... I don't know why it has bad ratings, FUNNY AS FUCK

  • It's like Her but with humor. Interesting

  • This looks insanely shit.

  • Who dis bitch?

  • Based on a true story.

  • dont get your hope up wouldn't suck dick same I am FUCK

  • damn I'm glad this trailer showed the entire fucking movie!

  • This looks so fucking bad.

  • 0:05

  • Wat rose bryne as another ai ???

  • Who did the instagram ad needs to be fired. This trailer doesnt make the movie look that bad.

  • 😂😂😂😂😂 This is gonna be f'n hilarious😂😂😂😂... I don't watch to many movies, but this one kept me laughing! CANNOT Wait to see this whole film

  • this movie is pathetically not funny.

  • Rose Byrne may boss me around anytime she pleases.

  • NoPe.

  • This is like that one episode of The Boondocks when siri became obsessed with grandad

  • I just got an ad at the end of this ad for the exact same ad.

  • Plug..unplug..plug dude this looks so crazy

  • 1:36 What in the actual fuck.

  • So we gonna act like we have not seen this before? Ok *Coughs* boondocks

  • Boondocks did this already. Grand dad vs his IPhone.

  • lol looks great

  • Y'all stole this from boondocks when when that old got an iPhone and it fell in love with him

  • Girl: would you mind not bringing your phone? Jexi: who dis bitch

  • Plainrock124 anyone?

  • So they made a movie from that one episode of boondocks

  • Bruh legit the thumbnail made me think this was a trailer for a videogame

  • What did I just watched 😂😂😂😂

  • this movie is just a bunch of random memes put together its gonna be terrible

  • 📞🏡

  • Hahahhaha.. I need a phone like this,😂this is f!cool.hahahha😂

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Does she have google maps no SHE FUCKING SUCKS

  • Saved on admission. Just watched the entire movie and all the jokes in the trailer.

  • its like a bad version of HER?

  • I like this refreshing new concept. Adam Devine's movies are getting better nowadays

  • in the 80's this movie was called Electric Dreams

  • This looks fucking shit

  • How could someone look at this movie and say “wow that looks so f&@king original and funny I can’t wait to see that’s stupid talentless f$@ktard Adam DeVine and that shit whore of an actor Michael Peña Act in a film which is basically a retarded parody of Her(2014)”. By the way the directors of this movie break even at 24% on rotten tomatoes. (Just a bit of background)

  • Connection by oneRepublic

  • I am the captain now 😂😂😂

  • They stole this from boondocks

  • Glad they spoiled the entire plot arc. I guess it was pretty obvious anyways.

  • The boomdocks did this first in the episode.. I Dream of Siri (2014) Granddad loves Siri on his new iPhone. Unfortunately, she loves him back, a bit too much. When she becomes obsessed with him, Granddad finds that Siri is one app that won't be deleted that easily.

  • I kinda feel this is a movie bout life of the guy in "The Intern"

  • Just log out from Google.

  • Wake Up Bitch Alarm, I Need That

  • Now that I know most of the movie now I don't have to pay to watch it on a free movie app

  • This is how Siri really should be

  • These trailers that show the WHOLE movie are ridiculous. Not paying for seeing this if I’ve already seen the jokes and the story. Why else is there, filler?

  • Wow this was a whole movie.

  • HUAWEI!?

  • A total failure

  • Huh??

  • This looks pretty stupid.

  • id watch this, because you see where technology is going, the "PLUG -IN part was hilarious

  • 2:22 is that green arrow doing a cameo ?