Ajoutée 18 mai 2019
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Last to leave circle full of pythons wins their FR-tv channels!
Elton Castee, Sam Golbach, Colby Brock, Corey Scherer, Scotty Sire, & Dom DeAngelis compete in a
last to leave FR-tvr competition.

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  • Can you prank Corey and put a lot of snakes in his room

  • What is the outro song?

  • #Snakesssss!

  • My brother has a bold Python

  • I love snakes

  • Elton take the snake off Corey😂

  • snakessss

  • Take the snake of

  • Corey : dude Me: dudette

  • Sssneaky snakesssss

  • Sam fucks with demons. No fucks with snakes.

  • Alton take the snake off Cory


  • Colby trying to be cool and calm at the same time wow 😂

  • Lol we will be in here till a hundred o’clock

  • Did anyone see the rat behind them 26:39

  • 14:42-14:47 is one of the best parts😂 I'm only half way through! Elton- kiss it kiss it kiss it Colby-whuuuahhhhaahhhh

  • I love snakes! Their so cute!!! I have like **goes to count how many I have** 5! Their all pythons to! :3

  • Scotty tho 💀🌝

  • My brother did that and he was crying lol your video are so goood

  • 13:24 Colby trying to comfort Sam is so cute.😍😍

  • Corey is so adorable

  • Colby looks so good in that outfit -

  • Snakessssss

  • Elton take the snake off Corey! 😂🖤

  • I have a pet snake 🐍! Called squishy.

  • l.t don't put da shake on corey He don't like it

  • Elton take the snake off Corey.

  • Elton take the snake off corey

  • They're literally all just dressed like heath


  • Btw COLBY IS NOT A LOOSER! Y'all are just crazy 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂

  • Colby I worship you for having enough guts to rap that giant snake around your neck, Mager respect bro😎

  • 25:03 whAT in the woRLD was that laugh corey

  • The Sam and Colby relationship is so adorable. 13:18 Sam is freaking out and he looks at Colby and Colby just tells him deep breathes to calm him I wish I had a friendship like thatttt

  • Did anyone else see the mouse/rat at 26:38

  • I personally love snakes so this is a dream. I have a snake myself, his name is Samuel. If everybody could say hello to Samuel, I think he'd really enjoy that! :)

  • Literally my kind of heaven 💖 snake 🐍 lover !!!!

  • I cant believe that im watching people watch a snake poop😐 lol love you guys

  • hazard spaghetti


  • Elton take the snake off corey😂😂😂


  • 😱🤢🤮

  • I’ve never seen Corey so brave!

  • Snakes

  • A guy in my neighborhood owns a snake and my eight year old friend had a snake down his shirt and he wasn't even scared so stop being scared

  • corey: maybe if i act like a snake hell think im one of him me: *hoping he would speck parseltongue*

  • Wish I was there so I could show them all how a real man handles a snake. 😁😍🥰🐍 and yes....I'm a woman. I freaking love snakes. ☺️

  • Elton- why doesn’t it want to go in Sam- This happens every time 😂 What has he been doing in his life 😂

  • snakes

  • Elton got out first

  • Snakkkkkkkeeesss

  • Corey is honestly so fricken funny like he has the best personality lol

  • “Dre’s a snake in me boot”

  • Snakessss!!!!

  • #takethesnakeoffcorey

  • It grates and it's a whale is a gray whale 🤣

  • sam: elton.. what are you doing with your life? elton: what are you doing with your life? being apart of my life awe that’s sounds so sweet 💓

  • Snakesssssss

  • Yes you brought dom and Scotty!

  • Oh poor fearful Corey. Elton is fearless

  • Elton take the snake off Corey.😂

  • Snakessssssz

  • 18:32 that snake on corey’s neck is so beautiful agh

  • I'm so afraid of snakes these boys have bravery or stupidity I'm not sure which.

  • i love snakes and when i was just 5 years old i held a burmese python and i held one last year too and i have held about like 50 snakes in my whole lifetime so far and im only 14 well 15 tomorrow 3rd of ausgust and ill be at the cbbc summer social like last year .

  • take the snake off corey

  • snakessssssss

  • can anyone tell me the types of snakes those are?

    • They are all Burmese and carpet Pythons except for the green tree Python of course I hope this helps lol I'm not exactly sure about some of them being carpet Pythons but they look like them so I'm assuming that's what they are lol


  • snakes love sam's ..... spots i guess

  • Snakesssss

  • Snakeessss

  • I mean Elton*

  • Walton take the snake of corey

  • “I’m not gonna help Sam spread his legs for a snake to get in his pants” ..........

  • is that scotty and dom?

  • #Team Colby

  • snakessssss