Keanu Reeves

Ajoutée 17 juin 2019
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  • I definitely need to shut off auto-play... Why and how it brought me here I'll never know.

  • The era of memes where people found an image they liked and everyone photoshopped it... I wish it was more like that now. Meme culure is so boring at least that looked kinda fun

  • heres comes keanu reaves fanboy (pewdipie)

  • Dont talk like that about keanu he is at least he humble not like you bad ass

  • what is the actual FR-tv algorithm?

  • he's such a beautiful person. spirit and his outward presence.

  • Interviewer should of asked what he was THINKING of.

  • He had a hard time growing up yet look at him now!

  • Keanu Reeves: *breathes* Everyone: ur breathtaking

  • "Keanu Reeves is immortal" *JUAN PONCE ENRILE JOINED THE GROUP*

  • He really is a damn badass but has the kindest heart

  • Wasn’t there a part in this video where it shows keanu at a shooting range training for John wick I re watched this video and it seems like that part of the video has been taken out?

  • The people who are the nicest are the saddest

  • The clip in the Ellen show cuts off with Keanu looking like he’s getting up. He just got tricked. Also, HE IS JOHN WICK. R.I.P Ellen

  • *Your breath taking*

  • ¿Comentarios en español? :'v

  • Pewdiepie

  • Everybody commenting about how nice Keanu is. But can we appreciate Pewds for being one of the nicest as well?

  • pewds should definitely meet Keanu

  • When you realized this man played the main character in the matrix

  • Keanu Reeves is the best man

  • I love how PuewDiePie pronounces Ellen as Allen. LOL

  • Sandra bullock has a crush on keanu Keanu : NO i have a crush on you

  • Keanu Reeves is a global treasure and needs to be protected at all costs.

  • I m from lebanon🇱🇧🇱🇧🇱🇧🇱🇧

  • I think we all agree that Keanu Reeves age like a fine wine....

  • i am from lebanon

  • Cof cof *_PEKEANU REEVES_* cof cof

  • the last name of my math teacher is reeves

  • you’re breathtaking

  • Watching the nicest actor ever while a crazy Swedish man is screaming is kinda funny

  • Keanu revee

  • Video has no adds to make money to donate to leukemia research foundation: [Everyone Disliked that That]

  • I just got a keno ad

  • hey felix keanu worked with my cousin in that movie with sandra

  • I have a friend named keanu . We call him keanu reeves

  • instead of using the donation as clickbait he just mentions it at the end BAUS!!!

  • This person has an oriental atmosphere. The skin is clean and delicate. Western limbs are wonderfully long. I heard that he is a good person. He often comes to Japan. I might like him a little.

  • I wish he actually was immortal

  • Keanu Reeves is god in a mortal form.

  • "He's look at me, and I'd be like *heHhaHe* " *same*

  • Meme review with Keanu Reeves

  • Pewdiepie

  • 3:11 Bolsonaro?

  • The keanu effect

  • 12:15 did some guy just said PEWDIEPIE

  • Keanu Reeves é incrível 👏👏👏

  • I love Keanu he is a great person

  • is pewdipie wearing an unreleased mrbeasr jacket

  • i am form lebanon

  • I am from lebanon

  • So much KILIG about Keanu and Sandra 😍😊

  • Reaction

  • Sandy and Keanu should pair up again!

  • I miss this pewds. Minecraft is getting sort of boring

  • I miss this pewds. Minecraft is getting sort of boring

  • Thumbnail killed me

  • you cant hate keanu

  • It’s funny how Keanu reeves my fav actor gives a lot to charity and that pewdiepie donates quite a bit I didn’t start watching pewds till 2019 when his battle vs T-Series came!

  • I laugh so hard when pewds said "AHHHHH MY HARTTTTTT!!!!" 😍💖💖💖💖💖