Ken Jeong Performs a Physical While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Ajoutée 14 févr. 2019
Ken Jeong is known for his massively popular films like The Hangover and Crazy Rich Asians, his many hit TV shows including Community and The Masked Singer, and his hilarious standup-his first comedy special, "You Complete Me, Ho," is out now on Netflix. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the multitalented actor and former physician faces off against Sean Evans and the wings of death. As he battles the heat, Jeong dispels common medical myths, discusses his encounters with NBA legends like Shaq and Kevin Durant, talks about his first Prince concert, and even gives Sean a free check-up. You don't want to miss this one!
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  • Big shout out to Ken's wife, Tran, who absolutely destroyed the wings of death in the green room after the shoot. Power couple!

    • I say you do a round of questions from her so we can see it!

    • Why didn't you recorddddddddd it 😂😂

    • Loved him in ride along 2 😂

  • Get the impractical jokers!!!

  • الكوميدي كلوب زرفوكم 🤣

  • 18:16 ROFL

  • (Aggressively Whispers) go f yourself Sean. 🤣

  • It would be interesting to see Jackson Wang on this.

  • He is so down to earth! Awesome guy.

  • nosotros papaya you rats

  • This episode. I wanna say it's a tied with Gordon Ramsays episode.

  • Why does the milk look gross??

  • Get reviewbrah on!

  • No, the quote is not "mother fucker" its " ha gayyyy"

  • You guys need to do @jokoy he’d be awesome on this !

  • He lied, none of his material was about Sean XD but great interview once again 🙌

  • Bobby Lee's was better

  • What a great episode

  • good episode

  • Can u get shoreline mafia on this?

  • the seasons is starting good

  • 16:16 kinda sounds like Goku.

  • Subscribe to broskinos s

  • Ken: I'm beginning to like you Sean: Well...hold on to that thought... Cut to: THE BOMB. What a beautiful edit haha

  • Give a raise to the editor

  • "really doin' a number on that pitcher ken" "ᵍᵒ ᶠᵘᶜᵏ ʸᵒᵘʳˢᵉˡᶠ ˢᵉᵃⁿ "

  • Ken took some pussy ass bites

  • I love you Ken Jeong! 💫

  • Why the milk yellow

  • The 10% thing is not true though

  • I am never trying Da Bomb. I’ve seen too many people get smacked by it.

  • First of all it must have been a long time since he has been a doctor. You use 100% of your brain. Each area in your brain controls a different thing. So no you use the entire brain.

  • in the future, i want to be a dickhead just like ken.

  • We need donald glover on hot ones. I'm sure it's not easy but if you can make it happen I'd support the hell out of you guys. I'll legit buy at least 5 shirts.

  • His first words are "the air is already too spicy"😂😂😂😂

  • dr ken, dr ken, fucking all the mamas, fucking all the mamas again

  • Sean Evans in white looks like an angel descended upon us to make us enjoy him torturing guests.

  • this is jack 🤬 🎽 👖 👞 he hates you like for every bullet to go in his dick

  • Please help me out? I have recently gotten multiple charges for crimes I'm not guilty for.

  • Is there anyway that you guys can get Nardwuar on this show and have a sort of double interview? It'd be awesome to see the questions you both would have for each other!

  • Get Joe Rogan!

  • Awesome episode! Cameraguy Bill are you from 716 or do you just play off your name?

  • Plsss bring The Rock in one of ur next episodes .

  • Intro song?

  • Intel song?

  • I would eat all of them and probably die but I would only do it now cause I really wants some chicken

  • ITS CHAO"!!!!!

  • Get Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein on the show!!

  • I am curious why we haven't seen SATAN'S BLOOD on this show yet. That is the hottest shit I have ever had...PERIOD.

  • They managed to get him into a doctors coat. I am fully satisfied.

  • 20:22 “go fuck yourself sean” 😂

  • Why didn't you tell him to wipe his mouth?!

  • Wow 4K!

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  • She never came to a fucking show?!?


  • 23:47 You're welcome.

  • I'd hate to see the legend in pain but Denny devito would be an amazing guest

  • Zach Galifianakis Please

  • This is now one of my favorite episodes, Sean has improved his interview skills over the seasons and they really shone through this episode. Keep up the great work.

  • No one is going to say anything about the sauce in the corner of his mouth?

  • Try putting some salt in the water.

  • Sean looks like Anakin

  • I love ken, I think christopher walken would make a great guest as well

  • Sub to pewdipie


  • Ok so just taking a small bite is considered passing that level? Come on ken wtf but u fuckin did it bro u did it

  • Was it just me or was the sauce on his mouth annoying everyone

  • Shout out to the Guy behind the sceens who chooses just the right music for the right moments of the interview :D Amazing work

  • Get Ron Burgundy to come on and tell stories about his reporting in the 70s and his passionate love making and mustache growing skills

  • What a season it has been already!

  • Rain Wilson but as Dwight should be on here


  • Hot food doesn't give you ulcers, the only thing it can do regarding ulcers is make them worse if you already previously had them.

  • Great guy. I like how he's passionate about what he does. I want wings now.

  • We use much more than 15% of our brains what... and spicy food doesn't give you ulcers. Ken Jeong is so cool though, and I really respect his knowledge and interest in so many different things.

  • The air is already too spicy! I love this guy.

  • we use so much more than 10% of our brain, that's a stupid lie from movies

  • 23:47 me all the time

  • Katt Williams and Joe Rohan!

  • Love hearing the crew cracking up!

  • Get Christo Roppolo the ufo guy on this show


  • Sean’s got a real hairless Jesus vibe in the all white getup


  • Get Keanu Reeves on the show!! I'd love to hear him in the interview! That would be dope.

  • Love that one!!! Thank you Sean for bringing in the deep dives and tapping into the passions of your guests! They appreciate it! We appreciate it! AWESOME interview, everything we want from Hot Ones! LOL, YOU JUST GAVE HIM GREAT MATERIAL FOR HIS STAND UP! CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR IT! LOVE THE KEN MAN!!


  •éo-fnqutw1Lzcs.html&t=22s Watch my channel please Thank you

  • From all the vids ive seen Da Bomb is just punishment! Hahaha

    • And i posted before i saw his reaction!

  • have you ever considered bringing yngwie malsteem to the show?

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Please have Ariana Grande on the show!

  • "Where'd you go? Right hand school?! "😂😂😂😂😂

  • We need a compilation of every time Ken tells Sean to shut the fuck up. Stat!

  • You do not use only 10 to 15 percent of your brain! You use more when you are sleeping! Visit SciShow 10 percent brain on FR-tv. I can't believe this was said!

  • Best one so far!!

  • intro music pls

  • This interview is so 🔥🔥🔥. The topic and interview was well written and done!

  • HAHAHA "In general?"

  • Get Jim Jeffries!

  • his special is very funny. i really liked it