Luke Combs, Brooks & Dunn - 1, 2 Many

Ajoutée 12 sept. 2019
Listen to “1, 2 Many” by Luke Combs featuring Brooks & Dunn now, off of his upcoming album ‘What You See Is What You Get’, available November 8:

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  • Thanks again for what you do, GodBless


  • Brooks and Dunn fuck yea man

  • Gotta lover the originality of the music. Way to keep it simple, and real. From a country music fan, it is refreshing to hear this style again. CM was getting way, way to far out there. Keep it real.

  • Luke Combs is the next Ronnie Dunn.

  • HIT

  • One of my favorites, fuck that! Every song he makes is a favorite, hell 😂

  • Probably the best track atm

  • Love that hes making music with brooks and dunn!

  • November 8th is when his next album is going to be released

  • We need more song like this one and singers like Luke Combs.

  • 🍺🍻🍻🍺🍻🍻🍺

  • Yo I didn't know the words and wanted to see the real video so captions come in great

  • How do u dislike this

  • what does 'im wide ass open' mean?

  • Seeing this guy live on Friday! Can’t wait. He’s an amazing singer and songwriter!

  • This!

  • one badass song

  • Greatest song ever....

  • Chur

  • He's gonna be a legend no doubt. Hes on many the top billboards and hes gonna stay there for quite a while I feel. Kick ass country artist

  • They use the same video for different music videos.

  • I bet I'd like Shakespeare if Luke combs read it to me

  • wants an ice cold bear and a county song!

  • Oh wow it actually sounds country

  • #LukeCombs

  • Luke you're the best!! ❤

  • Ive listened to this song a hundred times, and it still hasn't got old !!!! Love it, hits me right in the 90's feels

  • Luke you just sealed your place in country music history with this song!! See you in Albuquerque in April! It’s my birthday then. Very very proud of you sir!

  • Go get it Luke!!!

  • Listening to this in concert is amazing 😁

  • This is the Luke Combs Boot Scootin' Boogie. It will be a staple 20 years from now

  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • I love his trade marked shirt

  • This should be on the radio stations right now

  • Anyone compare this to brand new man yet?

  • Luke,Ronnie and Kix kill it together !🤘

  • Hey guys check out my daughter she is Luke’s biggest fan ( Luke combs beautiful crazy 18 months old sings cover )

  • Put Brooks&Dunn in it...

  • I love it

  • Haha- Another GEM!

  • if you can bop to luke i would marry you....

  • Jon Pardi is a great country singer

  • Sounds like when it rains it pours butttt I'm obsessed and live for it

    • 2 totally different beats but okay, lol. 😂

  • go Luke Combs

  • best part is if he asks if anyone in green bay likes drinking songs. Its Wisconsin, everybody likes drinking songs there

  • awesome

  • This song is the one y’all 🇺🇸🇺🇸 🤠

  • Diet Miller🤙🏼🍻🍺

  • Great music but $150 bucks for a ticket? Come on Luke. Rodeo Houston last year Ronnie and Kix had nose bleed seats for $40. But again for you, it was $150. Can't pay that. It's frustrating!

  • I love this one he's on the roll😁💢💥🌟👍🔥🔥🔥

  • Appreciate this song. Great Melody, fun lyrics, and the combo with B&D is fantastic. Emotional, saw them in concert. You hit this one directly! Kudos to the band making it all work.

  • Is it to early to be drunk at 6:19?

    • Trey green don’t reckon lol

  • best song

  • Hey cowboy could you buy me a drink ♥😘💯

  • Seeing Brooks & Dunn on this one was like a breath of fresh air. 90's country at it's finest. Such a great song as it is, but I can't be the only one who wants to hear Brooks & Dunn sing this on their own...

  • damn brings me back to the old days, thanks luke

  • A VOICE LIKE THAT IS GOLD. AND THAT OL’ country sound is coming back and it makes me so happy! How about you??🤗😇

  • One of my favorites. I love Luke Combs! He always has the best songs ❤

  • Killer country shit here