Married in Minecraft Epicly - Part 29

Ajoutée 22 août 2019
Im a married minecraft gamer now
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  • Congrats 😂😂😂😂😂

  • isn't there a dirt block that can be made that doesn't grow grass? I'm a little slow on 1.14 stuff.

  • Random question, who was Felix's best man?

  • 🅱️ lasagna Hebrew translation: אני לא אוהב אותך, סדרת T שום דבר אישי, ילד ... אבל אני חייב לצאת החוצה. רק הפעם. בובס או טבעונות, באיזו מה יהיה? תשבי לעזאזל, סדרת T אני כאן כדי לשפוך את התה האמיתי אתה מנסה לנתק אותי מהמקום הראשון אבל "אתה הודו, אתה מאבד" אז חשוב מאוד שלא זכית כשאני מסתיים איתך אנחנו נגמר לגמרי FREAKING, כי רק התחלנו, אני סוקר אותך, אפס, ביי הלך אז יאללה, סדרת T נראה רעב לקצת דרמה הנה, הרשו לי לשרת לכם 🅱️lasagna 🅱️lasagna, 🅱️lasagna סדרת T איננה אלא לזניה 🅱️lasagna, 🅱️lasagna תראו את סדרת ה- T, הם פשוט בוכים על אמא שלהם 🅱️ לזניה, 🅱️ לזניה סדרת T איננה אלא לזניה 🅱️ לזניה, 🅱️ לזניה סדרות T פשוט הרטיבו את עצמן בפיג'מה!

  • Pesto is Italian

  • that enderman at 17:29 was foreshadowing

  • Brown sos

  • Can someone tell me how he put dress on Sven

  • You would put a giant obsidian or fence around your land so nothing gets in

  • How do you put the camera in that angle for the montage

  • Ya know pewds you could make a sheep god in the council of water sheep. Name a sheep “water sheep” then a halo will appear on him and he will be a legend P.S: you need to use the pewdie pack

  • Gravy is brown sauce



  • "Pe*pe*po*po*" finally gets his revenge! Lol

  • Pewdiepie: I JUST GOT MARRIED *plays Minecraft for 6 hours building a house and torturing villagers*

  • Just me or does the username PewDiePie sound like a my little pony?

  • Congratulations on getting married PewDiePie :D

  • I swear to god you can't write this shit! Peepee poopoo ends up betraying felix and pushes him into the end portal to face the dragon by himself. What a twist!

  • I hope felix and his wife will be together :)

  • Классно

  • Make ten too of the mob spawner a small meatball


  • *uses diamond pickaxe to break glass* BIG BRAIN

  • What a cute couple 😁

  • How did felix make the nether portal red?

  • Brown sauce for IKEA gravy

  • In the statue you are fricking Jurgen

  • That girl sexy

  • 14:08 Me when The brush fire broke out while I was in school.

  • Bootifull

  • 4:59 😏

  • That moment when you realise PewDiePie is actually good at Minecraft

  • 10K are not invited in marriage 😂😂😂

  • Mice vid pew tee pie

  • T series is no.1FR-tv channel

  • Brown sauce

  • 5:03 and here we have Felix witnessing a creeper giving a zombie head

  • Felix: you know getting married is epic and all but it feels good to be playing Minecraft

  • King of pee pee poop poop

  • I from future.... Sven dies.

  • I miss Stephano QQ

  • I can’t believe Felix and Marzie is so cute

  • When are you gonna make another minecraft video

  • Pewdiepie I know the reason why he changed red an evokor came and made him red sorry for long comment

  • Do Not Let Jack Black Near This House

  • Wow everybody like the like button

  • When you found dinner bone you said I would not hert a should bu right as you said that you killed a fish

  • pewdiepie come on did you say ranch

  • if i had that texture pack i'd be jammin away to birch lasagna and congratulations for hours


  • The way that my friend and me killed the enderdragon was we places a bunch of beds whenever the dragon came by them it exploded._.

  • Ok, stop being so corny now...

  • Я снимаю годный выдос залети если не сложно)

  • Que todos se suscriban ami canal el legendario

  • 24:23 why did this make me cry

  • You like black custom John wick

  • thats epic hous 😯😯😯

  • Joke is a joke

  • PewDiePie was married in London