Learn French for Kids - Numbers, Colors & More

Ajoutée 12 sept. 2018
In this exciting adventure, kids learn French words for colors, toys, clothes, furniture, and counting to 10. Click the chapters below to jump to a specific section.
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Colorful animation, real images, and adorable characters create an engaging experience that’s clear and easy to follow.
~ Chapters ~
00:05 Household Items
07:20 Counting to Five
08:44 The Colors
12:08 Practice the Colors
14:36 Where's My Shoe?
16:54 Clothes
21:24 Numbers Zero Through Ten
24:26 Toys
29:02 Color and Number Practice With Toys
32:45 Practice With Clothes
34:30 Practice With Household Items


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  • Im so scared I just wanted to not study for French class

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  • I love French

  • I'm over 8 and I'm here for learning both language by the way I'm peruvian lol

  • Superbe,,, i like the idea a lot pour les enfants adaptés avec the two language 😊👍🏻take care ,,, et bon courage mes amis

  • Tres bonne vidéo pour grands et petits. Merci

  • I am from afica my teacher use to teach me French but i forget. ...

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  • I like it very much very good

    • Thanks! Glad you like it, and thanks for watching.

  • Im Swedish. So im learning english and french at the same time

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  • I’m 7 I’m French immersion grade2 class

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  • I'm here to learn English and Franch I'm 13 years old but i witching this video 😅

    • Learners of all ages are welcome here.

  • After learning French in High School and now teaching my 3 year old to speak French, This is a good beginners video for a toddler, but keep in mind, the same thing can be called two different names, just like in English. A house/home in English could be called le mason/le chateu Same for coat/ jacket.....etc They don't give all the words here or define similar words that are said two different ways, but it's still effective for beginners.

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  • What am I even watching

  • Make more videos like this

  • I am I was looking at the adult ones and they're way too confusing so this one's so much easier might take me awhile but I don't care and I'm way over 30


    • no because the french is a hard languishes to learn, even French guy like me have some difficulty because there is to much rule for speak the french :(

  • It helps me I like it 😀


  • I have seen the exact same thing but in Korean.

  • i love this it’s great ❗️!:)

  • Thank you so much, this helped me so much. c:

  • Finally my level 😂 I am 19 and I learn French for 4 years...

    • good luck, this languishes is si hard to learn

  • French numbers

  • With spanish you can understand portugués Italiano and a litle of french. Is powerful.

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  • Bonjour

  • this channel is one of my greatest findings in a long time

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  • I'm tired of English , I'm gonna study different languages now . (Korean , French & Spanish ... Maybe a few other languages .)

  • I'm pretty sure everyone here are not kids

  • All learning languages and math cartoons are some how boring to me

  • very fun

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    • khaila julaine belarmino I just turned ten but it’s ok.

  • I am French actually so I do not know what I am doing here 😭

    • mais je dois le reconnaître, la traduction est bien faîte, pas comme ce qu'on nous apprenaient à l'école (en France)

    • Of course ! It’s great video by the way

    • Having fun, perhaps? We hope so, anyway!

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  • I'm 21 and watching this ..😂

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  • When you studied French for ten years and you are at this level. 😁 Your videos help me to repeat (learn)English and French. I studied both in school. I'm native Romanian

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  • I'm 23 years old and this is amazing, haha

    • Glad you like it! Learners of all ages are welcome here.

  • The alphabets letters would be helpful too

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  • Borneo trying to learn French..hehe

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  • I’m a high school senior and I’m taking French this year. I hope this helps me😭✌🏽

    • We hope it helps too. Let us know how it turns out!

  • I soooo want to show this to my kids.... but they first need to learn spanish!

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