Minecraft Big Brain - Skyblocks #2

Ajoutée 26 juil. 2019
We play minecraft skyblock part 2 epicly
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  • No one: The likes: *666K*

  • 666 is about to attack me I have pewdiepie to protect me

  • Me: Skyblock has not been more stressful Felix: hold my comments

  • He has 666k likes that means he is a Satan and that is a very bad

  • Pewds: „Nobody actually nows to build CS-Geberator“ Everyone: *knows how to build CS-Generator*

  • Who else is watching at 666k likes curse?

  • Why didn't they just make a furnace burn the wood and then go from there??

  • We're at 666k guys. I know he needs likes but c'mon man.


  • 666k like every body

  • I thought of wood 1 min before they did

  • Yous the wood

  • Yous the wood

  • Wow so big brain

  • Nobody like vid it is at 666k

  • 666k likes. nice

  • have you guys heard how many times they said bigbrain

  • Cactus was like a father to me

  • 👇🏼

  • Why did you say Frick remember it’s family-friendly

  • I know how to make a cobblestone generator

  • U copied lazerbeam

  • That’s a better cobble generator than #1

  • Make a trail of oak wood and burn it

  • skrata

  • This is so stressful to watch 😂

  • The thumbnail pewdiepie is now it pennywise

  • **Typing Sounds**

  • Lol

  • At 19:49 why has felix blurred out the name on hes bracelet?

  • You guys that not how it works🤦🏽‍♀️

  • My brain

  • THIS IS NOT MINECRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ken: gets lit on fire Also Ken: *Screems and stands next to water*

  • I have never laughed this hard

  • You know what Felix would be an awesome dad to have. His children would be lovies.

  • is each episode going to start from begining and each you end restarting xD

  • This video is frustrating 😐 Like and sub and slap that bell 😁

  • Two grown men get literally nothing done in two episodes of gameplay

  • Le Problem To The Portal Was In The Left Upper Corner A Block Was Missing

  • Pewdiepie tell ken to go east and you go west there is a 1% chance of a secrete island spawning

  • Pewdiepie tell ken go east and you go east there is a 1% chance of a island spawning

  • did he just say "thank you senpai"

  • yeet

  • burn the tree logs

  • put cobblestone under the sand then mine the sand

  • Ad a slap on the lava

  • Smash like if you’re in pain rn

  • Please make part 3 1=like if you agreed

  • Big brrrrrrrain

  • What is this “wood” made out of? Hhhmmmmm?

  • Me bigger brain

  • Whyt did PewDiePie eat in this there was something that he drink


  • The plant needs water if you think the plant needs water click below👇

  • They should build with slabs. BIG BRAIN

  • You use the lava to light wood on fire and then it will light the nether portal

  • 30 minutes of nothing!


  • you have to put a block at every corner