Minecraft is scary!!! - Part 3

Ajoutée 25 juin 2019
minecraft part 3 epicly
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  • So cool na fam im just being sarcastic

  • Pewds: I know everything about minecraft Also pewds: what is this!

  • Felix is a legend because he found diamonds in the first episode


  • i know minecraft more than you do genius

  • I’m Swedish

  • Your house

  • It's cute

  • Top 3 saddest anime deaths 8:16

  • When is he gonna stop jumping on crops.

  • Your house looks cute NOW WHERE IS MY FREAKING X-BOX

  • Is it me or is Pewds accent becoming more and more Swedish ever day?

  • Cute

  • The sheep will become so much. He will becom the mighty water sheep. Trust me


  • Pewds:I know more than u all in minecraft Me:y r u diggin gravel with a diamond pickaxe

  • your house is the best and the cutest

  • Play Little Misfortune Pewds!!!!! I could've SWORN it was Marzia doing the VA, soooo cuuute!!!!!!

  • Is it just me or does anyone else loose their sanity when seeing that damn tree in the center of his house like the hell is the damn tree for Felix 😂😂

  • 👍👌🤩

  • 0:19 the start of a legend

  • Everyone else think of south park in the beginning,trying to tame a horse and pewdiepie 😹😂

  • Your house is beautiful.

  • I know this vid is already old but I'm slowly losing it when he's mining the gravel with his diamond pickaxe

  • The house is KAWAIII !!!

  • Use a jack o lantern as a helmet

  • He does realise he’s not actually digging straight down right

  • 8:32 water sheeep!

  • Gamin week

  • I’ve been wanting to do something with my dad all day, and finally, at 10 o clock at night, we watched this. It honestly wasn’t disappointing at all :)

  • Sorry it wasn’t lava my fart

  • What’s this? BEETROOT what’s this? MELON! What the heck is this PUMPKIN!

  • you when in car crash: MY LEGS ARE HERE!

  • Who else died when Felix digged the gravel with the diamond pick

  • Your house is gorgeous Now Where's my damn xbox felix? 😂

  • That house is so good to be in there too but I’m not as good as you

  • Anybody wants Pewds to start a new Minecraft series on the next update?

  • Amazing i really want a xbox 1s

  • Pewdiepies house is kinda nice

  • 12:53 **breaths heavily**


  • This dude is such a noob He used his diamond pickaxe to mine gravel

  • Very cute


  • honestly him stepping on the plants make me cringe

  • When he jumped on his wheat I lost a few Brain cells

  • Cute

  • you are so stupid dummy dont know how to play

  • COOL

  • I love it when he starts to speak French

  • Use the saddle!!

  • His using a hoe to get wheat!!!!!!!!!

  • Jag är också från Sverige 🇸🇪 👍👍👍👍du är sjukt bra

  • I know more Minecraft I know than you get red stone two blow tnt

  • Your not better than me you just played 3 days ago

  • Felix: I know Minecraft more than you do (Whiles he's jumping on his crops)

  • I'm so scared for the portal 😂

  • Me: watching porn (Mom walks in the room) Me: 8:14

  • Screams in confusion

  • Much eaiser