Minecraft Hunger Games w/ James Charles

Ajoutée 17 juil. 2019
James Charles: fr-tv.com/username-jamescharles
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  • reeeee

  • Wtf

  • james charles and pewds do a minecraft video [everyone liked that]

  • Man, James Charles is soo hot

  • When you started saying “Zo-“ I was zoning out and I thought you said my name 😂

  • Really pewds really

  • Top 10 anime crossovers

  • I forgive James now

  • I still don't know what a james charles is, who is this woman?

  • 𝘐 genuinely enjoyed this 7:13 TNT BITCH 13:47 FELIXS FACE OMG I CANT 19:38 james didnt win😔😔 my favorite parts goodnight

  • Me: ima gamer james charles: ima *gaymer*

  • I like how pweds told James to spit out the helmet

  • Pewds: *GooOodDdd MoRnNinNggGg GamERssSs* James: *Hi SiSterS!*

  • Look at James when hes fighting he starts licking his lips for some reason.


  • 13:46 James: that was such a noob mistake Felix: *face of unbelief Had me dying 😂😂😂

  • Why wasnt I aware of this video's existence?!?

  • James charles does pewdiepies makeup

  • did I just watch james charles and pewdiepie flirt with each other what the fuck

  • I thought it was click bait Very disappointed

  • Wow, they really did play together!

  • Pewds 1v1 peepeepoopoo(technoblade)

  • is it weird that i actually ship them

  • What timeline are we in

  • I came here for good sister 1 and 2

  • Most unlikely pair up ever.

  • Pewdiepie: are you the baby! James Charles looks at pewdiepie blankly James Charles:.... I am the baby

  • Sister Fister? CHOTTO MATE!

  • Lol

  • no one: not a single soul: pews: JAmEsS!1!1!!

  • biggest most ambitious crossover of all time

  • When you mix your wwe figures with your power rangers figures

  • Did you die to wallstreet journal

  • James is actually pretty good! Lmao

  • I stopped watching him for a year and now he’s with the hi sister guy? This has gone to shit huh

  • I just realized that this video was uploaded on my birthday *epic*

  • I’m done....Felix is too good for this But, this was an enjoyable vid tho 💖💖💛

  • Is this mc Monday where is dan

  • I hate James charls but you beeing the best I must like

  • I was not expecting this lmao

  • my two favorite you tubers!

  • then junkyjanker kills james charles

  • Why does james look like someone died when Felix disconnected

  • this pleases me greatly

  • Pewds calling him 'James Charles' for 30 minutes. LOL!

  • Is the Mic really that bad?

  • 7:41 no comment. (TRİGGER 100)

    • 9:16 THE CHEST İS İN THE WATER!!!!

  • I dont know why every one hates on james i see a normal person just like me!

  • Let’s play gayms with james

  • this is so sweet and cute 🥺🥺🥺

  • No one: Felix: *after every sentence* jAMES CHARLES

  • 8:08 "excuse me" 😂😂😂😂

  • letter for james charles:you will regret for killing dantdm

  • Its so beatiful to see james charles helping smaller youtuber.

  • nOooooOoooooOooooooOooo... wah.

  • This is gold. I love them both so much

  • james is that one friend that’s surprisingly really good at minecraft and has to guide yoy through everything

  • I though i would never dislike a pewdiepie video but james charles Edit: i couldnt do it i liked it anyway

  • LMAO I thought it was clickbait. now even if pews does a vid with Elon Musk I won't be surprised.

  • That was so wired to watch