Minecraft: 1 DOLLAR TNT VS 1,000,000 DOLLAR RAINBOW TNT!!! Crafting Mini-Game

Ajoutée 16 juin 2019
Today we learn how to craft a 1,000,000 dollar rainbow TNT!
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In this 1.12.2 How to Craft 1,000,000 Dollar Rainbow TNT:
It is our goal to craft 1 million dollar rainbow tnt! To do this we must craft many new types of tnts and mine ore in these challenges!
Intro by: fr-tv.com/username-calzone442
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  • At 018

  • Woow that freezing glitch that’s cool but weird at the same time

  • I just realised that the s in the intro turns pink

  • 33:36 what happened to jens voice? 😂😂

  • 19:51 did anyone else notice jens head snap back to look at pat

  • 19:52 that is weird. Jen's head turned around like an owl. she might be an owl. but her head turned around for only a sec. strange.

  • I would rather not explode my fist on anything! Much less on the subscribe button

  • dig under the cactis

  • Lord Collin has entered the chat!

  • Put it in the furnace

  • If you can my name is Eli to if you can’t though give me some coins in Minecraft or diamonds or cold that’s my favorite

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  • They don’t have lettuce in Minecraft it was green dye for number 1 tnt

  • My fist broke cus i hit the like button so hard

  • I broke my tablet

  • he's almost 20m subs :D

  • I love you guys so much #1 favorite youtubers

  • Yeah there was definitely a big glitch

  • I love you videos :)

  • So many glitches

  • TNT is red TNT is blue I love your videos And you do to

  • When u fight the skeletons and creepers lol Covered had to toe in arrows 💘

  • WTF

  • Anyone notice some lagging happen in the vid????????

  • Jen doesn’t have one job in life, she has 2. To make us laugh when we are sad

  • you can make a home with the 1m tnt

  • Pat:Explode your fist on the like button Me:boop

  • I have your books

  • Pat had 11 lol

  • Watched since i was seven im 11 same intro i miss the the chalenge games

  • 0:18 umm glitch

  • more pls

  • You said lets smell it instede of smelt it lol

  • Is this real


  • I lost my tooth last nigth

  • Yes


  • thank you pat and jen for making this vid

  • I love your videos so much I love you pat an jen

  • Hi pat and Jen we love you guys

  • I am very excited

  • Lol

  • If your at least 10 years old Press this | | | | | v

  • on the time 19.51 jen's face turns backwords it's CREEPY *shivers* omg SCARY like if you saw it plz like if you saw it

    • azkids5 I noticed it was so scary and even more because it was in the nether

  • 1 to 1000000 houses

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  • Nood

  • I miss you kuya pat and ate jan idoll ok kayo

  • You are so cool😻💩

  • In one dollar shovel vs one million u used the wrong stick lol

  • It SaID PreSs f To RevIEw On THe REsipEes

  • 4:19 4:41 this time span they where saying that Jen has balls XD omg she is a dude

    • :/ really.

  • fox