Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer

Ajoutée 14 mars 2019
Whatever it takes. Watch the brand-new trailer for Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame. In theaters April 26.
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  • Woo woo the endgame it’s bout to be here endgame

  • I like this women. Don't let her be like your old girlfriend

  • Before winding up avengers, i want these things : -Shield back as a proper agency. -Secret to how Nick lost his eye. Hopefully that wouldn't be funny.

  • Tony should've asked Elon chan for that rocket........since elon chan promised to help when needed

  • This movie had better be better... Than that god awful spungebob movie their planning to release soon.

  • The entire avengers crew: Whatever it takes. Me, trying to make a time machine out of a potato to see endgame early: whatever it takes.

  • Who else just started punching the air in the middle of this

  • Who is watching this in 2020


  • Tony’s voice sounds deeper...

  • Is Ant man gonna expand in Thanos butthole

  • Anybody know the song?

  • Gomora: What did it cost?? It's a date 26 April the world will never be the same..


  • “Sometimes the best that we can do is to start over”... Plus we’re getting images that go back and forth in the time line, and we now have Antman. They physically gave us a hint they are going to go back in time with the help of Antman using the Quantum Realm.

  • Wakanda forever

  • I'm getting some Mass effect vibes with their new outfits 😁😁

  • Am I the only one who's wondering who's the lady talking in the background (I think it's the Ghost from Antman and the Wasp)

  • Where is godzilla ???

  • Is loki gonna be in it!?

  • Another pentagon sponsored propaganda.

  • Here we are getting the movie 24th of may already

  • *least favorite sister turns to ash* thanks thanos 👍

  • waooo

  • Thanos needs his own movie !!!!!!!!!

  • I love Chris Hemsworth ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😓😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥳🥳🥳🥳

  • W Wh Wha What What e What ev What eve What ever What ever i What ever it What ever it t What ever it ta What ever it tak What ever it take What ever it takes What ever it take What ever it tak What ever it ta What ever it t What ever it What ever i What ever What eve What ev What e What Wha Wh W

  • Awwww, Mike Hannighan ❤️

  • Awwww, Mike Hannighan ❤️

  • 37 More Days To Do Whatever It Takes

  • What exactly Black Widow want to do against Thanos with her water gun.....

  • he song is getting kinda old

  • 2.4 million and counting

  • I've watched this over 20 times... I cant stop

  • 1:40 - 'Bullets speaks more than words'.😎🔥🔥

  • Where is hulk in scene with uniform's?

  • LOKI LIVES!!!!!!!!!!

  • What if the snap that brings back everyone creates mutants in the MCU??

  • Can we take a minute to thank Star Lord for giving us another avengers movie?

  • Rocket Racoon be the best ✨💫

  • 1:34 does anyone see a weird red glow on ant man?

  • I really want a scene where after thanos is defeated and the gauntlet is taken away from him hulk goes to him and says rematch Hulk fights him and wins and then he says his iconic line Hulk is the strongest one there is

  • Some ppl will have to pee during this movie.... But not us...

  • What will mean the red parts?

    • +Ryan conlon I see, but 1 thing. The End Game is gonna be freaking awesome!

    • Otnauqs blood

  • Y’all see the explosion behind ant man? At 1:34?

  • Wait am i the only one that wonders how their clothes became dust

  • Doctor strange said in infinity war i will not hesitate to let any of you die and after he saw the different outcomes and endgame he saw iron man played a massive part so doctor strange saved iron man which I like

  • Merde3eeeeee fare schdoooooooo

  • Q: What is black and white and red all over? A: An Avengers trailer flashback.

  • What Ever It Takes ' First Day ,First show'!😎 🔥🔥MARVEL FOR LIFE🔥❤️😍😍🔥

  • World end

  • Everybody over here is making comments on *‘whatever it takes, whatever it takes..'* but I will never make such stupid comments..... Whatever it takes

  • Excited to see how Hawkeye and Ant-Man change in this movie

  • As much as i can see in the trailers, black widow will have big screen time

  • And all this is just the first 15 minutes that’s scary af

  • Dont want cap or iron man to die

  • When it is black and white why is the only colour on the screen red

  • Thor: I like this one Literally everyone else: we don’t like this one


  • so no spiderman?

    • He'll cameo when the survivors undo the snap and revive almost everyone that died.

  • Tamil

  • Hawkeye finally finished that game of tag

  • 1:18 On that moment i just realized that Antman could have lost his family too

  • This is gonna be SOOOOOOOOOO good!!!

  • I’ve never watched all Marvel movies in order Guess what I have been doing for the last 10 hours?

  • Anyone realised stark predicted the end game as thanos is in space and it’s called end game. He said it in age of ultron specifically that up there( in space) that is the end game (new film ) get it

  • WOW

  • Oh cmon wher is Spidey???

  • Who watch this 100 times

  • I think captain marvel is before captain America

  • *Hulk??*

  • 2:14 these guys are not a couple

    • In April 26 thanos wil have nothing But dust and blood

  • Is there any chance they filmed the Stan Lee cameo before he passed? I would love to see him just one last time. =(

    • They did that. They got Stan to film some cameos before his health got worse.

  • 0:42 get this man a haircut

  • How will Ant-Man return from the Quantum Realm? No one knows he is there/ no one also knows that someone can be there. Also, the other people (sorry, i forgot names) that helped him get there died in the Snap

    • Hank Pym, his wife Janet and their daughter, Hope Hank's old partner, Bill Foster, and Ava Starr (the Ghost) may be involved.

  • Very good movie

  • Yeah that's awesome and stuff but how'd Scott get out of the Quantum Realm?

  • Captain Marvel didn’t flitch because she knows Thor didn’t go for the head.

  • I dislike this woman.

  • Why

  • How lucky are we that MCU was made during our youth. These movies are gonna be the future classics.

  • Why do I get the feeling they wont come back, as everyone thought.

  • The red, the white, just pick a color 1:51

  • 😭😭😭

  • You might feel like you’re alone but you’re never alone. Jesus is always with you and he is the only one that will always love you no matter what you do. Trust him.

  • Falta pouco...

  • Kto z Polski?

  • They should add a scene where Tony Stark goes back in time and saves his parents from being murdered.

  • Plot Twist, *Loki Is Thanos*

  • They should make Stan lee a superhero like in Lego marvel superheroes when you get 100%

  • Love from Titan

  • Y did they have to kill my favorite super hero (spider-man) I’m sad

  • Endgame >>>>>>>> Avatar

  • Black widow : practicing with pistols to kill thanos. Thanos : am i a joke to you.

  • Some people won't rewatch the trailer . But not us

  • So now two captains...... Captain Marvel's & captain America

  • Why is this jumping off and on 1# on trending?

  • If they do not have at least one shot with every single MCU protagonist in it at once, they have failed us! 11 years of Marvel movies, spanning many different storylines, heros and iterations can NOT have at least one scene where everyone is together, sharing a moment! They have to give us that, we deserve it, the franchise deserves it! I'm okay with a few deaths if they are well deserved and makes sense, as long as we get a scene like that...

  • veri nais

  • Where’s Shaggy he can end all this