MIKA - Grace Kelly (Extended Version) [Official Video]

Ajoutée 14 déc. 2009
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Music video by MIKA performing Grace Kelly. (C) 2006 Casablanca Music, LLC
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  • Siamo quasi nel 2020 ma questa canzone rimane una delle migliori

  • Escuchandola despues de 10 añosssssssssss

  • 10 years ago today

  • i could be

  • 2:35 😍😍😍

  • To my math teacher, why don't you like me 😓

  • 0:19 Mika doing the same thing as Tony Soprano in the final scene

  • He looks as Timothée Chalamet...

  • Wow almost 10 years ago to the day! And this song popped in my head 😍 Glad to be reunited.

  • I do like you your effing gorgeous mika

  • I can't even find my words to describe how much I love him. I've been a huge fan since I'm 6, I'm 17 today and I am so proud of him and of what he has become. I was just looking through FR-tv and I saw this and I couldn't help but watch it again after years and honestly this brings me good nostalgia and made me realize how proud I am, this man is extraordinary, his story is incredible and he deserves all the good things possible. I hope he is happy and stays happy forever because this wonderful human being deserves it. The new album is amazing by the way, if you haven't listened to it yet then WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR ??????? Here, felt like I needed to say it. Sorry. (damn this made me want to watch all the video clips again in a row) 02/12/19 10:13 pm

  • This was my mom's ringtone like 10 years ago, so it sound really nostalgic to me I am 18

  • Los que pusieron que no les gusta no saben nada

  • omg its nearly 10 year old!!!!!!!!

  • who else listening to old songs

  • FR-tv...why did you drag this from the depths of my memory? I loved this song as a kid.

  • kerching indeed ....... he just knew

  • My favorite song of all time

  • someone used this on a video edit of john krasinski and now i’m obsessed with it

  • She sings like Freddie Mercury.

  • UuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuU


  • Posting a comment for future me since im sure i will come back to this song at some point as i did many times already: Hows life?

    • Life For Me Is Rather Disappointing To Be Honest. This Song Makes it Far Better Tho~

  • Fantastic :*

  • YESSSS I FOUND THIS SONG literally searched "I can be anything I want song" lol

  • Beh che dire è da quando sono nata che ascolto questa canzone senza che mi sia mai venuta a noia

  • October 2019?

  • ❤️

  • Un saluto mika

  • Mick Jagger + Freddie Mercury = MIKA

  • Ottobre 2019?

  • Nonse

  • Fosse vivo mi piacerebbe ascoltare una cover di Freddy Mercury di questa canzone 😉

  • I can’t believe this is 10 years old

    • Lol it's 13 years old it came out in 2006

  • RIP to the girl

  • top!

  • I love him so much

  • I've had this God damn song stuck in my head for years, I finally found it by searching "high pitched voice pop song 2006 into Google" lol

  • What a guy... running up and down the octaves. Amazing song... still after all that years

  • I closed my eyes listened to Freddie Mercury