LEGENDARY BELLY FLOP FINALE | Smosh Summer Games: Apocalypse Ep. 8

Ajoutée 16 août 2019
We’re ending Smosh Summer Games: Apocalypse with our annual legendary belly flop finale, with a very special guest judge! Mayhem is coming September 13, pre-order Borderlands 3 at: smo.sh/borderlands
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  • 28:26 i died from laughing

  • 36:50 just wholesome ❤️

  • Love the teamwork of Mushroom Clout

  • Um so one team got 133 and the other got 136 how is that a tie exactly?

  • 39:11 look at Ian

  • This year they should do a medieval theme with knights and swords do another punishment archery have like sword duels and and stuff

  • 30:16 Wes clapping for Olivia

  • @smoshgames please can you do another smosh summer games but name it'Rock' N Royals': Music themed or 'Back to the Future': Futuristic technology themed

  • 24:39 and 25:51

  • I didn't know they even produce that sort of granny bikini anymore.

  • damien would rock anime theme

  • Rigged!! courtney was mvp and damien had most epic moment with his clutch operation performance

  • I feel like the only reason shayne exists is to be the containment area for COURTNEY F*CKING MILLER

  • Wes won

  • 22:20

  • Isn’t Damien the biggest player on Court Bourt’s team?

  • Here all the Smosh Members that got a Award Smosh Summer Games: Season 1 Most Valuable Player - Noah Least Valuable Player - Lasercorn Epic Fail - Olivia Smosh Winter Games: Season 1 Most Valuable Player - Olivia Least Valuable Player - Joven Epic Fail - Wes Epic Moment - Lasercorn Smosh Summer Games: Camp Most Valuable Player - Olivia Least Valuable Player - Sohinki Epic Fail - Wes Epic Moment - Ian Council Chosen Award - Joven Best Fan - ? Smosh Winter Games - Again! Most Valuable Player - Anthony Least Valuable Player - Joven Gnarly Fail - Boze Most Radical Moment - Shayne Smosh Summer Games - Wild West! Most Valuable Buckaroo - Flitz Least Valuable Varmit - Wes You Have Died Of Dysentery - Joven Clint Eastwood of Infamy - Shayne Smosh Summer Games - We Blew It! Most Valuable Balloon - Mari The "You'll Float Too" - Damien You Blew It Award - Joven FTW or For The Wind - hay e Smosh Summer Games - Apocalypse Most Valuable Player - Joven Total Disaster - Shayne Epic Fail - Ian Epic Moment - Courtney

  • Damien's abs and bod is to live for.

  • Who else feels Shane screwed up on purpose just to do the Courtney Freakin Miller bit?

  • Who else is thinking of a Smosh Summer Games Olympics Theme?!

  • Shayne snapped lmaooo

  • Smosh Summer Games 2020 = Invasion Teams: Smosh Wars Vs Smosh Trek

  • Shayne carried Toxicitea here 🤣

  • 2020 anyone?

  • Courtney freakin Miller does a frog freakin splash.

  • Can anyone agree that Wild West was the best?


  • Nobody: Shayne: ah he’s sooo hot!

  • Radioactive Chernobility is the finest of puns

  • Smosh Summer Games 2020: Renaissance/Dark Ages. Can do so much with that!!

  • Sunny has really let himself go.

  • I really hope they do another winter games. That would be so cool to see it again

  • Who tf is kimmy

    • She's an actor from some of their sketches.

  • Courtney F$*king Millers period is probably an actual Olympic swimming pool of Titan blood... I’ll let you be the judge on which Titan I’m talking about (Thanos or AOT kind)

  • Shayne and Damien were going crazy when Courtney almost hit the side of the pool. her boys were worried about her :) 24:50

    • Emily Rogers when i say my heart leaped ❤️

  • Shane is the hulk. He turns into courtney freakin miller

  • None of these are puns...

  • Who else wanted Mushroom clout to win

  • Why wasn’t Olivia in the last two games?

    • Cadence Giusti she also probably got an allergic reaction from mosquito bites

    • Cadence Giusti she cant swim

  • The Awards should have been Epic Fail - Shayne for his original bellyflop Most Epic Moment - Wes for paintball LVP - Lasercorn MVP - Courtney

  • Can we get a smosh vs mythical summer games

  • Shartney getting the highest scores possible is further proof that they should date. Lol

  • I only watched it to see Courtney in a bikini, bruises and all.

  • Aww I love to see Kimmy with the squad. She is doing so well and everyone is so welcoming to her💚

  • awww look at the cute couple competing ...he wanted to go again just cuz she got 10!!!

  • Joven is selfish and

  • I was never able to decide which team I wanted to win

  • Sarah’s judging is so freaking picky

  • Courtney 🤤🤤

  • Joven’s face when he won MVP was the highlight of this video. LVP to MVP!

  • Epic comeback from Courtney Freakin Miller!!!

  • The ocean do it next year

  • weird, courtney went twice and got a perfect score both times, seems a bit suspicious dont you think?

  • SMOSH always starts with a shayne and ends with a shayne

  • He's for sure not the mvp

  • They totally hoed Shane😔

  • matt raub gives joven a 10 is proof that anything is possible

  • We all know mushroom clout should’ve won

  • Smosh Summer Games 2020... IN SPACE!