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Ajoutée 8 nov. 2018
Kaatrin Mozhi Official Trailer
Film Name: Kaatrin Mozhi
Artiste: Jyotika, Vidaarth, Lakshmi Manchu, Kumaravel, M.S. Bhaskar, Manobala, Mohan Raman, Uma Padmanabhan, Sindhu Shekaran, Seema Taneja, Master Tejas and many others
Trailer Cuts: T. Shivanandeeswaran
Music: A.H. Kaashif
Lyricist: Madhan Karky
Costumes: Poornima Ramasamy
DoP: Mahesh Muthuswami
Editing: Praveen KL
Art Direction: Kadhir
Music: Lahari Audio
Story: Suresh Triveni
Dialogues: Pon. Parthiban
Screenplay-Direction: Radhamohan
Executive Producer: S. Saravanan
Producers: G. Dhananjayan, S. Vikram Kumar, Lalitha Dhananjayan of BOFTA Mediaworks India

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  • Good content but little dragging .Could have made the movie little fast moving.Jo's acting is amazing.I loved it..

  • Nice 🎥🎬👀

  • Remake of Hindi film "tumhari sullu" Proof:éo-teo-MZ2ckbw.html

  • By

  • Remake of tumhari sulu

  • Rj's always hv a special attraction... radios can be out dated but rj's never!! I like to become a RJ

  • This is remake of tumhari sullu, no is like vidya balan , sry.

  • Copy of tumhari sulu 👎🏻 why spend money if u can dubb 😂

  • Tumari Sulu with same twin sisters :P

  • Watched the movie.Many touching scenes.Jothika mam you are superb and matured. All the supporting actors have played their part well too.

  • A remake of vidya balans tumhari sulu

  • Tumhari sulu

  • Hello

  • Congrats to Jyothika mam for her performance.

  • Actually this movie looks exactly Remake of Tumhari Sulu - Vidya Balan movie

  • I like vidhya more than jothika. . . .

  • Vidhya balan is superb

  • Remark of Tumhari Sulu. Great acting done by Vidya balan

  • str

  • Tumahri sulu remake?

  • 1.53 str very cute

  •éo-o1VELU9_l_Q.html .....rejistar and.earn e money

  • Really super movie.

  • ssmaaaaaaaaa movie

  • Helllooooo

  • Wowwy 🖤

  • 36+ jothika film mathiri than iruku ithellam unga kannuku theriyathu

  • Super Kandippa pakkanum


  • Tumhari sulu tamil version

  • Vidhya did an awesome job.

  • Hello Hello pls Rajalkshmi case need justice support

  • Tumhari sulu type movie

  • Hello vere level simbu I like you

  • ஜோதிகாநடித்தகா ற்றின்மொழி.....செமசெமசெம

  • Jo akka na ungala pakkanum😘

  • I think the sound is not matching with jyothika... It's only my opinion eeeeee

  • This is Vidya Balan flim remake

  • Its the remake of the hindi movie tumhari sulu. I just watch that weeks ago. Lol

  • 😘

  • Lovely

  • Masss STR

  • A wonderful, Nostalgic, valiant and a must watch movie ....👌👌👏👏..really a great inspiration to many women with wonderful talents yet to be shown ...go for your dream guys ...💪💪💪

  • ஜோ... face அழகு கூடி இருக்கு.... மொழி படத்தில் நடித்த இயல்பான நடிப்பு... காற்றின் மொழியில் துளியும் இல்லை... நடிப்பை நன்கு கவனிக்கும் நபர்களுக்கே இது புரியும்... feel இயல்பாய் வருவது வித்யா பாலனிடம் காணலாம்...😘😘😍😍😍 but ஜோ.... 85% feel வர வச்சு🙄🙄 செஞ்சிருப்பாங்க... ஜோ outstanding performance னு நடிச்சிருப்பாங்க... but... sometimes she degrading... over eye and lips expresssions🤞👎👎👎very drawback... her nose expressions watch micro nowa days over size.... she always overreacted person... limitah use pannna dhan edhuvum நல்லா இருக்கும்... so my vote goes to vidhyabalan.. she is dedicated acting all films.... but jo only over come feel acting thats both dfrt...

  • Tumhari sulu remake!

  • Yogi Babu - You won ur life already... You are doing ur character very good in every movie.... Hope another one in this

  • Hindi dubbing movie...

  • Love you simbu anna

  • Movie epo release

  • Indha film vidya balanoda dubbing film pa

  • Jyotika did was the best choice for this role!!!!!! IT IS BETTER THAN TUMHARI SULU

  • Intha mve full ah podunga

  • Super movie ...... I see today ...... It's very nice.......

  • sema

  • Tuhari shollu

  • realise agitucha film

  • kelattu kelaviiii

  • HELLO !!😅

  • Good that they are remaking Tumhari Sulu!! Can't wait to see how jyothika performs

  • 0:27-0:35 Jyothika mam haha...

  • Did they just copy the Bollywood movie, Tumhari Sulu?


  • Your mamanar is so tension

  • tumhari sulu

  • fuck tseries pewdiepie

  • Just

  • Hisab bara bar... Abh aap puchoge kaise? - Pehle chandramukhi aayi Thi phir usme Ye heroine Thi.... Uske baad Bollywood main chandramukhi ka remake aaya Bhool bhulaiya usme heroine vidya balan Thi.... Aur abh Tumhari Sulu main vidya balan Thi aur remake main yeh heroine hai.... Hisab bara bar ho gaya 😁😁😁🙏😁😁😁 if u like this comment plz like it

  • எனக்கும் ஆர் ஜே ஆகணும்னு ரொம்ப நாளா ஆசை ஆனால் கிடைக்க மாட்டேங்குது

  • Same bollywood movie

  • Super ☺

  • Wait is over😍🤗

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  • When this movie releasing ?

  • Tumari sulu

  • Jo na Jo ta semmmmmmmmmmàaaaaaaaa Jo

  • Very nice jo

  • Kaatrin mozhi is exactly tumhari sulu

  • Tumhari sullu

  • Hit like after Valei pecchu review

  • Superb trailer...all the best for the movie😘😍

  • Street vera level...

  • Not good then vidya balan tumari sulu.

  • I'm waiting for movie

  • This movie name (tumhari sulu) actress vidya balan 1 year ago in hindi

  • Radhamohan padam romba naal kalichu vandirnuku . ..oru vithyasamana padama kandipa irukum. .

  • Joa.......... so sweety girl.......... congrats maa

  • I am waiting.... Good selection of story mam.... I think vidhya balan will happy so much...

  • Congrats

  • helllow wow 😘😘😘😘😘

  • Well well remake of Thumari Sallu having Vidya Balan in lead role. Vidya did a great job now let's see what Jo does.

  • Is this the remake of tumhari sulu

  • Tumhari sullu... :P

  • ஏண்டா ராதா மோகா பெரிய வெண்ணை மாதிரி பயணம் படத்துல மாஸ் ஹீரோக்களை ஓட்டுன இப்போ நீ அடுத்த ஆள் கதையை வாங்கி தாண்டா பண்ணுற

  • Tumari sullu copy

  • Though I'm a fan of Jyothika, I somehow sometimes feel she overreacts, maybe a little 🤔 but emotionally her expressions are too good. Hopefully this movie turns out as soulful as Tumhari Sulu. Waiting 😎

  • It's Hindi film remake

  • i want to wait to seen in telugu pls do request jyothika superrrrrrrrr

  • Jo darling 😍😍😍

  • Nice trailer

  • hello hello hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!